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My first year of #gradschool, I was overwhelmed by the amount and density of the reading. I spent hours slogging through. I had piles of notes. But I felt lost. So now, in the interest of revealing the #HiddenCurriculum of #highered, I share these tips with students: (thread)
Read as much of each article/book as it takes to identify the:
-research question
-key evidence supporting the argument/answer
-limitations (i.e., what questions it doesn't answer; what perspectives or possibilities it doesn't consider)
Next, figure out how you'd cite each reading in a paper (i.e., some research shows that X; some research uses Y method). Then figure out how each reading relates to other things you've read (agreement/disagreement, adding nuance, etc).

Once you can do that, you've read enough.
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For #highered instructors, getting students to talk can be a real challenge, especially in big classes. So I thought I'd share some ideas for helping students (especially #FirstGen and students of color) feel comfortable sharing in class.
The blog post above has the full run-down, but to briefly summarize:

1) Set the tone early. On the first day, don't just review the syllabus. Start with a mini lesson that gets students thinking and talking and sharing.
2) Start with low stakes. Ask brainstorming questions that produce a list of responses and don't require knowledge of the readings.

3) Give students in-class discussion materials. Blog posts and video clips work great as concrete, culturally-relevant touchstones for discussion.
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As we close in on the start of a new #highered academic year, here’s a short thread on some easy things faculty can do to be good company for #trans students. #academictwitter
1. Don’t call roll. Instead, invite students to share their name. If there are discrepancies between your official roster and what they share, defer to the student without fanfare or hesitation.
2. Demand to teach your course in a building with all gender restrooms. If there aren’t any, ask why, and remind folks in your department you’ll ask the same thing be done next term, which gives them a few months to put pressure on administrators in your college/unit.
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1. I'm creating this thread to discuss how epistemicide is common in critical qual research, and why we must be vigilant of it.
#critqual #educolor #acaemictwitter #phdchat #phdadvice #qualitativeresearch #highered #phd
2. First - what is epistemicide? It is the erasure, dismissal of culturally-situated ways of learning and knowing that would otherwise be critical to creating knowledge (in qualitative research). This occurs to center dominant discourses. #academictwitter #highered #phdadvice
3. At a conference, I met an emerging scholar of color, who is working on race and identity from his sociolcultural position, but he was working with theories that had nothing to do with his work (Read: Dead, white French guys). #AcademicTwitter #phdforum #educolor #highered #phd
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With #ASA18 fast-approaching, I thought I’d share some tips for writing, designing, and presenting an effective conference talk. (thread) #AcademicTwitter
1. Conference talks are typically 10-15 minutes long. I’d suggest breaking that down as follows:
- background/justification (2 min)
- research goals/questions (1 min)
- study design/methods (2 min)
- overview (1 min)
- findings (5-7 min)
- discussion/implications (1-2 min)
2. Keep the focus on your paper. Save the bulk of the time for your study and what you find. People aren’t coming to hear about what’s been done before. They’re coming to hear what’s new.
(Though, if your talk is at 8am, don't take it personally if no one comes at all)
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1/3 Looking for a job or a better job, or more work? Might I suggest dying your hair some OUTRAGEOUS FUCKING COLOR?!
Formal meeting with the Interim Dean at a local university tomorrow.
"Hi. I'm going through a slight midlife crisis right now, but like - it's the English Department and everyone is supposed to be eccentric right? Emily Dickinson is my favorite poet?"

Every. Goddamned. Time.

#AcademicTwitter #englishprofessorpoblems
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1. I was asked for some sources one could follow if one wanted to disrupt dominant methodologies while doing critical social science/educational research. This thread is my response. I hope you'll read & share. #AcademicTwitter #PhD #phdchat
2. First, my conceptualization of critical: anything that interrogates power relations, such as race, class, gender, intersectionality work, culture work, disability work, sexual orientation work, etc. #AcademicTwitter #PhD #phdchat #qualitaitvresearch #quallove
3. It's important to explore/document why you're drawn to this work/topic. Not through sterile academic reasoning but through sensory, embodied, experiences, inner calling. What were your critical milestones that brought you to this work, aspirations, fear, etc. #AcademicTwitter
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Well, since the email went out to my department, I guess it is official.

This was my last semester working in Academia.

It's been a long time coming and the right decision for me and my family.
Next week I'll start a new adventure as a Quantitative Analyst, still here in Buffalo.

I'll miss my students. I'll miss my coworkers. I'll miss the great political science community.
But after a lot (A LOT) of soul-searching, pro-con lists, chats with my friends & family, and questioning whether I was doing the right thing; I'm sure this is the right move for me. #Academia is a fantastic place, but it isn't the place for me, anymore.
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Micro-thread on building community across #AcademicTwitter - fellow scholars often ask me "how do I build a community, how do I get myself noticed, and how do I establish myself online?" One strategy I've used that is pretty robust, in my not-so-humble-opinion is PROMOTING OTHERS
You can take time every day (10-15 minutes) to find blog posts, articles, stuff that others have written that you can then pre-schedule on Buffer or Hootsuite. This way, you're not stuck at the computer all day (see:…)
For me (I've been on Twitter for 11 years) it's a relatively easy process by now. I search for Core Tweeters and Core Bloggers (people whom I know work in certain fields and who produce content on a regular basis) and find stuff that they may have written of broader interest.
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