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Ok, America. Your July 4th/Independence Day thing is coming up. Here are a few things that I think you should re-read or read for the first time. I have included audio where possible so you don't have any excuses. 1/
To get your hearts, minds and souls in order, I think you should start with Rev. Dr. William Barber. He is an important figure in my life and has taught me what this work looks like morally and practically. I am thankful to God for him. 2/
"I say to you tonight, there are some issues that are not left versus right, liberal versus conservative, they are right versus wrong. We need to embrace our deepest moral values and push for a revival of the heart of our democracy." Rev. Dr William Barber 3/
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One reason I am hype about #PoorPeoplesCampaign is that they refuse to only rally around one cause. They stand for #BlackLivesMatter, #IdleNoMore, AND #AsylumSeekers. We need movements that seek righteous justice for everything, not just the palatable people.
Even as it is a good thing that today people gathered all over the country: ask yourself why Senators and members of Congress weren’t showing up at Black Lives Matter rallies with the same urgency. Ask yourself if you ever thought to.
If your response is, “Well I’m here now!” then my challenge to you is, “are you ready to fight mass incarceration — which is a major cause of family separations — with the same vigor?”
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1. There are three branches of government. We definitely can retake two of them.
2. Those two can pack the court, @MrProfChanda points out. FDR proposed this. Nine is NOT a fixed number.
3. We are already in conflict, so instead of continuously handwringing about it, let’s win.
She’s talking about the case where NYT and WaPo won the right to publish the Pentagon Papers.
Bush v Gore should have been everyone’s first hint that SCOTUS was not going to protect democracy btw
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"The United States is the only country in the world that has not ratified the Convention on the Rights
of the Child, which protects the economic and social rights of children"
"At the end of the day, however,
particularly in a rich country like the United States, the persistence of extreme poverty is a
political choice made by those in power"

"The cornerstone of American society is democracy, but it is being steadily
undermined, and with it the
"human right to political participation protected in article 25 of
the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The principle of one person, one
vote applies in theory, but is increasingly far from the reality."
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Today was the last Moral Monday of the #PoorPeoplesCampaign. Here in Alabama we marched on the capitol with working people, activists, clergy and @UniteThePoor to elevate the circumstances of the 45 million people living below the poverty line in America. #TheMarchContinues
“Our country, supposedly built on justice for all, was built on slavery and genocide. But the power of the people united is greater than the people in power. And I don’t want to see my grandchildren here in 50 years.” — Tony Algood #PoorPeoplesCampaign #TheMarchContinues
“It ain’t about color, religion, sex — it’s about humanity. The upper class want to see you as a victim. I see you as someone struggling for justice, not for a few but everyone. Everyone needs this work.” — Imam Salbri #PoorPeoplesCampaign #TheMarchContinues
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#SteveBannon has dangerously and erroneously co-opted my father’s name, work and words.

Bannon’s assertion that my father, #MLK, would be proud of Donald Trump wholly ignores Daddy’s commitment to people of all races, nationalities, etc. being treated with dignity and respect.
My father’s concerns were not sectional, but global. He was an activist for the civil rights of Black people in America, but he was also an activist for human rights. #MLK
Further, he would not refer to people as “illegal aliens.” The term is degrading and does not reflect his belief that we are all a part of the human family. #MLK
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The story of America is not a struggle b/w liberal & conservative visions of common life; it’s the story of a plantation economy struggling against everyday people for power & control.
Every successful effort to expand democracy—from abolition to women’s suffrage to labor & civil rights—has been driven by a moral movement among everyday people.
The plantation economy resisted moral movements by investing in #slaveholderreligion. Preachers who defend anti-democratic policies are well-funded by the corporate elites & those who remain quietly apolitical are rewarded.
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The speed and force with which the Trump Administration and Republicans are moving to make the lives of people with low-incomes even harder is both appalling and disorienting. Here is today’s brutal move (thread):…
Yesterday they took away protections for people who are targeted and steered towards predatory loans.…
And threatened to make people who get housing assistance more vulnerable to homelessness.…
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Theologically, there is a difference b/w profanity & cursing. To curse is to pronounce harm. For a President to write off whole countries as "sh!&holes" in the course of advocating policies of discrimination and inequality is cursing.
The President & those who defend him are cursing, not blessing the nation. They curse every time they cover up racism, write tax policy, healthcare policy & voter suppression policies that hurt & discriminate. This is cursing.
Truth be told, sometimes when I see what they are doing, I want to say it’s a d&@n shame. But what I feel & may say is in no way comparative to the cursing they are doing.
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