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The #Calexit crew is tweeting that the "California Embassy" in Moscow, closed last year, is open again.
Honestly this shirt is the best part of this whole dumb #Calexit-returns-to-Russia thing.
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💥💥💥Thread: the connections between the author/sponsor of a proposal to divide #California and the #Russian government and oligarchs. #TimDraper #cal3 #November2018 @WendySiegelman @dcpoll @grantstern @peterjukes @brexit_sham @ushadrons @FavThngs @patrickLSimpson
1. A proposal to divide California into three separate states will appear on the November 2018 ballot. The “Cal 3” campaign got enough signatures for a statewide referendum.…
2. The author and sponsor of this proposal is a billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper. He first came up with the idea in 2013. His first attempt to divide California into six smaller states in 2014 cost him $5.2m...
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Meet @Garexit, the official Twitter account of the Gary, Indiana secession campaign. If you live in Gary (or anywhere else) and have never heard of this movement, that's not surprising, as we made it up in early April.
We decided to use @Garexit to test a couple of the social media automation services we've seen used by other bots, and simultaneously gauge the online activity around various secession movements.
We started with This service is a search-based news aggregator. We configured it to gather articles based on the search terms "Indiana secession movements" and "Texas secession", and to link the articles on Twitter.
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Everything is Bottier in Texas
We've looked into social media activity related to secession movements before, primarily #Calexit (btw, #CalexitIsStillAKremlinConJob). Let's divert our attention to the Lone Star state and check out automated Twitter traffic around #Texit for a change of pace.
Repeated tweets are one distinct sign of automation, and a Twitter search for #Texit doesn't disappoint. Refining the search to "Good morning GregAbbott_TX. We're ready for a vote on #Texit." reveals a pair of accounts (@JohnDuBose6 and @RCC_JDGIV) that tweet this text every day.
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Flights to Russia and embassies in Moscow. Petition drives and fake social media accounts galore.

My dive into three years of support out of Russia for American separatists - and the blowback that came with:…
As a quick run-through: U.S. secessionists' ties in Russia date to at least early 2015, when @texasnatmov sent one of its officers to St. Petersburg to hang with the far-right Rodina crowd, and to stump for Texas secession.…
(A bot network immediately picked up on @texasnatmov's visit to Russia, and pushed out "Free Texas!" messages by the dozen. Even Pravda got in on the game.)
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For Putin & Trump, derailing Obama’s hard-won gains between US & Havana might constitute a ‘geopolitical masterstroke’ ☄️💀☄️ Infrasonic weapons, along w methods of hybrid warfare have been RU’s go -to protocol in a war we can’t admit we’re in…
🤔Immediately after Trump wins election Putin moved to strengthen relationship w Cuba. Russia sent 1.9 M barrels of oil, and other exports to Cuba DOUBLED last year‼️ RU & Cuba also signed a defense and security agreement 👇🎩 tip @RestingMyWings
🔥There is another interesting benefit to Russia👇 Remember in Steele Dossier Igor Sechin talked w Carter Page about ROSNEFT 19% deal w Trump in exchange for lifting of sanctions⁉️ Sechin also has a deal working w Cuba for ROSNEFT💥…
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(7/21/16) Giuliani flew to RNC w/Great America PAC's Higbie; Great America PAC under investigation for foreign $$$…
(7/25/16) Rudy Giuliani ad for Great America PAC: . Great America PAC under FEC investigation for foreign $$$
Sheriff David Clarke spot for Great America PAC, for Greg Gianforte: ; Great America PAC under investigation.
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Who RT's like this? C'mon!
The hashtag #ClintonRussiaCollusion has been making the rounds recently. A brief look at its spread. . .
Network diagram of accounts tweeting the hashtag. Lines indicate reply/RT relationships, more RTs/replies = bigger bubble.
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#Calexit Schmexit - the ongoing stench of a Putin pants load. #CalexitIsAKremlinOperation
There was a recent spike in the volume of tweets containing #Calexit. The hashtags #CalConCon and #YesCalifornia are also prominent.
Activity is largely driven by two "official" #Calexit accounts - LouisJMarinelli and YesCalifornia. Let's look at the users amplifying them.
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Is the % of journalism comprised of journalists writing about journalism &/or about other journalists steadily increasing?
Contemporaneous w/ the rise of "selfies" maybe journalists writing about other journalists is its equivalent-selfie journalism-"sournalism"!
Peak sournalism: when journalists go beyond writing about journalists & journalism-& become the story itsrohZSZBJ
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New data suggest GOP 2016 nominee will need to win nearly half of Latino vote #lol…
Given voter demographics, campaign coverage feels like a fraud perpetuated by a media, flush with CitizensUnited $ & drunk on T-rump clicks
No matter who wins this election (or even if it never fucking ends), the media is lost.
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