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So, I had the TV on as I was getting ready to leave home. Usually my living room TV is on in the background till I leave. So it was still on MSNBC. From now on, I will now make sure to switch channels before 6 AM daily. #MorningJoe will no longer be on the TV in my home.
I also won't listen to #MorningJoe when I drive to work anymore. @JoeNBC and @MorningMika will always be trash. I tried to still have an open mind even if they denigrated Hillary & gave Donald Trump free access & propped him up in 2015/2016 & continue to attack Hillary & Dems.
But today @JoeNBC & @MorningMika have sunken even lower than that by denigrating @CoryBooker & saying he was looking for a moment & they mocked what he did yesterday. Then said he put on a show acting like he was breaking rules by leaking documents that were ok'd to be released.
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Yesterday, you took @BlueWaveCS🌊 candidate @ElaineLuriaVA from 2.9k to 3.2 followers!🤯

#TuesdayThoughts #COTD @ChristineForWA is running in #WA04.

She's at 1.8k followers.
Think we can get her to 2k?❤️
#TuesdayThoughts #COTD @ChristineForWA is running in #WA04.

"Change won't happen without your support. Join me and help bring eastern Washington issues to the big table.


"The crisis at the border is simply unacceptable. Right now there are thousands of children separated from their parents, with no real plan for reunification .What can you do to help? Keep resisting and VOTE." -- #TuesdayThoughts #COTD @ChristineForWA
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#MorningJoe tells (sickening) Bari Weiss to only read comments from people with verified accts & "friends" with unverified accts in order to stay sane. Meanwhile, #MorningMika tells Weiss she did a fantastic job giving racists yet another voice in the @nytimes . 🙄😕
I wish I had time today to really dig into the disgusting "points" Weiss has to make in this article, but I took many screenshots & will tweet a few here for folks who don't want to use up 1 of their 5 free articles this month. /1…
Here's how she starts the article. My eyes began rolling after the first two paragraphs. Lord have mercy, where is this article taking us? "That Which Cannot Be Said." 🙄 /2
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1/ You've probably heard of Sinclair Broadcasting Group.
Maybe you thought it was just another news media merger, no big deal.
Or maybe it was a little troublesome, but with Trump in the WH, we have bigger problems, right?

Watch this. (thread)
h/t @MaverickofKain
2/ These anchors are being forced to read from the same script in every major market in the United States.

The script might as well have been written by Trump himself.

This is as close as we've come to state-sponsored television in this country.…
3/ Why haven't you heard of Sinclair?
Do you watch the local news?
If yes, do you watch the Fox affiliate for your local news?
That's probably why.

Or, you might have seen these segments and not even have been aware that you were being indoctrinated.
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There are 4 special elections today (1/16): South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and two in Wisconsin.…
"According to Flippable, 'Special elections are anyone’s game. Most voters don’t show up at the polls for them, so the normal rules don’t apply. The party that’s paying the most attention has the best chance of winning.'"…
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#FollowTheWhiteRabbit The Death of Lori Klausutis, Aide to #MorningJoe . I posted this tweet before and after President Trump's tweet. I am going to share the info I found since. I was researching Bush Fired U.S. Attorneys To Cover Up D.C. Pedo Ring…
#FollowTheWhiteRabbit The Death of Lori Klausutis, Aide to #MorningJoe I did not find any more pictures of Lori. I did see a link for the young republicans statement n her death. I will post it if I find it.
#FollowTheWhiteRabbit The Death of Lori Klausutis, Aide to #MorningJoe Lori/s husband Timothy J. Klausutis aka T.J. Klausutis
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