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A multi-tier model will still have different balances of rights and responsibilities and an asymmetry of power between tiers. A core with France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands will always have the power to dominate the rest and fuel incentives to get in the inner tier
With Eurozone states, almost all of which are involved in PESCO, the EU already has a core tier, with a second tier EU members outside the Euro and a third tier in EEA/Efta/DCFTA relationships with the EU. Multi-speed Europe already exists and the UK is unwilling to join any tier
To drag Macedonia, with its particular dilemmas in relation to Albania, Greece and Bulgaria, into UK debates over multi-speed Europe misses what the core of the problem with this referendum is. Greece has veto power to block Macedonian accession into any European integration tier
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There is definitely something going on.
If you look around twitter there are some very "odd" accounts.

#Macedonia #RussianMeddling #Russia #Skopje…
These tweets seem weird to me.
One uses a #QAnon hashtag.
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@UN #Macedonia #HumanRights4All
The Greeks are ignoring and covering up one of the biggest genocides in Europe in the past 100 years!!!
The chronology begins in 1912 when Greece, for the first time ever, came into possession of Macedonian territory and this by force of arms, almost a decade after the 1903 Ilinden (St. Iliya Day) Uprising lead by the IMRO in a failed effort to free Macedonia from the Ottoman yoke.
The ominous prophecy of Harilaos Trikoupis, Greek Prime Minister from 1882 to 1895, foretold what the neighboring Greek state had in mind for Macedonia and its people:
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#Greece expels #Russia/n diplomats, accuses Moscow of interference in domestic affairs concerning anti-Macedonia protests & civil unrest; bribing Greek officials and Orthodox Church priests:…
#Russia was trying to stir up opposition to a deal between #Greece and #Macedonia that will pave the way for #Macedonia’s #NATO membership, weakening Russian influence in the western Balkans. H/T @Otpor17…
#Russia blasts #Greece over diplomats explusion, and threatens reprisals and cyber attacks. #Greece #Russia HT @CostasKantouris @Menhad
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The EU recognized this hard work by blocking the start of membership negotiations for a state, #Macedonia, that has undertaken more credible reforms in the last yr than @avucic’s #Serbia has during his whole tenure. And yet Belgrade keeps opening chapters... #WBSummitLondon
Here’s what @FedericaMog should acknowledge: by blocking the start of negotiations w Albania & Macedonia while continuing them w the illiberal regime in Serbia the EU confirmed that local elites are better off making themselves a problem rather than a partner. #WBSummitLondon
Brussels has always been afraid of confronting bad-faith actors — see Vucic, Dodik, Gruevski, Covic — allowing instead the tail to wag the dog, and then punishing actual attempts at progress as an inane show of strength. No one fears the EU, in short, not even in the Balkans.
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Relations btw opp & govt in #Bosnia's RS entity continue to deteriorate. Following continued obstruction by @SNSDDodik of the investigation into the death of David Dragicevic. Opp claims govt's actions have "dissolved the assembly".…
This matters bc there's a high likelihood Oct elxns in RS, especially, will be roiled by fraud. Both opp & govt are preparing ground for extra-parliamentary confrontations. Dodik has militarized the police, hired Russian paramilitaries, the opp is relying on mass mobilization.
This is also why Dodik has begun to explicitly (and falsely) accuse the British govt of interfering in BiH's elxns. He's has to rig the elxns to win but when/if he's caught he needs an excuse, so he'll blame opp of being "foreign stooges".…
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This is going to get out of hand fast if they actually block Albania and, especially, Macedonia at this juncture. It’ll completely deflate what little reform impulse still exists in the region and reveal Brussels has no Plan B to enlargement.
I’ve long been an advocate of a more forceful EU approach in the Balkans. This isn’t it. Macedonia should be rewarded for what it has done over the last year. And virtually all the arguments for slowing Albania’s roll apply to Serbia & Montenegro too which are being waved thru.
If the concern is with the rampant criminality, not just in Albania but the region, then FRA & NED should push for sanctions against those responsible: political elites. That’s why EU states should have joined US sanctions vs Dodik. This is just pointless collective punishment.
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