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Yezidis&the 🇮🇶 parliament
The Yezidi religion is1of the oldest religions in🇮🇶. It dates back centuries. Its ancient beliefs, customs&even alphabet have all influenced several other religions&cultures within🇮🇶, including Chaldean, Assyrian&Sumerian civilizations
Yezidis have never opposed or attempted to persecute any other ethnic or religious group. They have never attempted to undermine or destabilize any regime that has ruled over Iraq.
Indeed, they shy away from even supporting one political party over another.

Despite their peaceful existence in Iraq, different regimes would always attempt to persecute them.
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ISIS fighter raped a died Yezidi girl after she suicided and refused to be sex slave to be sold in slavery markets.
Alzahar representative of Muslim Sunnis said that it’s Halal According to sharia law to have Sex with died women.
1)ISIS Kidnapped thousands of Yezidi girls.
Islamic state divided the Yezidi women and girls into groups according to their ages ,virgins and married and start to move them to different cities under its control.
One of #Yezidi kidnapped said, that ISIS moved them in the midnight.
2) They were moved to the technical Institute of solach (a place/area in south shingal) then to Mosul the capital of Islamic state in Iraq.
after one night they sold them to Syria. An ISIS member called Khalid saeed Al-Hardany who was prepared the selling and transporting...
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#YazidiGenocide survivor: I gave a birth in ISIS captivity after that I was sold seven times to be raped and tortured.
ISIS fighters established a system for swx slavery that rape/enslavement of non Muslims is like worship.
Her husband is missing must probably killed @TarekFatah
IS fighters established a system of sexual slavery, claiming that the rape of non-Muslims was a form of worship. They set up markets in several towns where girls as young as nine were put up for auction to militants, with owners often trading women again online.
2)I was sold seven times, and lots of women had a much worse life than me,” Nour says of her battle to survive. She had two daughters, then aged 3 and 4, and was pregnant with a son when her family was seized.
Her husband was taken away after two days and is still missing @POTUS
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9 yrs #YazidiGenocide survivor I begged the 25 yrs Sunni man from Mosul not to rape me but he tied me and raped me.
2 sisters were kidnapped from Shingal and separated.
after 3 yrs enslavement and separation they met but they didn’t know each other @RitaPanahi @POTUS @TarekFatah
1)We wanted to get to mountains but we were captured by Sunnis who turned to ISIS. We were asked to convert to Islam.
After 30 Minutes wexwere moved to Sibâ sickh kider.we saw something burning and people screaming.we didn’t know if they burned some #Ezidis or were torturing them
2)we were moved to a school in Ba’aj where I separated from my mother. #YazidiGenocide survivor said we were moved to Mosul to be separated from my sisters who were taken to Syria.i was taken to Ba’aj and after 15 days to Tel Kasseb and then to Tel Banat @realDonaldTrump #ايزيدي
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"Sometimes, I look at myself in the mirror and wonder, 'How am I still alive?'"
Yazidi mother opens up about escape from Islamic State, building a life in Canada
(1/ ) #YazidiPlight #Iraq #Canada
At 18, when she was eight months pregnant, Faeza Mejo was captured in August 2014 by members of the Islamic State terror group when she, her husband and his family tried to flee from the invaders in northern Iraq.
(2/ )#YazidiGenocide #Sinjar #Iraq
Faeza was separated from her husband and taken to a place where about 50 other young #Yazidi women and girls were held. She soon learned they were in a warehouse and they were the goods to be sold, and she would literally be marked for life.
(3/ ) #YazidiPlight #Sinjar
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[1] I am a #Yazidi and not yet 17, but I have a story to tell the world. My people have always been peaceful and non-aggressive. We believe in God and humanity and respect other religions. I grew up in a village called Wardia, near #Sinjar, #Iraq. We lived with honor and dignity.
[2] We were a very close community and pretty much kept to ourselves. When I was only 13, we heard that ISIS was headed toward us and also that they were doing very bad things. #YazidiPlight
[3] We fled to the mountain, but ISIS intercepted all of us and forced us back to our village. By that time many of our very own #Muslim neighbors had joined in with ISIS and were also killing many #Yazidis.
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Mohmmad Rawndzi(mirê kur) is a Kurdish Muslim Sunni same criminal like Abu Bakir 1832 he attacked Yezidis and Assyrians (Christian) he killed about 132,000 Yezidis,killed 1000s of Christians and enslaved their women. @Kurdistan made a statue 4 him @POTUS
1)Muhammad Kurdi is Muhammad Basha AlRawndzi born in Ra andz in 1783 and was the Governor of Suran emirate which lies in northern east of Iraq between 1813-1836. Suran emirate capital was Rawndz during Ortmanns empire
This area considered as a border between Persia & Mesopotamia
2)Muhammad Kurdi who is known as Mirê kur(lost one of his eyes) Kurds call him as a nationalism hero for killing Yezidis ,Christians and enslaving their women.he was number one criminal who Genocide Yezidis during his governing
He started his attacks(killing)starting 1813-1836
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#YazidiGenocide survivor: ISIS fighter both wives tortured me for refusing to be sex slave for their husband and accused me of Kuffir that’s why I was beaten till I lost conscious and stayed In Hospital 4 days.he bombed himself to get his virgins and eat with prophet @RitaPanahi
1)when ISIS attacked shingal our problem was that we didn’t have a car.
My husband rid with a car a drove to Yezidi shrine call sheikh Mand. I took my children with my brother in law and we started walking, my husband returned to take us. We walked together to mountains at 6 am
2)we got out of our village Ker Azer at 6 9 am ISIS captured us in front of Mahmood Kero farm north of our village. We were 25 men and 70 women/girls/Children.IS took everything from us money,jewelry,phones. IS separated men from women and killed them.
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#YazidiGenocide survivor I was about to die with my little child bcz ISIS wife didn’t give us any food for three days.ISIS forced us to read Quran and convert to Islam. IS shared Yezidi kidnapped as slaves among ISIS fighters in the first days of Genocide @TarekFatah @Imamofpeace
1)when #shingal fell on 3.8.2014 in ISIS hands,my mother was ill,my brother refused to leave her in her bed aunt with her family came to us,we stayed 1 night in our home.our Sunni neighbors were ISIS supporters.all ways to mountains were blocked by ISIS
2)We moved to Kocho(Yezidi town which has been massacred).a Shop owner came to my brother and asked him to stay home cuz they kill any Ezidi ISIS sees. He added that ISIS beheaded already 9 Ezidis in front of their eyes.we stayed in kocho till 15.8.2014. Day of #KochoGenocide
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#YazidiGenocide survivor: Sunnis from Ba’aj attacked shingal. They killed my husband and his brother in front of my eyes with 50 other Yezidis. ISLAMIC State forced Yezidi women to convert to Islam and enslaved them after they killed their families @TarekFatah @realDonaldTrump
1) on 03.08.2014 we were in Tel Azer we walked 3 hours escaping from ISIS till we arrived in AlKhabazia village near from Jadala beside shingal mountains. We crossed the Main Street to head to Soil Road Jadala direction .there we have seen cars and thought those are peshmerga.
2)we didn’t know that peshmerga have escaped that’s why we weren’t afraid.we looked at cars and suddenly they raised black banners and drove to us, they came from Shelo areas. ISIS surrounded us,we were about 200 people and asked to stop. Each one tried to run,was directly killed
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Do you remember this ugly face? He is from Saudi Arabia.Yezidi girl who was his captivity has escaped. #YazidiGenocide survivor; We were shared among ISIS terrorists according to sharia law, all Yezidi girls refused to be slaves but they were mass raped in that night @TarekFatah
1) I was on 3.8.2014 with my family inHerdan/shingal,a group of ISIS arrived & Said we search 4 peshmerga who already escaped. I stayed with my family till evening a person from a village Tel Alshur near Herdan came & Said to our village headman: either convert to Islam or leave
2)many families left & arrived at shingal mountains among them our relatives. We left our village but ISIS captured us I. Sunni intersection. Those ISIS were Kurdish they spoke surani dialect among themselves.They took everything from us & took us to Khansur military camp of ISIS
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#YazidiGenocide survivor:we asked our Sunni neighbors to help us,they hid us in their home. Two ISIS cars arrived & captured us. Members of the family from our neighbors were ISIS princes(Amir). her 12 yrs sister was raped,she lost her husband & family @TarekFatah @Cameron_Gray
1)when ISIS attacked we said let’s go to our krif (Sunni neighbors Khudhur khalif Al3fri) in kir Shabak village near from them.we walked to them & two of our men brought the cars. We got the neighbors home and asked to hide us till we get a chance to get the mountains @POTUS
2)or to Rabia district,our Sunni neighbors asked women to go on the roof of the house,asked men to enter the guests room.we saw them acting unnormal,within an hour ISIS cars arrived to captured us,their sons were ISIS members,betrayed us & we didn’t know that #YazidiGenocide
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When ISIS attacked Yezidis,her daughter was injured and died.she buried her daughter with her own hands.the mother said it’s better to die and not to become a sex slave to be sold in slavery markets as ISIS did with 7000 Yezidis. #YazidiGenocide @DEZi_Brb @Memet_Kilic @POTUS
1) Yezidi girl was captured by ISIS in 2014.she was surrounded in Hatmi which is Yezidi village,during the night she moved with her family to her uncle’s house in shingal center,but their neighbors (Sunnis from ALMtwit tribes)reported ISIS about them #YazidiPlight @TarekFatah
2)after being captured by ISIS,they were imprisoned in shingal,women were separated from men,they moved women to Telafer,during 3 days,they were drinking dirty water which they barely had,IS was abusing women and girls,then they moved them to Mosul #YazidiGenocide @CathyYoung63
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Heartbreaking moments when 3 Yezidis reunited with their family after more than 3 years of enslavement under Islamic state captivity.they were kidnapped from shingal,moved to Mosul and were sold in slavery markets in Syria #YazidiGenocide @DavidBCohen1 @p_vanostaeyen @POTUS
Video shows ISIS terrorists is boasting cuz he stole a Yezidi girl clothes while another one is raping her in the other room.When you focus on video,you can hear the Yezidi girl was crying asking for help.These ISIS terrorists are Sunnis from Mosul @TarekFatah #YazidiGenocide
#YazidiGenocide is still ongoing, still more than 3154 Yezidi women & Children are in ISIS captivity. Iraqi government has done anything to rescue them and they don’t even help Yezidi survivors. @VP @realDonaldTrump
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Yezidi survivor:when my 10 yrs sister was mass raped by Muslim Sunnis from Telafer & Mosul my father couldn’t tolerate(bear)it when he was hearing his daughter next to him being raped & he died.Sunnis in Telafer & Mosul have raped many Yezidi children #YazidiGenocide @TarekFatah
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ISIS terrorists are committing ongoing genocide against the #Yazidis in #Iraq & #Syria
According to the #UN, women&girls as young as nine are being sold as slaves 2 ISIS soldiers who regularly beat them & rape them, re-sell them&if they try 2 escape, kill them #YazidiPlight
The @UN report focuses on the Islamic State’s attack on #Yazidis in #Sinjar-#Iraq in Aug.2014
The subsequent genocide of the #Yazidi pple, which has included mass murder,beheadings,the rape of women&children&the buying&selling of women&girls as sex slaves at marketplaces&online
“over 3,200 Yazidi women & children r still held by ISIS. Most are in #Syria where Yazidi females continue 2 be sexually enslaved & #Yazidi boys, indoctrinated, trained & used in hostilities. 1000s of Yazidi men & boys are missing. The genocide of the #Yazidis is on-going.” @UN
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