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I’ve noticed over the last two years that #mtgfinance has clear movers (researchers/content creators) and followers (consumers looking for purchasing advice), but that the overall output is an enigma in retail-based economics. The movers are those who put a lot of time in (1/6)
asking questions and researching hypotheses, and who ultimately have a pulse on the #MTG community at all times. The followers of #mtgfinance are a broader group, some looking to it for money-saving tips on cards they may or may not use; others hoping to simply profit. (2/6)
I also learned over the last two years the importance of identifying with one of two #mtgfinance subgroups and master it rather than trying to do (or be) part of both in parallel. I encourage you to review your position in #mtgfinance and ensure your capital is being used (3/6)
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Today I was thinking about what to do with my #Magic cards.

So often love of a game comes in direct conflict with dislike of playing with people who are fans of the game. This applies from everything to games like #MtG to #Overwatch #WoW #DnD AL and #pathfinder society
I'm still mad over one situation. In #DnD #LFR organized play, I playing an epic level artificer with all the warlord cheese

There was this man who constantly told me I was slow, and he was so insistent about it that he even convinced my friends at the table I was slow.
But look. I had pre-generated tables for every attack, with all normal modifiers.
I would set aside the exact number of dice before my turn, color dice coded per attack type.

I only even had dice applicable to the character. There was no die hunt
I was optimized.
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On #MTG and safety and security, because it's topically relevant today: First and foremost, Magic cards are easily negotiated certificates of value. They're not quite stacks of cash, but they're close. If you wouldn't do something with a stack of cash, don't do it with cards.
At events, that means:
Don't leave cards or decks unattended. "Just for a moment" is the catchphrase of the forlorn gamer. You wouldn't leave a stack of cash alone with hundreds of strangers for just a moment. Don't do it with cards. #MTG
At events, that means:
Don't leave cards in your car. In the trunk/boot is better than the cab, but it's still not good. Parking in a lit area under a camera is better, but still not good. Yes, it's obnoxious to carry cards everywhere. Less obnoxious than replacing them. #MTG
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Kaladesh and Aether Revolt are coming to #MTGArena on June 7th #MTG

With Kaladesh and Aether Revolt, we'll finally have full Standard on #MTGArena, including the current Standard banlist
Players will receive at least one copy of each rare and mythic rare from Kaladesh and Aether Revolt, as well as four copies of the cards in the image #MTG #MTGArena
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On the Reserved List: A large percent of the recent change in prices ("large" being enough to begin the spikes) is a result of grey or black market activity. Money laundering is a serious business, and collectibles are a great option for vector. #MTGFinance
Money laundering has ramped up in terms of volume a noticeable amount recently because of active attempts at decriminalization of some goods, most notably marijuana. Lots of growers trying to go legit, and the Venn diagram of Stoners and Nerds overlaps a lot. #MTGFinance
The boom in Crypto currencies this past year has also resulted in a lot of money laundering, be it by "trading" directly between crypto and cards, or be it buy looking to offset tax liabilities by establishing an "investment" for more than a year. #MTGFinance
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"One #ArabianNights tale concerns an evil blacksmith who repented his ways and, as a result, found that he could handle fire and forge metal with his bare hands -- thus, a 1/2 creature with protection from Red."


Sick with fear that his glorious realm will pass away, the Caliph Haroun persuades the Sandman to take the city into dream, where it will live forever. In similar fashion, City in a Bottle removes all Arabian Nights cards from the game, except itself
Several characters in the folktales of original #ArabiansNight rub fishliver oil over their bodies to gain the ability to breath under water.

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