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Two Black sisters were attacked and one was murdered on BART in Oakland last night.

White supremacists have already announced plans to be at several Oakland bars tonight to incite violence.

These things are directly related.

Today, at 5:30 people will be standing against white supremacists in two different locations. Pick one, show up and show these punks that racial hatred won’t WIN.…
The Proud Boys, a white supremacist hate group have announced they will be at Make Westing in Oakland today. Their strategy is to incite widespread violence and spread their hateful rhetoric.

Members of the OAK community will also be at Make Westing tonight from 4pm on.
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Live tweeting our next #TTABSummit speaker, Dr. Linda Tropp. Topic: Intergroup Contact, Racial Anxiety, and Navigating Race in Diverse Classrooms
Research says -

Positive contact experiences can be an effective strategy can reduce prejudice - emphasis on F2F interaction.

Optimal conditions = equal status between groups in situation, support from institutional norms and authorities, cooperation and common goals.
Dr. Tropp referenced the Nature of Prejudice (Allport, 1954), in addition to conducting a meta-analysis of intergroup contact effects.

Results - Greater intergroup contact is typically associate with less prejudice (94% of cases).
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A white woman confronted a Hispanic dad at a playground by me who was walking his dog and accused him of trying to lure children and threatened to call the police.

Will this never end?
I don’t get it, don’t these people watch the news? Do they think this kind of behavior is ok? #seattle #PermitPatty
The playground in question is in the middle of a park surrounded by baseball fields. There are people walk dogs, picnicking etc by it all the time.

If this was a fenced pg and an adult wo a kid was hanging out that would be a dif story.
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Let’s say I owned a restaurant. “Steve’s International House of Pancakes and/or Burgers.”
Here’s how I’d handle things.
1) Come in wearing your MAGA hat? Welcome. Sit. Enjoy a pancake or a burger. I might not LIKE your hat but I can judge that in the privacy of my own mind.
There is a chance I might put on my 2008 “Obama” shirt (it’s shrunk a little, I’ve grown a little) out of my own pettiness, but you’d be served with great service. Also: If anybody who worked at my "IHOP and/or IHOb” was a jerk to you, I’d have a problem with that. But...
…if you were crappy to one of my hypothetical employees because of race/creed/faith? If you picked fights with other customers because of theirs? You can leave. And if somebody filmed you being terrible? Thems the breaks. That seems fair, right #PermitPatty? /3
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This woman felt brave and bold enough to call the cops ON AN EIGHT YEAR OLD CHILD SELLING BOTTLED WATER IN FRONT OF HER HOME, but oh look how #PermitPatty runs and hides as soon as the camera comes out.
Racists like #PermitPatty love calling the cops on minorities because it offers a layer of insulation between themselves and having to take personal responsibility for the cops’ actions against said minorities.
These always white, almost always women know exactly what can and probably will happen when the cops show up in scenarios like this. They aren’t any more stupid or oblivious than white people who threaten to call ICE on anyone they hear speaking Spanish in public.
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She’s losing clients left and right. This is a major Oakland dispensary. You mess with an 8-year-olds business, you lose business. #PermitPatty
Here’s the tweet I put out earlier this morning regarding the original video. This happened in San Francisco.
Here is a good list on everything that has come up about #PermitPatty…
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So my little cousin was selling water and didn't have a permit so this lady decided to call the cops on an 8 year old. #PermitPatty
We gotta new meme tho y'all #PermitPatty
And it people who support her 😂 unbelievable who has ever gotta sick from drinking a water bottle?
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