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2pm advisory from the Central Pacific Hurricane Center has downgraded #HURRICANELANE on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale to a Cat 1. The slow movement means that Maui and Oahu are still at risk of major ((even catastrophic) flooding. Be vigilant.…
Took awhile but once the 35-40 kt of shear began to impact the core convection from Hurricane Lane, the degradation began. We're out of hurricane risk & facing tropical storm conditions so i am not going to find out tonight if my hurricane-proof sliding doors live up to the hype.
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Here's a quick look at what the latest weather models show for #HurricaneLane.

tl;dr: It's not looking good, but there's still a lot of moving parts.

Follow @NWSHonolulu for official updates. Other great sources of official info:……
Big picture: It looks more and more likely that #HurricaneLane will stall very near Maui for ~24 hours or so. That means ~48 hours of catastrophic heavy rain. It's very clear that this is shaping up to be a near-worst case flooding scenario.
So far, the @nws is doing an excellent job predicting #HurricaneLane. The hurricane has been moving pretty much right down the center of the forecast cone for the past day or two.

But the most difficult part of the forecast is the next 48 hours.
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If only we'd elected the woman who not only believed in #ClimateChange, but had a plan for #ClimateAction.

Trump has nine grandchildren and doesn't even seem to care if they have a livable planet when they are adults, let alone the rest of us.
In the press conference with Trump last year, President Niinistö of Finland said:

"If we lose the arctic, we lose the globe."

We can't ignore #ClimateChange, which can be seen and felt--worsening storms like #HurricaneLane, the fire seasons, flooding.…
Realized too late that I meant to start prefacing all major news stories with OMG!!!! to get folks' attention.
This story really is OMG-worthy.
It's terrifying.
Each successive summer is the hottest on record.
We must pay attention to what our planet is telling us.
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Satellite view of Hurricane Lane... Category 4 storms do NOT need to make a direct hit... WATER is always the main threat from any hurricane, and Hawaii is situated out in the central Pacific surrounded by water... storm surges will be the main threat.
Hurricane Lane (Category 4) Hawaii weather discussion (Part 1)
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So far this week: US missile killed a bus full of children, earthquake in Venezuela, African peace keepers throw babies into fire, Assad regime prepares to commit massacre (again), ICE continues to coverup child rape, prisoners strike to stop slavery, feminist decapitated in KSA.
cont. Russia sending Troops and more mercenaries into CAR, Manafort+Cohen+2 GOP memebers either indicted or pleading guilty to felonies, multiple men kill their wives and children, UK labour party continues to bed Russia & Assad, Brexit still happening, more US black ppl killed..
cont. China continues re-education camps for Uighurs. #HurricaneLane Category 5 heading to Hawaii, mass die off of ocean creatures continues, Australia almost elects a Nazi, Austria ran by actual Nazis, US Nazis beat up black teenager, Israel dragging out wounded from hospitals.
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We will just add these tweets to the "Coincidence Thread"

I'm here to tell you that these are not a coincidence & this is a just warning to repent. Places like Hawaii, California, Florida & NY have all but kicked God out.
I don't say these things out of fear, there is no fear in love
Hurricane Preparedness Week
2018 Hurricane Names that stuck out to me:
HIM = #Harvey #Irma #Maria
Remember Maria & Jose? Both are Spanish derivatives of Mary & Joseph #FujiwaraEffect #Sept23 #HurricanePrep #HurricaneStrong
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