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has anyone considered how many facts are not being reported because American newsrooms have failed to reflect American demographics for nearly 50 years
what many people define as "objectivity" is really just "perspective of a college-educated centrist straight white male" and this is still the ideal candidate for many newsrooms despite many diversity efforts
we know from studies about the makeup of newsrooms staffs "college-educated centrist straight white male" make up the majority of management, investigative teams, sports desks, politics desks, and opinion pages. they also get paid and retained the most.
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I saw #CrazyRichAsians today and it was really good. But since there are some VERY VERY specific white people complaining about why black and Asian Americans are making a big deal out of this movie. I'll break it down for you.(A thread)
The last Hollywood film with a predominantly Asian cast was the "#JoyLuckClub" which was released 25 years ago. From the Motion picture association of America, on average 600 films made in America, are released every year. So about over 15,000 films have been made since 1993.
People like to point out since America is predominately white, they have more white cast movies. Asians are minorities in America (they make up about 5.6%). So by fair logic 5.6% of 15,000 movies (IN AMERICA) is about 840.
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I think I realized why I (and possibly others) am anxious about #CrazyRichAsians box office take. It's because, as an Asian American, I don't think the rest of America will sit up and notice unless the results are beyond phenomenal.
Many people have made comparisons to Black Panther, which definitely made Hollywood sit up. Marvel, at least, changed its marketing materials to heavily feature Black Panther.

CRA is doing "well for its category of movie," but it feels like it's not going to be enough.
It's the same problem Asians and POC face in the workplace - you have to be amazing to be seen at all.
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With #CrazyRichAsians opening this wknd, there’s been lots of conversations about #representation BUT it’s can’t just be about the big screen. It starts in our clsrms & the stories we share w/our Ss.

So fellow Ts, esp. MS/HS, a thread of titles to get in your clsrms yesterday.
These are in no particular order, except maybe as I am remembering when I first encountered them. And here was the first book that I felt any sense of a mirror in my reading...
2/ Maxine Hong Kingston’s ‘The Womman Warrior.’…
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More #BeyondLiteraryAnalysis #mentortexts for #CrazyRichAsians! Not one but two breakdowns of pivotal scenes from the film. Love using mentor texts like this to show Ss the intentional choices that creatives make in their craft. #DisruptTexts
And in case you missed it, don’t forget about this excellent analysis of a scene from #BlackPanther #DisruptTexts
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Great #mentortext using soundtrack from #CrazyRichAsians! Have Ss write an analysis of how a song works in a particular scene in film! #DisruptTexts #BeyondLiteraryAnalysis #MovingWriters…
BTW, not only am I thoroughly appreciating this film on a personal level, I am out of this world happy reading all the think pieces and analyses of it—and there’s so much to unpack! The clothing, set design, language choices, everything. #CrazyRichAsians
I mean. This mahjong scene. This choices here in what to explain, what doesn’t need to be explained. #DisruptTexts #mentortext #BeyondLiteraryAnalysis…
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#CrazyRichAsians is headed for a monster opening, and it’s essential to look at why. A full 38% of viewers so far have been Asian—we’re COMING OUT for this film as we never have in cinematic history.

But another 24% of viewers are black or Hispanic: *viewers are 62% nonwhite*.
The book #CrazyRichAsians was based on was a NYT bestseller. When the target for the book is described by folks in publishing, they say “white female, summer read, book club, 35-54.” That audience isn’t who’s filling theaters—yet.

They’re the ones who might take this to $100M.
If you haven’t seen it yet, a small spoiler. After the first 15 minutes of #CrazyRichAsians, you will not see another nonwhite person on screen. Not even in background shots. And the only white people with speaking roles get played like dominoes. In the first five minutes.
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You’re 8 years old.
Your 3rd grade class orders chinese food & your father delivers it. You are so excited to see your pops in school. He’s your hero. But apparently other kids don’t think he’s so cool. They laugh at him and mimic his accent. You don’t want to be Chinese anymore.
You’re 9 years old.
You attend ballet camp. Someone tells you that another girl *hates* you. She thinks your eyes are an “ugly shape.” You don’t have the vocabulary to describe why that’s hurtful. But now, you hate your distinctly Asian face. You don’t want to be Chinese anymore.
You’re 16 years old.
It’s Halloween & 2 students come to class dressed as “Asian tourists.” They’ve taped their eyes back, strapped cameras around their necks and chucked up peace signs. You feel uncomfortable. When a teacher asks if you find the costumes offensive, you say no.
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Warner Bros. says #CrazyRichAsians grossed $5M on its opening day.…
Update: #CrazyRichAsians won the Thursday box-office race with $3.8M for a two-day total of $8.8M, and is expected to post a five-day debut of $26M or more.…
NEW: #CrazyRichAsians pulled in $7M on Friday and looks to take the top spot at the weekend box office. The film is expected to easily outstrip the entire domestic box office run of 1993’s The Joy Luck Club by the end of Monday.…
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Happy #CrazyRichAsians opening day! To celebrate this historic occasion, I want to uplift some of the brilliant pieces written by Asian American journalists about this gorgeous and important film.
PROLOGUE: @adatseng writing for the @washingtonpost about the history of Asian American cinema leading up to #CrazyRichAsians…
.@shirklesxp was the first one to give the world a glimpse of the movie we would all come to know and love…
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#CrazyRichAsians opens today! No, it doesn’t represent all Asians or Asian Americans. But I saw it last week & despite being neither East Asia or crazy rich, I was emotional watching it. It’s one thing to read the books but quite another to see the story on the big screen.
It’s just one story, and one very small story in the wide range of what it means to be a person of Asian descent in the world.

But when there are so few “mirrors” and “windows” (Bishop), I’ll take ALL the stories—and demand more. #CrazyRichAsians #DisruptTexts
So today I’m going to #DisruptTexts on my timeline with Tweets about amplifying #CrazyRichAsians and the myriad artistic accomplishments of all people of Asian descent.

And congrats to @jonmchu & the entire cast! I’ve been a fan since a Ss rec’d the book & haven’t looked back.
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Hello friends. I spoke with #CrazyRichAsians' director @jonmchu , who opened up about his struggle with his Asian-American identity -- something so many of us AAPI's go through. Some highlights:…
On why #CrazyRichAsians is his first dive into any Asian/Asian-American material:
“The reason I did this movie and the reason why it took so long for me to explore this as an artist, explore my cultural identity, was because it was such a sensitive part of my heart and my soul.”
On why he ultimately reclaimed his heritage and took on @CrazyRichMovie :
“I am a complete, residual effect of people speaking out. I was someone who wasn’t awake to those things only because I had my head down to the ground.”
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I'm really concerned that Ant Man & The Wasp failed to capture the diversity of the White experience.
To be clear: Hollywood needs to have more stories to reflect our diverse experiences. #CrazyRichAsians stays ON THEME. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I personally have not and will NEVER say #CrazyRichAsians is "progressive." That's why when folks were saying it was "our Black Panther" I got fired up.
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When @CrazyRichMovie opens Wednesday, it'll mark the 1st studio film in 25 years to tell a contemporary story centered on an all-Asian cast.

Here, the cast & creators discuss their own crazy, diverse journeys to Hollywood & the significance of this moment
Actors @KenJeong, @ConstanceWu, @Gemma_Chan & more on their roads to the big screen: "My dad said to me, it doesn't matter how good you are or how talented you are — how many faces do you see on the screen that look like ours?"

Watch more here:
Only 4.8% of the top 100 films of 2017 featured a character of Asian descent with a speaking role, according to an Annenberg study. @CrazyRichMovie hopes to change that
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Thread about Queen Michelle Yeoh #CrazyRichAsians #CrazyRichAsian #CrazyRichAsiansMovie
been a fan of Michelle Yeoh since I was 8. When I saw "Yes Madam" with her and Cynthia Rothrock, it's a girl power explosion. I was hooked on martial arts films with subtitles. Look at this fight scene. Pure gold
Yeoh is one of the reigning queens of action cinema. She has been denied the crown for too long. As 1 of the only female stars whom Jackie Chan lets do her own stunts, the two met on set of a commercial and the rest is history.
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Asian-Americans and Asians based in Asia are going to see #crazyrichasians differently. Some AA are happy to see representation in Hollywood; others, more versed in social justice see colonialism of East Asians in East Asia.

Asians (in SEAsia think: I don't recognize myself).
As someone who straddles all of these words (being Asian when sometimes in America, interested in social justice, but also fundamentally Asian based in Asia, in country where my ethnic group is dominant). Who grew up among real #CrazyRichAsians in Singapore, my take:
The world that #CrazyRichAsians portrays is real in Singapore. @kevinkwanbooks & myself probably ran in similar circles.

My friends at school ate $30 lunches daily at nice restaurants, age 13; vacationed in private islands with royalty, age 15. I was an outsider in this world.
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