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A few days before @jack testifies, $TWTR removes the #QFDshadowban from conservative accounts @repgregwalden.

Meanwhile it spitefully cuts up a thread which I know @almostjingo spent over 12 hours creating. Please read & RT the heck out of this version:…
This appears to be no accident or technical glitch @HouseCommerce. They have a track record of chopping up well researched and informative threads simply because they don't suit Twitter's highly biased political agenda. @_ImperatorRex_ has been a particular target in the past.
But Twitter's scissorhand tactics are not limited to censoring well researched and informative threads. $TWTR also censor the President's tweets by cutting off positive replies to his tweets. @RudyGiuliani @POTUS…
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This hidden Camera interview of one of Twitter's engineers tells us exactly how they write algorithms to ban conservatives . They go by over 5000 keywords and then your account gets a score which will get you suspended or #QFDshadowban

Some of those keywords are God and America!!!!!! The left is sick !
So according to this engineer, key words drop your ranking , like God , America, or #MAGA . So I am safe to assume that other keywords increase your ranking. Words Like Drumpf , F*ck Trump , #resistance, Blue Wave , #ImWithHer. No wonder liberals have immunity on Twitter.
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We have over 1 million followers combined and we are all #QFDShadowban !!!

#LatinosWithTrump exists to let other latinos know that it is ok to support @realDonaldTrump !

The left fears that popularity for Trump is growing amongst latinos

#LatinosWithTrump is not here to ask for special privileges for the hispanic community . We are here to help the Republican party and @realDonaldTrump win over more Hispanic voters by clearly articulating America First policies. #MAGA #ThursdayThoughts
The America First Policies of @realDonaldTrump will beneifit all Americans.

Strong Borders ✔

Strong economy ✔

Less government regulation ✔

Strong Military ✔

Patriotism ✔

Achievement through a hand up not a handout ✔

#MAGA #LatinosWithTrump
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Many of you still don't know what the #QFDshadowban is and does. This is one of the most informative videos I have seen on this topic. @MamaReg2 is a rockstar. Give her a follow. #MAGA #ThursdayThoughts

Protect the 1st⤵️…
The #QFDShadowban basically puts your tweets all the way in the back of the store in a corner hidden behind other things. Meanwhile all liberal content is put on display in the front of the store. So technically , Jack can say " we have conservative content in our store " #MAGA
Imagine being a best seller and Barnes and Nobles hides all your books but puts no name authors on all the displays. I was disappointed in the hannity interview because he did not ask the right questions.
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It is getting worse! 😡

"Twitter is planning to accelerate a crackdown on “hate speech” and is looking to evaluate whether to punish users for “off-platform behavior,” according to a company-wide email sent on Wednesday."

So if big tech says that @PrisonPlanet is a hateful platform and I visit their website off Twitter, I can be punished by jack!!

How can anyone be ok with this?

#QFDShadowban @DonaldJTrumpJr
So if you go on a website to do research on Rape Gangs in Europe and that site is considered hateful, Twitter will ban you for doing so !

When did we become Nazi Germany? Big Tech is the Gestapo now? #QFDShadowban

P.S add twitter to this 👇
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Conservatives bending over and letting Tech giants silence them because they are a "private company" is just beyond me.

1. It's a flawed arguement
2. It's a monopoly
3. It's election meddling
4. It's an illegal campaign donation to Democrats per Matt Gaetz

If I hear another conservative use the Christian baker vs the gay couple argument to defend The big tech monopoly to silence us , I'm gonna lose my mind. It's not even in the same galaxy ffs ! Come on guys be better ! Time to upgrade to Conservatism 2.0 ! #WednesdayWisdom
When you never have another Republican President & your 1A & 2A is stripped, & the country has open borders & becomes socialist, at least my fellow conservatives can say they protected big tech monopolies because they are private companies 👌🏼 #QFDshadowban #WednesdayWisdom
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The winnner of Michigan's @gop primary & our nominee for Senate is #QFDshadowban ! Twitter is meddling in the election! Every Republican should be furious about this. #WednesdayWisdom

Sign petition to stop this ⬇️…

President @realDonaldTrump
calls @JohnJamesMI a Republican rising star , and yet he is at a clear disadvantage on Twitter because he has a #QFDshadowban which means his tweets won't be seen by anyone who does not follow him.

Another great cartoon by @GrrrGraphics ! The #QFDshadowban is now affecting Republicans running for office. Like @JohnJamesMI a rising star in the @GOP !

End twitters election meddling by signing this petition ⬇️

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Why would anyone be ok with living in a society that tells you what you can or can't say, what you can or can't eat, who you can or can't hang out with , how much money you are allowed to keep, etc.

Liberalism is authoritarianism plain and simple. #TuesdayThoughts #QFDshadowban
There is nothing liberal about liberals. They will do anything to shut you down ! Someone told me that Trump did this, No that's false. They would of treated any Republican the same way. Mike Pence is the polar opposite of Trump and the left hates him also.
No Republican will ever get safe haven from now on. The left will demonize them and their supporters . Even if we had a black Republican Potus or a woman , they would absolutely destroy and smear them like they did Donald Trump. This is the current state of literalism in 2018 .
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Milo made fun of Leslie Jones & She @ Jack & he suspended milo.

Jack ate @ Chick-Fil-A & he got push back so he later apologized.

Jack has celebrities, athletes, friends & Democrats in his ear telling him to stop Trump.

You really think he'd do right thing? #TuesdayThoughts
No he will not stand up for what is right. He will cave and he already has . It started in 2016 when he pushed pro trump comments down and Anti Trump comments to the top on @realDonaldTrump tweets.

Now the soft purge has begun via the #QFDshadowban

Something that I have learned about liberals is that they are moved by the crowd. They want to be liked , they want to be trendy and fit in. They don't do things because of any real convictions but by what they think is socially acceptable.
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I hope that more people will begin to see how blatant the bias is on social media. Below will be a profile of prominent conservatives that have been #QFDshadowban & are being silenced. #MAGA #PatriotsUnited

CC: @tedcruz @DonaldJTrumpJr @charliekirk11

Thread Below
My dear friend @sweetweetertot2 a prominent #BlacksForTrump and has been a strong advocate for #MAGA since day one. She never breaks TOS and is always polite and classy. Twitter thinks that she is low quality and hence she has been #QFDshadowban

A man that served the USA with honor & was willing to lose his life to defend our freedoms @GIJoeOPS has been silenced by the #QFDshadowban Apparently people like Kathy Griffin who show severed heads of POTUS are higher quality on twitter than this hero!


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Over 80k followers @jojoh888 has been #QFDshadowban
Over 80k followers and a very powerful activist and someone who has a strong ground game @ExDemLatina #MAGA
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#QAnon @POTUS @realDonaldTrump

Confusion going on right now reg Qs drops (see pic). It is not known at this time if Kate is relevant/nonrelevant, if more than 1 planned attack and/or if fake anons were staged to make us look bad. I'll update as I find out.
#QAnon #WhoIsQ #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #QFDshadowban #TryHarderMSM #AskTheQ @POTUS @realDonaldTrump

Some digging from anons regarding "Kate"

Controlled opposition?
#QAnon #WhoIsQ #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #QFDshadowban #TryHarderMSM #AskTheQ @POTUS @realDonaldTrump

Some digging from anons regarding "Kate"

Strange pics from IG
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You must remember that the secret to all of this is not to be afraid of fear. When you can really allow yourself to be afraid, and you don't resist the experience of fear, you are truly beginning to master fear.
The stage is set
Actors are a running to the dark corners like roaches in the light
The ones that are the loudest are the main characters as no one can be that deceived
It's raining #TheRainMakers
Here comes the PAIN! #PatriotsFight
God's in Control
#WWG1WGA #KAG #GreatAwakening
Thread by @_VachelLindsay_
1. I have no doubt that Obama will be indicted and found guilty of at least THREE major felonies, just from his central involvement in the framing of Donald J Trump
@threadreaderapp #ObamaGate #MAGA #WWG1WGA #QAnon #LockThemUp…
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Just going to add this news story to this thread for easy reference when all of the social media platform are taken down for contributing to the largest data bases of child pornography that'll make these pedophiles jealous
This looks like a good place to add another tweet exposing the Child Trafficking Pedophiles being brought to justice as spoken on 12/24
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