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#CrazyRichAsians is headed for a monster opening, and it’s essential to look at why. A full 38% of viewers so far have been Asian—we’re COMING OUT for this film as we never have in cinematic history.

But another 24% of viewers are black or Hispanic: *viewers are 62% nonwhite*.
The book #CrazyRichAsians was based on was a NYT bestseller. When the target for the book is described by folks in publishing, they say “white female, summer read, book club, 35-54.” That audience isn’t who’s filling theaters—yet.

They’re the ones who might take this to $100M.
If you haven’t seen it yet, a small spoiler. After the first 15 minutes of #CrazyRichAsians, you will not see another nonwhite person on screen. Not even in background shots. And the only white people with speaking roles get played like dominoes. In the first five minutes.
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As it's #NationalPlayDay I thought I'd count down my Top 10 amazing toys from yesteryear. Batteries not included...
Top pulp toy #10: The "Illya K Special" secret lighter cap gun from Ideal (1965). This needs a health warning...
Top pulp toy #9: the Meccano Eagle Transporter (1978). Riveting stuff!
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Posso te contar que as #galáxias nascem, evoluem e morrem, como nós?
E se, além disso, eu te contar que esse é meu estudo com @thiagosgbr, no @ValongoUFRJ?
Se prepara porque lá vem thread sobre "o que acontece na vida das galáxias"
"Camila, você disse que as galáxias morrem?"
Antes de mais nada, não fique triste, as #galáxias não morrem exatamente "assim como nós". O que realmente acontece é que as galáxias deixam de formar estrelas. Digamos que elas se aposentam.
Ok, agora que você tá mais tranquilo, vamos começar.
Quando as galáxias estão formando estrelas, elas são azuis. Em contrapartida, quando elas se aposentam, elas se tornam vermelhas. O porquê das cores vai ter que ficar pra outro dia ok? O que eu estudo está entre os dois!
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My love for #StarWars began at a very young age before I was even able to really comprehend just how vast and complex the Star Wars Universe really was.

I can't tell you the # of lightsaber battles that my brothers and I had using sticks or whatever else we could find.
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THREAD: @RobertIger & @Disney should concerned w/their investment in @Lucasfilm & how it may hurt their business going forward. It's hard to categorize the level of failure @rianjohnson achieved w/The Last Jedi. In his defense tho, @Disney & @Lucasfilm allowed him
to do this by making the unconscionable decision to make a trilogy w/o a treatment set in stone. Sure the story can organically change as you progress, much like a TV series, you add or remove elements but you fit them into the overall story & it only stays if it helps THE story.
If you look at TLJ & TFA side by side it’s hard to imagine that they fit in the same universe, let alone the same storyline. While TFA wasn’t perfect, it gave TLJ open plot lines that fans were eager to follow. Instead,
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Gotta get something off my chest: In the first #StarWars film, Obi-Wan Kenobi dressed to blend in on Tatooine so that nobody would suspect he was a Jedi. 1/
Basing all Jedi fashion on that one everyday-Tatooine costume is absolutely fucking ridiculous.
On top of just being pointless, it means that Obi-Wan spent his 20 years hiding out on Tatooine dressed like a fucking Jedi.
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Gillar ni den här tweeten, så får ni en tweet om hur det är att vara #blind i #Sverige. Upp till 150 st eller 2 dygn, vilket som kommer först.

Det är naturligtvis enbart baserat på mina egna erfarenheter.
1) I Sverige finns inga lagat som reglerar blinda personers tillgång till utbildning i Punktskrift. Många blinda personer är därför också analfabeter, kan inte rösta, får ingen samhällsinformation, etc.
2) För er nördar - punktskrift är en slags 6-bits binär kod.
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I have FINALLY ranked all of #StarWars based on screen time for women. This is now canon. Don't @ me.

43% Last Jedi
37% Force Awakens
35% Rogue One
23% Return of the Jedi
22% Empire Strikes Back
20% Phantom Menace
18% Attack of the Clones
17% Revenge of the Sith
15% A New Hope
Obviously the list won't include #SoloAStarWarsStory until it's available to buy. I actually think it might score reasonably well, although it doesn't pass the Bechdel test (the other Disney films do BUT BARELY)
And OF COURSE I'm really sorry to score your fav A New Hope last, I really am, and I thought the prequels were awful too BUT @rianjohnson wins here for giving women almost equal screen time and TLJ passing the Bechdel test more than once. Them's the rules so...
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Boba Fett has always been one of my favorite #StarWars characters, so I put together a thread on the character's genesis and why fans have gravitated to him over the years.
The 1979 Kenner #BobaFett action figure, more than any film appearance, is responsible for the bounty hunter's popularity; American media scholar Henry Jenkins suggests children's play helped the character "take on a life of its own."
The character's origins begin in March 1978, when Joe Johnston designs a SuperTrooper / SuperCommando in white armor that would become the iconic bounty hunter.
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#38 #TheFloridaProject 3,5/5 30 menit berlalu gue hanya melihat penggambaran kenakalan anak-anak, namun kebelakang makin intens menyentuh sisi lain kehidupan single parent, Ekonomi dan krama keluarga Amerika. Tapi best supporting role untuk Willem Dafoe kok agak berlebihan yah?
#39 #JusticeLeague 3/5 jadi ini cuman buat ngelawan Steppenwolf, Batman dkk bakar dupa dan melakukan ritual klenik untuk membangkitkan Superman dari kuburan? ..... hhhmmmm. Beklah.
#40 #TheSquare 3/5 Perwakilan Swedia untuk Oscar 2018 ini agak membosankan, 2 masalah utama disajikan, pekerjaan di museum seni dan hp yang hilang berbuntut masalah panjang, yg menarik tampilan Terry Notary sbg Apes di gala dinner dan anak kecil yg dituduh mencuri hp. Sisanya meh
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Time, at last, for Tweetnotes on Star Wars: #TheLastJedi. SPOILERS

In short: Wonderful, deliberate storytelling done with careful measures of drama, thrills and wit. So why all the fuss?

SW-TLJ: Oh boy is it exciting watching Johnson unpick the things that happen just cos genre expects it.
SW-TLJ: Rey is living through your expectations. Haunted by them. She’s struck the same way by the reveal.

Rey was always the girl who had seen Star Wars as kid. Pilot dolls and heroic myths. Of course she thought she was a secret Skywalker. Didn’t we all?
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Finally got around to watching #StarWars #TheLastJedi

Wow, is it horrifically bad. Like Caddyshack 2 bad. It's exactly what I was worried about when #SJW Emo #Millennial #Soyboy got hold of it.
The simply wrecked and ruined the character of #LukeSkywalker. I mean it simply makes no damn sense. Any of it.

He wants to be left for he leaves a #DanBrown map to find him?!? Pathetic.
And NONE of the actions of the characters makes ANY sense in #TheLastJedi!!

1. If the pink haired harpy was planning on being a sacrificial decoy, why not do the hyperdrive attack RIGHT AWAY?!?!!

2. Why don't ANY of the other smaller ships do this MUCH earlier?!?
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Пересмотрел Звездные Войны II: #АтакаКлонов и готов.
Один лайк - один факт, где и почему Лукас плохо снял второй эпизод. Постараюсь разобрать на все 280 символов каждый факт.

#StarWars #ЗвездныеВойны
1. В большинсте случаев во время диалогов персонажи просто стоят или медленно идут. Связано это, скорее всего с тем, что актеры играли на "зеленке", и сами не знали, что им делать. А Лукас, видимо, забил хер. Вспомните 4-й эпизод, где даже в пещере Оби Люк что-то смотрел, крутил
1.5 ну и еще забавная вещь: в большинстве случаев персонажи в диалогах (или молча) стоят у окна. Видимо это единтвенное, чем мог заполнить пространство Лукас.
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Before I shut down for the holidays, a few thoughts on #StarWars #TheLastJedi.. Where to begin? Well, to start, it’s the first blockbuster I can remember that demands you scan all edges of the frame. A wide screen has rarely been used this dynamically.
Not to get all David Bordwell on you guys but most blockbusters still do center their action in the middle of the frame regardless of the widescreen format, so what Rian Johnson does is incredible - worthy of Kurosawa, Tati, Preminger, film's masters of widescreen aesthetics.
Then you have the story, a brilliant deconstruction of mythic tropes many #StarWars fans have taken for granted. Johnson’s film says, quite explicitly, that maybe the Jedi weren’t that great, that we can build people and groups up into legends - and maybe legends are overrated.
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Petit thread improvisé sur ce costume culte mais controversé (à tort selon moi).
#StarWars #LeiasBikini
Certes il y a cette manière de voir les choses : "on réduit une princesse valeureuse en esclavage et hop on la met dans un costume sexy pour appâter le spectateur mâle". Je pense que c'est une vision biaisée et qui loupe l'essentiel.
Ce costume est imposé de force par un tortionnaire (Jabba). Plus tard, Leia se saisira des chaines de son collier pour étrangler ce dernier. Elle se sauve toute seule, comme la vraie guerrière qu'elle est et se débarrassera bien vite de cette tenue.
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Ладно, давайте так: 1 лайк = факт о #StarWars. Телефон отремонтирую и покатим.
1. Я в дороге, поэтому вот вам предполагаемый вид "Тысячелетнего Сокола" в сольнике Хэна. Он его убил, Лэндо был прав.
2. По оригинальным сценариям Лукаса выпускали комиксы. Р2Д2 там говорит, а Старкиллер не база и не ученик Вейдера.
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