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OK, folks. I have a follow-up on @VistaOutdoorInc, the NRA-supporting, guns-and-ammo conglomerate that is buying up popular bicycling and outdoor brands like @GiroCyclingUK, CoPilot, @BellBikeHelmets, @CamelBak, @BlackburnDesign, @Bolle_Eyewear and @Raskullz. Thread... /1
This thread will be of particular interest to outdoor sports retail giant @REI, its members and anyone who values the #UnitedOutside advocacy work REI is doing to fight the private exploitation of America’s public lands… /2
3. In addition to being America’s #1 ammunition marketer, a major supporter of the NRA and sponsor of NRA TV, Vista Outdoor (surprise!) also spends money on political campaigns via its Vista Outdoor SuperPAC.…
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Once again, @CNN & @MSNBC give the White House all the time they ask for. Obama couldn't get arrested and get coverage like this. But the American left just nods. When do we confront the real problem in America? It *is* the media. (Just not Trump's version of it.)
Find me even 2 branded pundits who will say this. They know it's true, but they want the face-time on the networks so it never gets said.

But almost all liberals nod at this with little if any push-back. That makes all of us complicit. It's just hard to take liberals seriously
I've said year after year, the Right and the media are highly vulnerable to corporate pressure. The reason we haven't done it in a big way is NOT the Right's fault, but the selfish lack of will by publishers on The Left to push such efforts. #BoycottNRA is just "safer" for them.
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Sooo... CNN released poll data a few hours ago that is pretty damn remarkable, and it's worth noting the highlights.

First: in just 4 months, Americans favoring "stricter gun control laws" has sharply risen: 52% to a whopping 70%. That's astounding.

#GunReformNow #BoycottNRA
2. This is the first time in more than 20 years of this particular polling question that a plurality of Americans have an unfavorable view of @NRA.
3. Moreover, of the mere 26% of Americans who oppose "stricter gun controls", nearly half of those (12%) only "moderately oppose" them. Only 14% of Americans have a "strong" opposition to gun control.
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Hi, I'm a military vet and gunowner.

I've compiled a thread of fellow vets speaking out in support of gun control and/or against Trump's terrible idea of arming teachers, including links. Consider this a resource. I'll add to it as necessary. (thread)

#GunControlNow #BoycottNRA
Here's former U.S. Army intelligence officer Ashley Nicolas in @nytimes:…
Here are Marine combat veterans Pete Lucier, Kyleanne Hunter and Joe Plenzler in @washingtonpost:…
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1. How naïve was I to think that, while I didn’t vote for him, Obama wanted the best for all Americans while he was in office. #ObamaGate
2. How naïve was I to think that Hillary won the Democratic nomination fair and square and never tried to undercut Trump. #LockHerUp
3. How naïve was I not to look at Trump as a serious contender when he first announced his candidacy. #MAGA #TrumpTrain
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1/After the shooting in Vegas, we wondered more we could do. We started poking around the NRA website & we were shocked to see how many corporations seemed ok with associating themselves with a divisive, dangerous lobbying organization. #DrainTheNRA was born.
2/We decided we'd focus on local, LA-based @TrueCar. We tweeted, wrote a fancy letter, started a petition & 20 people protested in front of the office on the Sandy Hook anniversary in December. #DrainTheNRA #BoycottNRA
3/We spent the holidays & Jan building our website while watching school shooting after school shooting. Then Parkland happened. Fuck it, let's protest. This Mon, the People's Rally Against Gun Violence in Pershing Sq took place. #BoycottNRA #DrainTheNRA
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Contact Amazon support in <2 seconds to show your disapproval of them hosting NRA TV using this special link below. #BoycottNRA

I'm not joking—all you have to do it click it. I did all the hard work for you:….
> 1,000 messages sent in under 10 minutes… keep it up! 😎
2,500 sent! That's over 2.5 per second 😮
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1) #BoycottNRA is possibly the DUMBEST hashtag on Twitter right now. Let me explain why.
2) The school shooting was caused in part by a fail cascade of personal responsibility within the local government, the school, and law enforcement.
3) The sherriff's office had multiple warnings, including one in November, about the possibility of him becoming a school shooter.…
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Remington to file bankruptcy.
Sturm Ruger cut 700 jobs last year..
Gun sales dropped over $600 million in 2017.

World's largest asset manager BlackRock puts gunmakers on notice after #Parkland school shooting: no more business as usual
And just in: insurer Chubb says will stop underwriting NRA insurance for gun owners
(h/t @MichaelSkolnik) #BoycottNRA
.@LifeLock owner @Symantec and insurer @MetLife end ties with the NRA,
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5 Tweet Thread
The @NRA & #gun companies are not evil but they are part of the problem. And the amazing thing is: all the folks clamoring to #BoycottNRA don't even know how bad it really is!
5 things the #NRA & gun manufacturers have successfully lobbied to create...
1) Background chk system overseen by the ATF that is forbidden to digitize records & so must keep all records on paper
2) BG chk system that is enormously hobbled at ATF bec of extreme funding shortages so that it can't do its job well & so that the NRA can claim it doesn't work
3) Passage of the #Dickey Amendment that forbids gov't research from reaching conclusions that might be construed as advocating for gun control, thus allowing the #NRA to say, "No studies show..." and leaving legislators with no data to back up laws that might work
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JOIN US: We are calling for a nationwide boycott of any business, organization, or politician who has dealings with the @NRA.

In this THREAD is a comprehensive list.

We have the power for change. Who will be joining us?

AimPoint Air
Venturi AmeriCap
USA Ammo Wear
ATN Corporation
Baron Technology
Battenfeld Technologies
Bear and Son Cutlery
Benelli Blue Ridge Knives
Binghamton Knitting
Boyt Harness Company
Buckeye Designs and Engraving
Bulldog Cases and Vaults
Century Arms
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If you Vote to Infringe 2nd Amendment Rights WE will Vote to Make sure you do NOT get elected in November
@SenDonnelly @SenBillNelson @SenatorHeitkamp @SenatorBaldwin @SenatorTester @clairecmc @SenStabenow @SenSherrodBrown @Sen_JoeManchin @SenBobCasey

NO #GunControl
(2) Guns haven't suddenly become more easily accessible.

What has happened that is causing the murder rate to go up? #RT & Share to see all of thread & WHY we don't need #GunControl 📲
(3) In the case of mass shootings, the answer is that the US refuses to do anything about the dangerously mentally ill, Bullying, brainwashing and #GunfreeZones
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