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This came to mind as I was listening to @bryancallen & @BrendanSchaub discuss the death of #NiaWilson through a lens of toxic white fragility. Cringeworthy but not surprising coming from white men far removed from the realities of Black folx in America

To dismiss the death of #NiaWilson as a random attack, to dismiss how Black women are disproportionately targeted for violence, to dismiss how Black folx fear for their lives in a Nation that does not value their humanity because one "does not see color" is so crass & ignorant
To dismiss the idea that White folx need to check their privilege, their actions in the wake of racism and violence faced by Black folx and all POC/Marginalized communities is why racism persists, why the violence we face persists.
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The media silence around John Lee Cowell’s history is telling. If he’d been a killer of any other race they would have had his mother, father and next neighbors on TV, demanding they disavow him and what he did. #NiaWilson
All they’ve shared so far is generic information about his previous arrests shared with them by police. Whey aren’t TV cameras swarming outside this domestic terrorists house? Why aren’t his known associates being questioned?
Interesting a more right leaning paper in the area is digging into his crimes the most extensively...…
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Current thought about #NiaWilson and #SayHerName: I am tired of regularly experiencing inconsolable grief
Taking my own advice and putting Solange on. I’m weary of the ways of the world.
But like, literally exhausted. Tired. Tired. Tired. Tired.
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Look at this beautiful memorial for #NiaWilson that @aafcollective made. In times of grief, this is what solidarity looks like.
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#NiaWilson’s murder hits me so deeply that I can’t find the words
Something about how tone policing won’t save us from people determined to murder us, our friends, and our families.
Something about how being light skinned or dressed “right” or having a PhD isn’t a guarantee of anything if a white supremacist is a white supremacist and you are not white and Christian presenting
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I've lived in Oakland all my life and white supremacists didn't kill my friends or rob my poor mother at gun point!!! Decades of senseless murder here but liberals never say a word unless the victim dies at hands of a cop or a white Male. Sh*t infuriates me.

RIP #NiaWilson
This was me growing up in Oakland ! Saw my friends get smoked , saw my friends get locked up, saw darkness like you couldn't imagine and no one said a word or made it national news. No one advocated for my city! Yet today people act like they care because it fits a narrative?
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Let's discuss it, again. Racism in the newsroom. Companies can keep acting like it's not a priority to fix and will keep finding themselves right here. This is disgusting @KTVU
Say her name #NiaWilson
Man, where is Dennis Richmond when we need him
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NOW: #JusticeForNia Rally at MacArthur BART #niawilson
h/t @APTPaction @CRCPOCC
“We gotta talk about Black girls, and Black women, and Black babies.” - @CatsCommentary
Cat speaks on violence towards Black girls in #Oakland
“Black women are matriarchs of society. Id we are not taking care of black women, we are not taking caring for society.” - @CatsCommentary #justicefornia
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Last night in Oakland a 25-30 year old heavyset white man targeted and slashed the throats of 2 teenage girls - killing 18 y/o #NiaWilson and critically injuring her sister.

We need to find this man IMMEDIATELY.

Full Story:…

Her name needs to be the #1 trending topic in the country & a national manhunt needs to be underway for her killer. She was a kid.

The 25-30 y/o white man who murdered her & critically injured her sister walked up to them both & began slashing them w/ a knife.
Here is the father of #NiaWilson begging for justice upon learning that she had been targeted then stabbed to death by a random white man on the train.

An unthinkable act of violence.

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