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#LivingWhileBlack I'm bout to go ham. Story 1: Be me, be 11 or 12. I was in middle school. Accidentally forget the key to my home. Cop happens to roll by, stops and gets out the car. He assumes I am trying to break in and rob my own house, he pulls his gun. <c>
He wouldn't believe me that this is my home, I do not have a cell phone to call my parents because its the early 2000s, it takes my Asian neighbor to vouch for me, notice white neighbor has been on his porch the whole time not saying shit. I could've possibly died.
Story 2: Be me, in college hanging with friends. Go to the train station because we were taking the train to down town. Pay to get in the station, gate opens. I walk through. Cop stops me, saying I didn't pay and I jump the gate. I along with my friends tell him that I paid. <c>
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I called the cops because a cab driver pulled over on a dark street & refused to drive me to my destination unless I'd give him head. The male officer that arrived asked me if I was or had ever been a prostitute. That's what happens when I call the cops. #LivingWhileBlack
The cop "searched" me while his partner went into 7/11 so she didn't have to see. Then he asked me if I really thought the cabbie should go to jail for what he did. I told him I didn't want it to happen again & he asked if the cabbie deserved jail though. #LivingWhileBlack
If you're white, you can call the cops b/c of a hypothetical scenario that hasn't played out anywhere but in your mind & be taken seriously. If you're black, you can't call the cops even if you're in trouble b/c you might not survive the assistance they send. #LivingWhileBlack
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#livingwhileblack Back in 2008 my grandma passed and left me her house. The neighborhood was historically black(older retired black people), but after the housing market collapse it started to change. I'd been living there for about 3 years when, one day I'm sitting on my porch/1
With my younger brothers just shooting the shit. Two cop cars pull up and 4 cops get out and start approaching the yard and asking to talk to us. I'm like 22 y.o. but my parents didn't raise a fool. I tell them that it was private property and I would/2
Talk to them on the sidewalk. They say that their was a call about a "suspicious" group of people hanging out in front of this property and I laugh. Ain't that about a bitch. So I tell them that it my house, they don't believe me and ask for proof. So I ask if it was cool to/3
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another time, same suburb i arrived home to multiple cop cars blocking off my cul de sac, in my house w| my mother. i walk in they say i'm wanted for armed burglary + wanna know where i been.

imagine the panic nerdy, square ass felt! #LivingWhileBlack
why me? someone saw my cousin, Rico running to my car in a whole other city 30mins prior.

we were leaving a youth program in Berkeley + he called askin for a ride at the last min. i told him hurry up cause i had homework. his running to my car looked suspicious. + supposedly we
matched the description of a male/female team that had just robbed some old white dude at gun point in Berkeley.

someone called in my license plate on suspicious activity + gave a description. based on the desc., cops were sent to the address on my car registration: my house.
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Awful: A @Starbucks barista profiled & called the police on 2 Black male customers sitting in a cafe. 2.The customers, real estate brokers, were waiting for a third person. 3.Equally awful, the police handcuffed/criminalized the men for: #BlackInStarbucks?…
2) @Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson: “Reprehensible outcome in Philadelphia event: “ our deepest apologies to the two men who were arrested with a goal of doing whatever we can to make things right” #BlackInStarbucks…
3)Think @Starbucks of family & career impact of picture in handcuffs & perp walk:“Woman Who Shared Philadelphia Starbucks Arrest Video Tells Her Story:video shared by Melissa DePino has been viewed more than four million times in less than 48 hours” @po_st
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