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1/ " In a DEMOCRATIC society, majority rule must be coupled with guarantees of individual human rights that, in turn, serve to protect the rights of minorities--whether ethnic, religious, or political, or simply the losers in the debate over a piece of controversial legislation.
2/ "The rights of minorities do not depend upon the goodwill of the majority and cannot be eliminated by majority vote. The rights of minorities are protected because democratic laws and institutions protect the rights of all citizens."
3/ ""When a representative democracy operates in accordance with a constitution that limits the powers of the government and guarantees fundamental rights to all citizens, this form of government is a constitutional democracy. In such a society, the majority rules, and the rights
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Mujahid, the Taliban's spokesman, said that "Miller shall be witness to a series of failures and disappointments."

You'd think that Trump would invoke Command Sergeant Major Bolyard's name if only as a political tool before the midterms.

13 deployments.💔 RIP #MondayMotivation
❤️ Please thank CSM Bolyard and let his family know that even if their President isn't with them, the American people will not forget.
#MondayMorning #MondayMotivation #VetsResistSquadron
Soldier Killed in Insider Attack Was SFAB Command Sergeant Major via @Militarydotcom
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Hey, you guys.

Remember when I was helping with hurricane rescue and support last year?
A lot of the same people from that effort run this non-profit.

If you're in a hurricane prone area follow ➡️@CEDRdigital.
#MondayMorning #MondayMotivation Hurricane Florence
And if you aren't in a hurricane prone area and you'd like to help, find out how here:
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It is very important we address LEARNING! LIFE ITSELF IS A LEARNING PROCESS: Someone said ‘we’re LIVING we’re LEARNING is the truth about LIVING’.The crucial life-sustaining competency is learning how to win at learning #MondayMotivation #morningdrivelagos @threadreaderapp unroll
2. In the future, the ability to LEARN faster than competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage #MondayMotivation #morningdevotional #MondayMorning @YemieFASH @OgbeniDipo
3. So many international Organizations know the importance of LEARNING; hence they infuse LEARNING AND ADAPTION in their strategic plan. #MondayMotivation #MorningLive
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1/3 🚨TOMORROW (8/7) is the #OH12 special election.🚨

This is your last chance to help move the needle in this crucial race.

Help #GOTV for @dannyoconnor1 by virtual phone banking with @swingleft.

2/3 🚨TOMORROW (8/7), is the #OH12 special election.🚨

This is your last chance to help move the needle in this crucial race.

Help #GOTV for @dannyoconnor1 by texting with @BuildTheWave.


3/3 🚨TOMORROW (8/7) is the #OH12 special election.🚨

This is your last chance to help move the needle in this crucial race.

Help #GOTV for @dannyconnor1 by volunteering on the ground with the campaign.

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TFW the muscles in your mid and lower back are not-so-quietly saying:

"One wrong move - too fast, not in perfect alignment, or just because - and we're immobilizing you for a week or two."


Any stretches or preventatives y'all depend on? (Left side.)


Self care is part of resistance (I remind myself...).

Take time to relax your jaw, your neck, your shoulders, your back.

Shake out your hands.

Breathe deeply in through your nose, letting your belly expand as you inhale, exhaling through gently pursed lips.

Thank YOU to all who are responding to my request for help.

I am reading all the responses, but I can't reply to all and don't want to favorite them because then my followers will be spammed with back-pain advice, lol, via the Twitter "someone you follow like this tweet" algo.
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Iran edition.
This is an obvious addition to the #NostraDumbAss archive.
#MondayMotivation #mondayMorning
⚡️ “#Nostradumbass: There. Is. A Trump. Tweet. For. EVERYTHING. ” by @AynRandPaulRyan
Yes, let's threaten Rouhani.
Always the best course.
#MondayMotivation #MondayMorming…
Another message from the past from #NostraDumbAss.
#MondayMorning #mondayMotivation
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How do you get "tricked" into stripping and saying the "n word"?

Answer: you don't.

GOP Lawmaker Jason Spencer Strips Down, Screams ‘N-Word’ on Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Who Is America?’#MondayMonday #Mondaymotivation…
Here's the video of GOP lawmaker Jason Spencer participating in what he thought was an anti-terrorism training video with #WhoIsAmerica

(warning: explicit video of an asshole showing his ass.)

#MondayMotivation #MondayMorning

Jason Spencer 'to resign' after appearance on Sacha Baron Cohen show

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📰New #Qanon Thread📰


Corruption, Collusion, Conspiracy & Comey
NEW #QAnon 1305.

No Name out.

We love good singers.

#Q #Qanon8chan #MAGA #KAG #GreatAwakening #Trump #TheStorm #TrustThePlan #DrainTheSwamp #WeThePeople #WWG1WGA #MondayMorning @realDonaldTrump @potus #ReleaseTheTexts #NoRedactions
In #Q's most recent post, he sites this tweet from Lindsay Graham regarding James Comey.

#Qanon #MAGA #KAG #GreatAwakening #NoRedactions
#DrainTheSwamp #WWG1WGA
#WeThePeople #ReleaseTheTexts
#MondayMotivation #Trump
#POTUS @realDonaldTrump

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Everything in the following tweets actually happened this morning but has been translated into screenplay format for no reason I can point too other than dramatic effect. Enjoy! #MTA #Subway #MondayMorning
A crowded subway car pulls out of the 33rd street station and makes it only halfway before coming to a complete stop. There’s silence for a few moments before any announcements are made. It’s Monday morning and people are tired.
(Over speaker)
Hey partner, there’s a track fire up ahead.

(Over speaker. Indistinguishable garble)

The passengers on board all share a look of disbelief as they realize the conductor’s announcement was not really meant for them.
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