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#Florida study finds "mail ballots were 10 times more likely to be rejected than votes cast at early #voting sites or on #election day" and "ballots cast by youngest voters, blacks and Hispanics were much more likely to be rejected."

Around a third of Americans mail in their ballot — boy is that dangerous. There’s a million ways to not count your mail-in ballot.…
#Florida #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud #Election2018
STUDY: "Younger and racial and ethnic minority voters casting Vote By Mail ballots were at least twice as likely as older and white voters to have their VBM ballot rejected in the presidential elections of 2012 and 2016."…
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@AriBerman "State election officials say the move will overwhelm their resources and prevent them from preparing for early and absentee voting for the November midterms." #NorthCarolina #VotingRights #DOJ
"One subpoena, sent to 44 county election boards last week, asks for 'any and all poll books, e-poll books, voting records, and/or voter authorization documents, and executed official ballots (including absentee ballots)' from August 2013 to August 2018."
"Another subpoena asks the state board of elections for 'all voter registration applications,' along with documents including absentee ballots and early voting forms, for every county in the state over the past eight years."
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"For the new eyes. Please demand Voter ID, they say the elections are the backbone of our 'Democracy' - Protect It."…
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In-depth analysis of Georgia's INsecure voter registration system run by Kennesaw State University (where Newt Gingrich taught). Reminder that KSU deleted election server files (including backup) after being sued in 2017
#RussianHacking @McClatchyDC…
Then Secretary of State Brian Kemp, now GOP nominee for governor, "still maintains Georgia’s system is secure."

It was so wide open that "Google had stored links to some Center documents." Accessible: 15-GB of confidential material, including voter data and system passwords
>> Logan Lamb, a young online security researcher for Bastille Networks, visited the Election Center’s website in August 2016 and found he could easily download 6.7 million voter registration records.
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Thread 1/7 WHY WE NEED #AUDITS. Professor Andrew Appel breaks down the #myth that someone can't #hack a #VotingMachine if it's not connected to the #Internet.… #PaperBallots #AuditTheVote
Thread 2/7 "The ES&S model #DS200 #optical-scan voting machine has a #cellphone modem that it uses to upload #election-night results from the #voting machine to the “county central” canvassing #computer." #PaperBallots #AuditTheVote
Thread 3/7 "The voting machine calls the county-central computer using its cell-phone modem... this connects ... to a cell tower ... near the canvassing computer." #PaperBallots #AuditTheVote
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If the Trump/Russia conspiracy is ‘legally’ proven & 2016 election proven rigged?

@HillaryClinton should immediately be offered the Presidency.

after Trump is removed & imprisoned every action by Trump as POTUS & ALL laws should be reversed including his SCOTUS appt
I suggest as a remedy we separate the General election from the Presidential election and start the 4yr cycle forward after the removal of Trump. @HillaryClinton rightfully deserves 4 years in office.
Gosh, that idea must sound too radical.

I’ll grant you back in the normal days before the-hack-heard-around-the-world 2016 election I would agree.

Not anymore. We need radical changes to the outdated election system. I’ve been screaming it for years.
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So, a couple of things that have been bothering me about my #voting experience today..


Well, *mini thread*
Now, I have lived at my current address for *slightly* over two years, so I've had a few opportunities to vote at this address..

Presidential Primaries
The Horrible Events that Transpired Last November
*The special election that I was Actually not allowed to vote in
*That was an interesting case.. I was Certain I was allowed to vote for Brian Benjamin in the Special Election.. they spent time looking thru the rolls but eventually gave me an affidavit ballot
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