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No person credibly accused of violating another's rights should EVER be placed or retained in a position of power over them, as it is an implicit violation of fiduciary duty.

Ms. Ford's story didn't come out until now because the GOP is about to violate her rights unless👇🏽
Ms. Ford's story didn't come out until now because the GOP is skirting the principles and established rules and practices as intended by our forefathers to get a tainted justice in place - and for a dark reason.
The GOP is barreling ahead so they can avoid removing Trump, which - if he goes - will lead them to be faced with the release of data Russian agents obtained from the #SMARtech breach.
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Article re: Russia’s penetration of a #Smartech server containing some “old emails” including some of @LindsayGrahamSC’s. As shown in my Thread below, the Bush admin, of which #Kavanaugh was a part, also used Smartech for emails. 1/ #WhatAreTheyHiding…
“The Smoking Gun noted that the Republicans whose emails appeared on DC Leaks all used Smartech, an email and web-hosting firm that, according to Tom Del Beccaro, ex-chairman of the California Republican Party, had admitted to being hacked.” 3/…
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As @soychicka shows below, some of the scandal-ridden Bush administration emails received by #Kavanaugh came from #Smartech’s server. How many more that we haven’t seen? The Bush WH DELETED 22 MILLION Smartech emails that weren’t retrieved until 09. Russia hacked Smartech! 1/
3/ Here is my own sourced Thread about #Kavanaugh and #Smartech. Kavanaugh cannot be conformed until we confirm what exactly has gone on with Smartech.
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Ds must demand all emails to or from #Kavanaugh that were kept on Smartech's server! When Congress investigated the Bush WH's firing of 8 US attorneys, it learned the Bush admin. had used Smartech for its emails & deleted 22 MILLION of them. They were retrieved in 09. 1/
Here is a Snopes article re: the deleted and then retrieved 22 MILLION emails from the Bush administration. These deleted emails were not retrieved until 2009 and have never seen the light of day. 2/…
3/ Per Craig Unger (editor Vanity Fair, author "Boss Rove"), the millions of missing emails were on RNC servers owned by Smartech: "Rove and more than EIGHTY OTHER WHITE HOUSE STAFFERS had their emails hosted on ... [the] SmarTech servers."…
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Just thought @JenKernsUSA might need to be reminded that #SMARTech was hacked by Russian agents in 2015 ... esp since Tom Del Beccaro was the only one with the balls to come clean about it.
And, you know, you might be interested in the up- and down-threads... and the other threads here too:…
Just so you know I helped put your Denny Boy in prison... so I know what else there was on those servers about him. Devin's boat rides too.

And, similarly, what I found about Trump will be held responsible for is no less horrific.

You're making yourself complicit.
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