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I have barely slept.I have been unable to stop thinking about #JamalKhashoggi. I knew him from when we both were columnists for #Saudi-owned Asharq al-Awsat b4 I was banned.We met just once, I think. But reports yest of his killing came same day as #Kavanaugh & my worlds collided
Trump has emboldened so many dictators,esp Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman.With so much attention been sucked up by US,the killing of Jamal,who wasn’t an esp outspoken critic,is sure to embolden regimes further & signal to dissidents & opponents that their harm will go unnoticed
To think that you could go to your country’s consulate to get paperwork for an upcoming wedding and be killed and dismembered because of your writing is horrific. It’s evil. And to know that the regime responsible for that has a best friend in the most powerful country in earth!
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Look what Trump does to a female reporter part one
Look what Trump does to a female reporter part two
That female reporter who jumped in willingly to ask a “question on trade” after Trump shut down the female reprter asking a question about Kavanaugh: shame on you! When you see a fellow reporter demeaned & shut down like that, ask the Q Trump refuses to answer until he answers!
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Court in #Egypt sentence women rights advocate #AmalFathy for 2.5 years for 'Fake News' after sharing sexual harassment experience via Facebook post. #FreeAmalFathy #FreeAmalFathy…
The conviction of Amal Fathy comes after Egypt clamped down on women who complain of sexual assault. Simply reporting rape or assault can land women in prison and labeled as terrorists. #FreeAmalFathy
“In a UN survey in 2013, 99% of Egyptian women reported that they had experienced some form of sexual harassment. Cairo was described as the “most dangerous megacity in the world for women” in a 2017 Thomson Reuters Foundation poll.” . #FreeAmalFathy
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I lived in #Egypt when Anita Hill testified in 1991. Being in the US as Christine Blasey Ford is testifying is making obvious what I’ve been thinking since we first heard from CBF. And this is going to be another of my threads about white American women.
I have to wonder # how many white American women in 1991 were able to distance themselves from Anita Hill because she is Black? Because now the woman testifying is white and blonde. And that is an essential Q to my threads: where have white women been all this time?
Because if you are just now horrified at the way patriarchy enables and protects sexual predators, what America have you been living in? Because white, rich patriarchy has enabled and protected sexual violence against Black women for centuries.
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The amount of crap and baseless claims that #AssociatedPress #AP is filling in into the mainstream media is unbelievable, especially regarding #Yemen !
#UAE’s heroic #counterterrorism operations in #Yemen against #AlQaeda are well spoken and praised by the #US Forces; but our friends at #AP are so happy to debunk those live operations and efforts easily !
US Forces and defense sec. didn’t call us the #LittleSparta for no reason; we fought like warriors in the face of #Iran’s terror, presented sacrifices of our men, saved poor #Yemeni children, and rebuilt the south of #Yemen !
#AP needs to learn ...
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Thread: #Egypt in #WWI (2)
Socio-economic situation

مصر في الحرب العالمية الاولي (٢)
الوضع الاقتصادي و الاجتماعي
اغلب المعلومات مقتبسة من كتاب د.لطيفة محمد سالم استاذ التاريخ.

-صورة ملونة لعمال صينيين في احد المعسكرات البريطانية بمصر عام ١٩١٧.
في تلك الحقبة تعددت القوي الاجتماعية علي ارض مصر و كثرت الجنسيات الاجنبية بشكل استثنائي فهناك اليونانيون و الايطاليون و الفرنسيون و الالمان و بالطبع الانجليز.

استحوذت البريطانيون علي اهم المناصب في الحكومة المصرية انذاك.
ففي البيان المقدم من عدة وزارات في الحكومة المصرية للجنة ملنر بعد ثورة ١٩١٩ تبين ان نسبة استحواذ المصريين علي المناصب المهمة لا يتعدي ال٢٥٪.

ففي وزارات المالية و المعارف و الاشغال و الزراعة و المواصلات مثلا كان نصيب المصريين من الوظائف الكبيرة ٣١ مقابل ١٦٨ يتقلدها بريطانيون.
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Interesting to see how @AJEnglish’s lollipop 🍭 boy @mehdirhasan is now pushing for a #MuslimBrotherhood & #CAIR’s hero @AbdulElSayed to get elected for #Michigan Gov. !!
#CAIR is a #MuslimBrotherhood affliated #terrorist organization which is designated by the #UAE back in 2014 !
(See thread)
Uff uff uffff ... the lollipop boy @mehdirhasan of @AJEnglish got angry ! 😆🍭
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#Christians and #Muslims in #Jerusalem describe life under Israeli occupation
Mar 3, 2018
The Church of the Holy Sepulchre closed its doors in protest of #Israel's new tax laws, learn from Christians in the Old City of Jerusalem the realities of living in a Jewish state. #BDS
2012 - #Israel's Persecution of #Christians in the #HolyLand. - CBS News
#Palestine is documented in this very special 60 Minutes episode.
WATCH how Israel's Ambassador #MichaelOren is confronted by Bob Simon, why he tried interfere to stop this episode
#Jerusalem: Jewish settler hate crime in #Israel increasingly targets #Christians
May 27, 2014
The Old City is divided into four quarters: Muslim, Christian, Armenian Orthodox and Jewish. It's believed here #Jesus was #crucified,
#BoycottIsrael #BDS #Palestine
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From the beginning, Zionists advocated a "Jewish State" not just in #Palestine, but also in #Jordan, southern #Lebanon, and the #GolanHeights as well.
As it will be proved from the quotes below:
#ICC4Israel #EthnicCleaning #Occupation #BDS #Gaza…👈
#Palestinians are not indigenous to #Palestine👈This propaganda has no other purpose than 2 further dehumanize Palestinians & justify #Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing & murder
In #BenGurion own words👇😡you'll see how that outrageous claim is far removed from historical reality
“We must expel the Arabs and take their places…”~#DavidBenGurion
Born in 1886 as David Green (Gruen) in Plonsk, #Poland. He is considered one of the three founding figures of Zionism beside #ChaimWeizmann & #Herzl.
#ICC4Israel #BDS #Palestine #Gaza…👈
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#IDF officer moderately wounded after #Palestinians threw a grenade towards troops near in northern #GazaStrip during violent riots. IDF troops responded by firing towards Palestinians who threw the grenade. Local media say 15yr old Othman Rami Halas was killed by IDF fire
Unconfirmed reports of #Israel(i) airstrikes near al-Bureij refugee camp in the central #GazaStrip
#BREAKING: Incoming rocket sirens activated in southern #Israel communities surrounding the #GazaStrip
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#DW #TimSabastien:'The fact is there was no intensive fire by #Hamas gunmen was there? And we know that bc by the evening your Army spokesman #JonathanConricus said"our troops have not taken any sustained direct fire"
So why are u misrepresenting your situation?'#GazaMassacre🇵🇸
#DW #TimSebastien: "Isn't it strange that #Hamas who you said declared its intentions to break through the border to kill #Israel-is & to destroy your country, it offered no sustained direct fire to secure those aims?"
#MichaelOren:"And your point?"
#GazaMassacre #ICC4Israel #BDS
#DW #TimSebastien:Your military spokesperson said several,that's not dozens?
#Oren:Last time there were 12 different protest points
DW:Again you're very diff. from your spokesperson?
Oren:Let's leave that aside
DW:I'm not leaving aside facts, do I leave aside facts?
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This January 31, 2011 @WSJ interview with #Assad didn't age well. He said the regional upheaval would bypass #Syria because unlike #Egypt it wasn't supported by the US and it had its own reform process. Whoops.…
He followed this up by blaming Mubarak's fall in #Egypt on its commitment to peace with #Israel - because that was what he believed Egyptians were protesting. Therefore, as the Syrian media argued, Syria's membership in the Resistance Axis would ensure Assad's rule.
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This thread is dedicated to the Fallen Hero, Khaled El Maghraby, may he RIP who was martyred on 7/7/2017 in the famous terrorist attack in #Sinai #Egypt called AlBarth detachment incident. It's a translation of a thread by @Zala6Egy & @Tahoun71 helped me with the military terms/1
Khaled El Maghraby, nicknamed "Tank" or "Dababa" in Arabic was a member of the 83rd battalion responsible for securing & support of posts & in particular 103rd Battalion. The 103rd battalion was responsible for securing the AlBarth troop gathering detachment./2
Khaled or Tank/ Dababa was on leave & was notified that he will be moved to Alexandria to serve there. He went back to his battalion to say goodbye to his friends & collect his belongings in #Sinai before the move to Alexandria.
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3-Recall how after 09/11, democracy promotion became an instrument for combatting terrorism. G.W Bush : "It is the policy of the US to seek & support growth of democratic movements & institutions in every nation & culture, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world"
4-State Dept under Condozeezza Rice embarked on Democracy Promotion initiative that kept asking for more congressional funding of activists throughout the region. Even allies like #Egypt were included. Anti-Govt Activists in both #Egypt & #Syria were funded by the State Dept
5-Mubarak became aware of such activities w start of the uprising. He was livid when he found out of the US funding & called the Obama WH to furiously complain. The new Admin was largely unaware of the 5-6 year old State Dept initiative & funding (story from a private source)
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THREAD: George Nader, the Lebanese-American who arranged the #Seychelles meeting, has been granted IMMUNITY by Mueller in exchange for his cooperation w/Mueller‼️

Buh-bye, Erik Prince & the rest of Team🇷🇺Treason‼️😎 1/

Nader ARRANGED the #Seychelles meeting *in advance* btwn Erik Prince & #Russian🇷🇺oligarch Kirill Dmitriev to arrange the secret backchannel btwn Trump & Putin.🤨

Nader also ATTENDED.🤗

So much for Prince’s “chance meeting in the bar” LIE‼️🙄 2/

Nader worked for worked for *more than a year* to turn Elliott BROIDY (a top #RNC & Trump fundraiser) into “an instrument of influence” on TRUMP for the rulers of Saudi Arabia & the UAE‼️ 3/

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The Mideast is doomed. #Egypt alone needs to create 700,000 jobs EVERY SINGLE YEAR to absorb the new job seekers out its 98 million population. A third of this population already live below the poverty line (482 Egyptian Pound a month, which is less than $ 1 a day) ===>
2-The seeds of the #Viciouscircle that the Mideast region finds itself in today were planted at least 5 decades ago. Excessive public spending without matching revenues were the catalyst to a faulty & dangerous incentive system that helped to balloon populations beyond control
3-A governance system that was ostensibly put in place to help the poor ended up being a built-in factory for poverty generation. Excessive subsidies helped misallocate resources & mask the true cost of living for households. Correlation between family size and income was lost
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1/ Manu (The progenitor of Humankind)
All different races of Mankind are derived from Manu and Shradha. The current Manu is Vaivasvata Manu.
2/ The word Manu literary means man but it is a title given to the progenitor of mankind. According to Hindu Puranas there are many kalpas (One day of Lord Brahma the creator) and each Kalpa has 14 manvantara and each manvatara has one manu. So basically each Kalpa has 14 Manus.
3/ The current manu of the present manvantara is Shraddhadeva or Vaivasvata Manu of this current Kalpa. He is the son of Vivasvat (Probably Surya) and is therefore also known as Manu-vaivasvata.
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#Egypt #WeNeedtoTalk about more than 7,400 civilians tried In Military Courts since Oct.2014 when Sisi expanded military court jurisdiction
Defendants sentenced after mass trials that violate fundamental due process rights, courts relied on confessions extracted under torture
These military trials have swept up at least 86 children, as well as students, professors, and activists, ...
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.@SamanthaJPower But when we urged you @USUN to speak out ahead of @UN_HRC electing #Russia #Saudi #Venezuela #China #Cuba, you never did.
2013: We urged you to oppose UN electing China, Cuba, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Jordan, Vietnam. You never did.…
2014: When Mugabe was elected to @UNECOSOC—oversees human rights bodies—we urged you to speak out. You never did.…
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