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perché il significato della parola "donna" è in estinzione?
piccolo thread su cosa è successo negli ultimi mesi
chi mi segue da un po' sa che per la parola donna si deve fare riferimento alla definizione del dizionario (adulta di sesso femminile) per non incappare negli stereotipi imposti su ambo i sessi o essere fallaci e cadere in una definizione inconcludente, ma è stato
dimostrato che è un'opinione controversa fidarsi della definizione su citata perché "offende delle persone". ovviamente molte donne si sono interrogate sul motivo per cui dovesse essere offensivo dire che una donna può essere, muoversi, parlare, vestire come meglio crede, e la
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Virtue Signalling, Misogyny, Abuse & Revenge

Liverpool City Council tonight adopted "Standing With Our Trans Community"…

The motion & mayor were, I believe, unfair, abusive,in breach of Equality Act 2010 & neglectful of their proper duties. 1/15
The motion is, to put it politely, a mish-mash. It includes wild allegations, conclusions about criminal offences & random moves to “encourage” more “gender neutral” loos. It also states as a fact that “transwomen are women” without attempting to define those words. 2/15
Liverpool ReSisters are accused of:

1. a hateful campaign
2. defacing public art works and buildings
3. stickers regarding Trans women and gender recognition
4. not recognising transwomen as women
5. by implication guilty of “hate crime” 3/15
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"Define woman" is not a simple question, and not even a fair one. The person asking is usually waiting to gotcha any answer you give. The reality is there is no fixed definition for womanhood that can be easily proven or disproven. Womanhood is too many things.
Not all women can give birth, not all women menstruate, not all women have cleavage, not all women look traditionally feminine, not all women are traditionally feminine, not all women are straight, not all women are mothers, not all women have breastfed their children,
not all women produce eggs, not all women have XX chromosomes, not all women were assigned female at birth, not all women have vulva, not all women are dyadic, not all women are cis, not all women are white, not all women are abled, not all women are anything. Except women.
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if you ask for the definitions of words like woman, girl, female, man, boy, male
if you use transphobic dogwhistles like “sexually dimorphic,” “biological reality,” and “sex stereotypes”
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It is apparently now a crime worthy of police investigation to state biological facts.

This is the mayor of Liverpool announcing action against women putting up stickers saying "Women don't have penises".
Note he is responding not to the form of the message but to the content.
Warning to biology teachers, scientists and gynecologists: It is now a hate crime to state that "Women don't have penises".

Please adjust accordingly so as to avoid fines and/or prison.

In case you think I'm exaggerating:

1) Merseyside Police: Watch out, hate crime can land you in prison.

2) Merseyside Police: We are investigating the posting of the sentence "Women don't have penises" as a hate crime.
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