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Been seeing a lot of bullshit being spread about guns recently. Let’s take a look into some of the claims passed as fact and dumb arguments masquerading as intelligent. #VetsForGunReform First off is that Democrats/leftists make up most mass shooters:…
Second one: “criminals don’t follow the law”. Well fuck it then we might as well have no laws then is that it? Laws are meant to deter crime and give us a mechanism to punish those who break the law.
Third one: This will punish law abiding citizens. Nicolas Cruz was law abiding when he bought his guns, So was Steven Paddock. Then they weren’t. In fact 82% of guns that are used in mass shootings are legally acquired:…
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Reporting from the March for Our Lives in Helena, Montana - Population 30k. This is Amelie, Amanda, and Tyler, who helped organize the event. “This is an incredible opportunity. We didn’t ask adults permission to do this. We just did it.”
This is Francie and Bud, who drove an hour from Cascade to be here. Bud was a history teacher for 37 years; first got shot at in 1973.

“I never dreamed that we’d be in our 70s and have to be marching.”
“It’s important that we’re here in Montana, a state full of people who love guns. We’re not taking about taking everyone’s guns away. We’re talking about sensible gun reform.”
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I carried an M-4 in the Afghanistan desert for almost a year. If you feel you need this or another weapon of war like it to protect your home; you need to re-evaluate the way you’re living your life & make fewer enemies. These have no place in civilian hands.
I’m amazed, shocked, humbled & a lot of other adjectives about the traction this tweet has gotten. I was just adding my 2 cents along with a lot of other vets today. I don’t claim to speak for anybody else but myself, just a regular dude stating my opinion.
A lot of people have agreed with me, a lot of people have not. I appreciate & respect everyone’s right to do so. I can’t begin to keep up with all the comments and sub-arguments going on, I hope we can all have a civil dialogue and hear each other out.
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I led tank and scout platoons in Iraq. No civilian should have access to the same weapons we carried. #VetsForGunReform #MarchForOurLives
thanks for the fire for effect on my mentions today 😂
Replies to this thread, in order of frequency:
1/ Thank you for your service!
Me: Thank you for your support. Seriously, it means a lot to us, especially during a deployment.
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1. I was a HS teacher for a short time (grant position). Why would I never want teachers w/ guns? Besides the obvious, teachers represent the country as a whole. Which means there are good & bad teachers. I've heard teachers call POC teens terrible words in the teacher's lounge.
2. I've seen POC students treated worse than white students for same offense. Plus, no matter the race, I've seen teachers get frustrated and throw things (not at students). Teachers are human. I've been around some of the most outstanding teachers ever, but there are bad too.
3. I loved my job, but it was the bad teachers which finally drove me away. As a state granted teacher, it was hard to change an entire environment when I was only one of a few who would speak up. I finally resigned.
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Hi, I'm a military vet and gunowner.

I've compiled a thread of fellow vets speaking out in support of gun control and/or against Trump's terrible idea of arming teachers, including links. Consider this a resource. I'll add to it as necessary. (thread)

#GunControlNow #BoycottNRA
Here's former U.S. Army intelligence officer Ashley Nicolas in @nytimes:…
Here are Marine combat veterans Pete Lucier, Kyleanne Hunter and Joe Plenzler in @washingtonpost:…
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With all the talk of AR-15s just being another gun I feel like I should address that. First off, the AR-15 is basically a copy of the M4/M16 in looks and functionality.
Now, I was trained how to use both the M4 and M16. It's amazing, it's light, accurate, durable, has little to no recoil, and it's easy to clean.
Part of training was shooting these weapons, we shot at targets shaped like people. Not deer, or wildlife people. We shot for center mass because that's your best chance to hit your target.
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I shouldn’t have to constantly worry about my elementary-school-aged kids being shot. My 8/6yo should not have to practice active shooter drills and worry about being gunned down at school.

This is not normal.

Your fetishization of guns does not outweigh my children’s safety.
You don’t need a semiautomatic rifle. You don’t. Not just AR-15s, AKs or the “scary looking assault rifles.” You don’t need a rifle that is essentially the same as the one I killed with in Afghanistan. You’re not going to fight off the government with it. It’s not worth our kids.
You could’ve taken the 3-round-burst mechanism completely off my rifle - and the rifles of pretty much every dude in the squadron - and it wouldn’t have changed a damn thing, because we didn’t use it. So miss me with that shit about civilian models not being the same.
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Look, there is a lot of nonsense being pushed about "assault rifles" and how AR-15's aren't similar to military weapons. So here's a thread from a combat vet to explain this once and for all. Please RT 1/
Yes, it's true the phrase "assault weapons" isn't that accurate because we generally use it to refer to fully automatic weapons. However, that's really a meaningless point because we have already decided those are too dangerous for civilians 2/
Notice you never hear anyone complain about the lack of rights to mount a .50 cal on their Jeep? We also intuitively understand that letting people carry grenades around is a ridiculous idea. Both of these things were restricted by the same Congressional legislation. 3/
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