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This is about 10 minutes away. I’ll be watching, and may tweet a few random bits and pieces. #MyHealthRecord
I can hardly wait. #MyHealthRecord
The problem with watching on Parlview is that it’s a few minutes behind real time, because of the cleverness. The direct stream at… is less bad, but doesn’t have the cleverness. #MyHealthRecord
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My MP @RowanRamseyMP has a "#MyHealthRecord" given the all clear article in the local paper & now I have to respond /1
And my first response is yes, older white men on six figures with fab pension plans certainly don't have privacy as their #1 priority... but that feels a bit snarky... /2
And then I think about how incredibly vulnerable some people in my area are. And how incredibly nosey and gossipy people in my area are. /3
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Thread: There's no such thing as an "Opt out" from #MyHealthRecord
Chat with a disgruntled Sydney Health District Manager.
After "opting out", I asked #MyHealthRecords to confirm that no record would be created in the future without my consent. For instance, if I visited a new medical clinic participating in MHR (with the blanket opt in policy).
.@MyHealthRec refused to rule this out.
#MyHealthRecord refused to give any assurances of a permanent "opt out" during this phone call or in writing. Therefore I suspected that another record could be created, despite my "opt out".
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@EFF @munin This is relevant to the current #MyHealthRecord debate. Accountability has to be built-in AND enforced. You cannot rely on people to do right, you have to verify to ensure trust and reliability. #auspol
@EFF @munin This kind of ‘failure’ is a designed-in feature. We’ve known about this kind of ‘flaw’ for decades. This is what happens when privacy and security are not taken seriously. #auspol #MyHealthRecord
@EFF @munin Convenience leads quickly to complacency. Complacency subverts systems accountability, transparency, and other mechanisms intended to protect the system and the people in and around it. #auspol #MyHealthRecord
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Hey @billshortenmp @tanya_plibersek @TurnbullMalcolm to capitalise on heightened privacy concerns in the electorate, here are 9 election promises to make, to show you take privacy seriously:

1. Revert #MyHealthRecord to opt-in, and fix too-easy access controls
2. Tighten Privacy Act to prevent misuse of citizens’ data a la @bluemilk

3. Appoint a tough Privacy Commissioner & fund @OAICgov properly so they can robustly investigate cases like Facebook & Cambridge Analytica, and enforce the new Privacy Code

4. Stop #robodebt
5. Tighten the Privacy Act to match EU standards including higher penalties, right to algorithmic transparency and human review of automated decisions.

6. Repeal warrantless access to telco/ISP metadata
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Astonishing. Mark Burgess, chief of the Australian Police Federation representing more than 60k police officers, has called on the Turnbull government to urgently legislate to outlaw investigators from accessing the #MyHealthRecord system without a warrant…
I've never seen the police in Australia call for *less* access to data before. So this is a first #MyHealthRecord
“Someone is going to need to amend the legislation to build in that protection, not only for officers but, I would suggest, for the wider community.”
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I've had a heap of press and individual queries on Australia's #MyHealthRecord over the last week. This is essentially centralised electronic health records that everyone will get unless explicitly opting out. Here's my thoughts:
Firstly, we need to acknowledge there's upsides and downsides; I want the right people to have my health info should they need it (especially in an emergency), but clearly I don't want that info falling into the wrong hands either.
On the upsides: it's crazy how manual the processing of our health records is today. Think about the amount of paperwork in your GP's surgery or the material you literally carry around to specialists if you need them. Then consider how easily accessible this is in an emergency.
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People interested in #myhealthrecord might also be interested in new legislation being introduced which will over-ride the Privacy Act to allow sharing of your administrative data #Auspol
In case it isn't obvious, gov needs this new Act because the Privacy Act prevents them from joining all your administrative data into one big project using info you provided in the last census.
The reason no one knows about this is because data governance frameworks are apparently a boring topic the media doesn't want to talk about.
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Here's someone who's highly engaged in politics, news and society but didn't know about #MyHROptOut until this morning.

If you're in media and wondering if this needs more coverage, here's your answer. #MyHealthRecord #Privacy
Opting out doesn't appear to be going well for people so far. I've seen multiple reports of long wait times on the phone and web server crashes.

I've you're planning to opt out, I'd suggest maybe not doing it today, but definitely not waiting too long.

#MyHealthRecord #Privacy
For the record, I've gone back and forward on opting out myself.

As a journalist with strong interests in tech and privacy, I really want to see the system for myself. Kick its tyres and experience its flaws and limitations personally. But ...

#MyHealthRecord #Privacy
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