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EPISODE 1 | "How Republicans Really Think"
#FrameLab #PodCast @GeorgeLakoff @gilduran76

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GEORGE LAKOFF | George is the world’s best-known expert on the framing of social and political issues. đź“° #FrameLab #PodCast
@GeorgeLakoff @gilduran76
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The concepts of doing well by doing good, impact investment funds & the like substitute "generosity" for "justice". Justice often requires the powerful to lose something, to stop standing on someone's back. 1/x
Generosity in this context is like continuing to stand on someone's back while throwing them a bone. Generosity of this kind where the system doesn't change but scraps are thrown has become a very powerful idea. 2/x
paraphrased from a conversation between @AnandWrites & @deray on he Pod Save (@PodSaveThePpl) the People #podcast… #economics #politics #business #philanthropy 3/3
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The @nytimes just published an anonymous op-ed from a "senior administration official." I'd like to posit a guess as to who wrote it. Getting my @ashleyfeinberg on began with a single word that jumped out at me...
The word is "LODESTAR." Note that it comes in the same paragraph praising John McCain. That would rule out flame-throwers like Stephen Miller and Dan Scavino and suggest someone with Senate ties. This reveal is not going to take long.
"Lodestar" just seems like an unusual word to use in general, not to mention in an op-ed that's going to be widely read. It has this whiff of sanctimony. So I search for John Kelly and James Mattis ever having used the word "lodestar." Nothing. But then...
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Right. No-one asked for it, but several of you fuckers need it, so here's my tips for creating a good #podcast:
1. Edit your work. Listen to what you've recorded and take the time to cut out the erms, the ums, the slurpy mouth noises, coughs, farts, etc.
And for the love of fuck, don't eat or drink into the microphone.
2. Edit your work. If your episodes are consistently more than an hour long, I will move on without listening. There is no subject I want to hear about for that long that can't be either restructured into smaller episodes, or more strongly edited.
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Since Twitter is throttling down, you’re about to see the most brutally honest questions and assessments I’ve ever raised...because who in the hell is actually ever going to see them anyways?
What you are witnessing w/the #Resistance: trigglypuffs crying & gnashing of teeth, vagina skull caps, & a continual freakout is bigger than Trump.
What you are witnessing in Gaza, rioting w/human shields of toddlers & disabled people is bigger than an Ebassy
...Embassy (Quit correcting conversations & start correcting experiences-Like an edit button!)
This is spiritual warfare. The light cannot coexist with the dark. The dark existed for many years, encroaching upon every aspect of our lives
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Afternoon twitterverse! Let’s talk about AI in Radiology, which is the main focus in my research.
Any talk of AI begs for a definition of AI, and there are as many definitions as there startups that are “AI-enabled”.
For our purposes we'll just call anything that performs one of the higher level behaviours associated with animals e.g. learning, planning, problem-solving, creating etc.
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[#THREAD] L’écologie fait partie de cette catégorie de mots qui, comme les sacs en plastique, perdent leur forme à force d’être trop utilisés. L’écologie n’est pas seulement politique. La science de l’écologie étudie des relations entre les espèces d’un milieu. #ecodescom
Comment les espèces sont-elle contraintes par leur environnement et comment transforment elles à leur tour cet environnement ? C’est une des questions que @maximelabat et @NPCharrier se sont posés. Réponses à 19h sur @Radio_Prun #ecodescom
Pour vulgariser ce vaste sujet, en plateau, Philippe Goulletquer de l’@Ifremer_fr #Nantes a accepté notre invitation. Alice Schaffhauser, maître de conférences en Biologie des Organismes à l’@UnivNantes, répond à nos questions dans une chronique. #ecodescom
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