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DXTR Spits reading at the Library of Congress #BecomingInterplanetary #poetry
“They ask me what is destiny? I say it is wherever we are headed.” — DXTR Spits
“What is hope? And do I have it?”
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an old fairytale from 2012
The art is Arthur Rackham - Princess and Troll

The Troll’s Wife

I’ve lived, for what seems ages,
under a wooden bridge
with my constant husband.
He is a troll.
I have been enchanted, spellbound,
but no longer.
I brewed his tea with herbs of sleep
and found his magick book
and while he slept
unwove each charm
I let him bind around me.

I don’t know how this came to be,
this sorry state of wedlock.

No – that’s a lie.
I remember it well.
I was a stupid child
grown to a stupid woman,
a willing victim
never understanding there are those
who play with people:
out of ego, spite at life
or mere amusement.
I wandered blindly,
always ready to taste
the sweet but meeting only the sour.
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not for me the cryptic tongues of men
who even as they yearn deny it readily,
not for me the pious tongues of saints
who even as they burn deny it steadily,
not for me the artful smile and arch uplifted brow
by which the maiden signifies that she is ready now,
no i will speak in forthright tones
that resonate from blood and bones
and tell you plainly to your face
with no attempt at girlish grace
i want you now and for all time
at matins, lauds, at tierce and prime
to take me, own me, every part,
impress yourself upon my heart,
and when no longer passion rages
love lives on in these bound pages.

© 1999 RC deWinter ~ All Rights Reserved
always, my darling man
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I'm making new wall art for my classroom and would love to feature lines of poetry that inspire/provoke. Anything beautiful that Ss might love seeing on the wals, and if possible, POC writers. Please share your favorites! :) #TeachLivingPoets #aplitchat #aplangchat #engchat
This one will definitely be hanging up in my classroom:

We are each other's harvest;
we are each other's business;
we are each other's magnitude and bond.
- Gwendolyn Brooks

@arcticisleteach @TchKimPossible @tianasilvas @AnnaOz249 @vickiboyd
Compiled everyone’s beautiful suggestions here for easy reference! #TeachLivingPoets #aplangchat #aplitchat #engchat #poetry…
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Releasing more #poetry into the wild: "In concert", the second poem in
#AnachronismΨ. I'll tell you more about the music in it after the poem, but first, you can just read it unfiltered, in the thread below...
You should be here.
The crumbling leaves and chilling brilliant sky
are all the ochre golds and blues you loved, and I
can feel the wheel of fate: you will appear –
you should be here.
You should be here.
You’ve always loved the ancient stone of vaults.
The piper’s dirge and steady cello-surge would jolt
your soul with love of old if you could hear –
you should be here.
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Invoking Morpheus

The night, of late, is nothing but a blank;
no dreams are surfacing on break of day.
Is this phenomenon something to thank,
or has all inspiration gone astray?
I do not wish for nightmares to invade,
but strange it is that nothing I recall
of hours spent in Morpheus's glade,
as if beyond the purview of life's scrawl.
Oh shine a lantern, daemon god of dreams,
illuminate the secrets of the mind,
that better I will see beyond what streams
while wakeful, and there understanding find.
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So: From @OSUtheJOURNAL's site: "The magazine is endorsed by The Ohio State University, and its contents determined solely by the editorial staff."

1. I have been told that @OhioState instructed the Journal's editorial staff to reinstate a piece they removed. #poetry #smallpress
2. I know some of the screen shots of transphobic, racist, islamophobic, sexist tweets that were sent to @OSUtheJOURNAL. Including a tweet threatening folks who want gun control with violence. Does @OhioState endorse this? Because it sounds like they do. #poetry #smallpress
3. Literary community: Do you want to support a journal that "endorses" a serial harasser of women & POC? Do you want to support a university that won't stand with its journal's editorial board? Tell @OSUtheJOURNAL & @OhioState what you think. Use your voice. #poetry #smallpress
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Releasing more #poetry into the wild: "Song for the Wounded". I'll give my spin on it after the #poem, because I believe quite strongly that people should be free to read a poem however they like, just as we all feel free to take song lyrics and make them OURS.
With songs, we can take lyrics and apply them like poultices to our own wounds or joys, "yes, like THAT, it's exactly that!" - and ignore the lyrics that don't fit. And I believe we should always feel free to USE #poetry the same way. That's not the only way possible, of course.
There's a different pleasure in unpeeling and interpreting a #poem only on its own terms - but even then, I'm a death-of-the-author believer: if the words in the poem offer you that meaning, that's yours. What I *intended* is neither here nor there. You own its meaning now.
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I'm doing #NaPoWriMo - I won't share the draft poems cos I like some sheltering privacy to write freely, but I love seeing other people's prompts and starting points, so I'll share mine too.
Day 1 of #NaPoWriMo (yesterday; haven't done today's yet): I wrote a draft of a list poem, listing one experience in terms of just its sounds, just its sights, etc. It was a really interesting exercise because I was writing about chronic pain but not about the actual sensations.
Day 2 of #NaPoWriMo: my #writingprompts came from my partner who suggested I wrote him a poem, and gave me two options: "futility", and "waiting for summer". I used both, for a free-write free-verse poem.
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