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Roses are red
(It's the simplest thing.)
A poet's a singer,
Who cannot sing.

Roses are Roses
It's quite a priori.
Violets however,
Are another story.

Daisies are white
Selas are red
Neither will get Denna
Into your bed.
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Long before current traditions of #ValentinesDay sprang forth, spymasters worldwide have used the amorous arts to obtain secrets from their enemies. Known as “honey traps” or “honeypots,” rivals ensnared their adversaries in a game of love, lure, & lies.
One of the best known seductresses was Mata Hari, a Dutch exotic dancer convicted of spying for the Germans during WWI. She was accused of being a double agent & obtaining intel by seducing prominent French politicians & officers. She was tried, convicted & executed in 1917.
While most think of female temptresses when they hear the term "honey trap," men too have been used as honey traps to steal secrets. For example, in West Germany during the height of the Cold War.
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#ValentinesDay It's time to share your #WednesdayWisdom tag a friend and let's go. #AdultsOnly #toughlove advice needed #SBCCHAT
Q1. Boyfriend left me because he says I gave him gonorrhea. BUT according to WebMD, I have chlamydia. So, obviously he's lying on me--and just wants to break up. How to confront him about this? What to do now? #SBCCHAT
Q2. Husband strayed last year, but we were able to get over it. Since then, I've been obsessed w/ WHY he cheated. He says she did things I wouldn't. I asked him to teach ME what he likes. HIM: WHY teach an old dog new tricks when some women do it naturally?" Advice. #SBCCHAT
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It’s Valentines Day and it’s Wednesday which is an interesting confluence that means its time for a #SixWivesNoHenry #ValentinesDay special edition! Because where more romantic than feminist Tudor history...?
So I dug around a bit to try and find a story that doesn’t end with beheading or adultery and found the perfect Valentines story: Mary Tudor Won’t Stop Til She Gets Her Man.
So! The Mary in question is Henry VIII’s baby sister, who was a cool and fun and smart sort of person whose life suddenly changed when her brother/King decided she had to marry the French King. Mary was 19, the king was 52.
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Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Wait, no they're not,
(What the hell's wrong with you?)
Roses are red,
Violets are violet,
Either is a better
love tale than twilit.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue
Lilies are white
Dandelions are yellow
Carnations are pink
Marigolds are orange
Delphiniums are kinda purpleish…
Where was I going with this again?
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It's been awhile since I dropped a thread o' #Mars, so let's try something different today...
1. The hues of #Mars' surface are generally thanks to dust cover—or (relative) lack thereof. Lighter areas = dusty, darker = less dusty.
Oh wow, y'all act fast—I will try to keep up! 😝
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