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📢 NEW LA Times Poll (1/2) 📢

#CA10: @joshua_harder (D) 50% vs. Denham (R) 45%
#CA22: @JanzforCongress (D) 45% vs. Nunes (R) 53%
#CA25: @KatieHill4CA (D) 50% vs. Knight (R) 46%
#CA39: @GilCisnerosCA (D) 49% vs. Kim (R) 48%

cc: @BlueWaveCS🌊
📢 NEW LA Times Poll (2/2) 📢

#CA45 @katieporteroc (D) 52% vs Walters (R) 45%
#CA48 @HarleyRouda (D) 48% vs Rohrabacher (R) 48%
#CA49 @MikeLevinCA (D) 55% vs.Harkey (R) 41%
#CA50 @ACampaNajjar (D) 47% Hunter (R) 49%

cc: @BlueWaveCS🌊
Not really that stoked about these Senate ratings changed by @CookPolitical:

🔥THREE Senate seats shift red:

#MTSen: Lean Dem ->Toss Up
#NESen: Likely Rep ->Solid Rep
#NJSen: Likely Dem ->Lean Dem
#OHSen: Lean Dem ->Likely Dem

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Attention California! Following are your blue candidates for the midterm election and link to reg info. Please check out their campaign pages and donate if able. More importantly volunteer to help get them elected and help to #TakeItBack November 6th!

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First 2 members of Trump Congressional Caucus - Collins and Hunter were inducted and now @potus is rage-tweeting the Attorney General. Some presume he’s setting up the pardons; others presume the GOP in #ca50 want Hunter to win then quit (both presumptions can be true).
Read Trump’s tweet as help to Hunter reinforcing the #ca50 “keep it red” message to voters: IF Hunter has to leave office the GOP gets a do-over. Hunter needs leverage and his seat is what he has to “offer” prosecutors. If he WINS he has a 2 year seat to give up in a plea deal.
Whatever the purpose, a President trying to influence the Attorney General - and the jury pool (!!) - in a series of prosecutions would have Republicans who say they mourn the lost norms of Washington DC screaming from the rooftops ...
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CNN Key Race move 14 seats:

11 to Dems
3 to Rs

Currently 11 seats held/vacated by Rs, CNN rate lean Dem or better, Dem party about halfway to 23 needed to win control of the House

30 districts are Toss-Ups
28 belong to Rs
Hillary won 12 of them in 2016
#CA45 Race moves from Lean Republican to Toss-Up

#CA50 Race moves from Solid Republican to Likely Republican

#IA04 Race moves from Solid Republican to Likely Republican

#KS02 Race moves from Lean Republican to Toss-Up

#KS03 Race moves from Lean Republican to Toss-Up
#KY06 Race moves from Lean Republican to Toss-Up

#NJ03 Race moves from Lean Republican to Toss-Up

#OH01 Race moves from Lean Republican to Toss-Up

#OH12 Race moves from Toss-Up to Lean Republican

#OH14 Race moves from Likely Republican to Lean Republican
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In San Diego there is a left-wing FBI informant named “Martha.”…
How do I know that Martha is an FBI informant?
During the aftermath of the armed insurrection at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge it was revealed in court that the FBI was using paid informants to gather information about the militia men and RWNJs involved. #OregonStandoff
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Wow. Duncan Hunter & his wife are terrible people. The “ickiest” allegations:

“Margaret Hunter allegedly spent $152 on makeup at Nordstrom and told the campaign it was “gift basket items for the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Diego.” #CA50 #capol
“In an attempt to justify spending campaign funds on a family trip to Italy, Hunter asked a naval base there for a tour. When officials said they couldn’t do it then, Hunter said, ‘Tell the Navy to go f--- themselves.’”
The Hunters “allegedly described the payment of their family dental bills as a charitable contribution to ‘Smiles for Life.’”
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Good morning!

Our @BlueWavecs #COTD is @ACampaNajjar in #CA50

#CA50 is a traditionally super red district, but yesterday it was moved from "solid GOP" to "lean GOP" because incumbent GOP @Rep_Hunter was indicted yesterday for being an ass.

Okay, @Rep_Hunter wasn't indicted for being an ass. I just ran out of space. What I meant to say was that @Rep_Hunter, the second guy to endorse Trump, stole $250k in campaign funds to do things like take his family to Italy and fly the family pet to DC.…
Our @BlueWaveCS #COTD @ACampaNajjar is at 12.8k followers.

Think we can get him to 13.1?
FOLLOW: ➡️@ACampaNajjar

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Democratic Candidates for Congress, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Governor & State Reps
& Voter Registration, Absentee Voting, Voter ID, Early Voting, Poll Worker Info
with Links
#California #Midterms2018 #CA48 #CA49 #CA50 #CA51 #CA52 #CA53

District 48

Democratic Candidate #CA48

Harley Rouda

vs Dana Rohrabacher R

Register by October 22
Apply for Absentee Ballot by October 30
Democratic Candidate #CA49

Mike Levin
Darrell Issa (R-retiring)

Register by October 22
Apply for Absentee Ballot by October 30
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The GOP's silence about ripping children from their parents is deafening.

Guess who *is* stating a clear moral position on this...Your 2018 Democratic swing district nominees. I've threaded their positions below. Please RT and follow all. #FlipEverything. Save America's soul.
Katie Porter - #CA45 @katieporteroc
Kathleen Williams - #MTAL @WilliamsForMT
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1. While #California numbers aren’t entirely in, let’s take a dive into Super Tuesday in terms of the strategies we employed at @DemsWork4USA and what the primary results mean for November.
2. We’re extremely proud of the results in #NewMexico and #Iowa where all our endorsed candidates won. We don’t always feature state legislature seats as with IA, but do so when we have strong candidates than will both build the bench and drive momentum at the top of the ticket.
3. In #NewJersey we won all but 1 of our endorsements. We realized that Tanzie Youngblood would not likely take the nomination, but she is well positioned for seeking a state legislative seat in the special election and bringing Jeff Van Drew along to a more progressive appeal.
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It's Super Tuesday, & my cheat sheet has ballooned to include 33 important elections:…

So here's a quick thread highlighting some (lower-profile) races you should absolutely be paying attention to today!
You know the big ones:
—Will Dems be shut-out in any of the 3 crowded Orange Co districts (#CA39, #CA48, #CA49)?
—Will the GOP be shut out in one/both of California's Senate & Gov race?
What else?
In New Mexico, state Rep. Debbie Rodella is facing a primary challenger in the Democratic primary (Susan Herrera). Rodella has killed progressive legislation, such as automatic voting registration. See:…
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