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Dr. Mary Beth Norton, president of @AHAhistorians is about to do a roundtable with Dr. Nicole Maskiell so I'm gonna TWEET about it #twitterstorians
#HistoryCenterUofSC Greatest challenge in grad school? "Being a woman in grad school in 1964. 3 were women. One of us lasted two weeks"
"Of the three women admitted in the 3 years at Harvard, I kept getting called Nancy" Apparently only one woman's name was needed
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1. The National Review with a celebration of Calvin Coolidge [checks notes twice to be sure that's what it says] as the articulator of an American governing philosophy we should embrace, a perfect blend of liberalism and conservatism.…
2. Would be curious to hear from some early 20th century #twitterstorians on the accuracy of the analysis in this piece. One thing worth noting--the wealth inequality gap in Coolidge's time was the last time it was as bad as today.
3. Check out those lines darting sharply up during Coolidge's term...which ended, ya know, less than a year before the Great Depression which had a little something to do with his administration's fiscal policies.
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Continuing our mini-interviews with Reconsidering Southern Labor History contributors, today @m_hild & I talk to @JM_Thompson about his fascinating essay on #Atlanta #ATL , #labor, & #race:

#twitterstorians @SouthernLaborSA @lawcha_org…
You can check out @JM_Thompson's website here:
And please ask your library to order a copy of Reconsidering Southern Labor History today!…
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September is a big month! I’m at the airport on my way Florida for The #Exvangelical Community: Paths, Projects, Prospects. In the last two days I’ve filed two pieces with editors, and this week I did podcasts w/ @NiceMangos and @kitchencultpod (@haettinger and @mxdarkwater). #FF
Next weekend I’ll be in Charleston, South Carolina to give a talk for @CHShumanists, and am very much looking forward to that! October is also pretty full!

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #FridayFeeIing #FF
And next week I’ll also be doing a second podcast episode with @TwistedSisterds! It’ll be my second time on, and I sure had fun last time!

#Exvangelical #FF
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Bit of a curve ball today: tweeting about parallels between the U.S. civil war and Brexit. #twitterstorians and #Brexit wonks take note. (I'm looking at you @Sime0nStylites, @chrisgreybrexit, @jonlis1, @contestedground, @CeesHeere, @lottelydia, @MHernandezGdV and @Usherwood) /1
Was taking a break from lecture prep and spent some time revisiting a terrific book published in 1963 called "Terrible Swift Sword" by the journalist/historian Bruce Catton. Catton wasn't exactly a professional historian, but his writing about the Civil War was captivating /2
In a passage describing the summer of 1862 - when the war was in its second year, many thousands already dead, but the major battles of Antietam, Gettysburg etc. still ahead - Catton touched on a mood prevalent among many, if not most, of the political elite on both sides /3
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Hi #NativeTwitter & #twitterstorians!

Instead of essays, my #IndigenousHistory students are writing Wikipedia articles this term. It'd be great to create content people want.

What pre-1850 Indigenous person, event, or trend would you like to see a Wikipedia entry for?
Thank you so much for your ideas, suggestions, and pointers (for the ones already made and those that are still coming in)! I'm a bit overwhelmed but certainly delighted there has been so much interest, and I will definitely make sure to tweet students' work when it's complete.
I'm borrowing this idea from @JeremyJierong, who co-wrote with a student about their class' experience of writing Wikipedia entries. Helping students make their work mean something in the world is very appealing, and has lots of pedagogical potential.…
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I don’t agree to disagree. It’s not my jam. I basically have three reasons for engaging in a debate or discourse around a contentious topic. A thread.
1. I want to change my mind because I think I’m wrong.
2. I’m looking to better understand and want to stretch my neurons.
3. I want to change someone else’s mind.

If I want door #4, I’m clearly procrastinating.
At the end of a conversation with the @HumResPro podcast, I jokingly said I’d agree to disagree that the factory-model was a thing if they took down graphics on their websites. This graphic:
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Kavanaugh’s fellow Yale Law alumni call him ‘morally bankrupt’ in scathing open letter.… #StopKavanaugh #TW #NoToKavanaugh
What is being hidden in the documents from Judge Kavanaugh's time in the Bush White House? We the People and all Senators deserve to know before any hearings. #NoToKavanaugh #StopKavanaugh #ReleaseTheRecords #TW
Judge Kavanaugh changed his position on impeaching a sitting president after he aggressively orchestrated Ken Starr’s investigation of a Dem president. NO ONE is above the law. #NoToKavanaugh #StopKavanaugh #TW
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This summer, I followed about 100 more historians and my feed is already 30% better. More interesting. More cool facts. More insightful links. More sober, considerate, courageous, verifiable-fact discussion. #twitterstorians
My automatic follows are: physicists, poets, theologians, neuroscience researchers, philosophers, women in tech, cephalopod researchers, philanthropists, Korean-Americans and Lithuanians, good cooks—and now, historians.
Suggestions? A broad spectrum of professors/ academics who tweet research, links and insight (PART ONE):

@KevinMKruse @SarahEBond @erik_kwakkel @profblmkelley @KeishaBlain @bradhostetler @Mark_C_Elliott @cdc29 @Melanie_Xue @tsmullaney @JohnDelury @MitchFraas

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Request for #twitterstorians. Can anyone recommend an essay where a historian reflects upon the process of developing a relationship to a body of secondary literature? As in, not a historiographical essay, but a self-reflective essay about doing historiographical work. Thx.
I'm asking this because I'm teaching a Historiography course for Sr. history majors this year. There are plenty of examples of good historiographical essays I can share with them. And plenty of memoirs about working in archives. But not for the unglamorous work of lit review.
And to be clear, I'm not looking for a "how to." I'm looking for something that shows a person changing their mind or evolving in their thinking as they work their way through a body of secondary literature.
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1. Since that Vox article came out, I've been getting lots of requests for suggestions on what to read on the history of American conservatism. I will use this thread to link to the books I've read on the subject. Feel free to mute the thread if it's not of interest to you.
2. This is a foundational classic. Many have criticized it, but it basically started the field.…
3. Nash's most recent thoughts on Trump can be found here. It's worth noting that Nash identifies as a conservative himself, not just as a historian of conservatism.…
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Q for #Twitterstorians: say there was massive brain drain from US ag in early 1900s bc of racial persecution (Great Migration, Japanese jailed in WW2, Mexican Repatriation), & you suspect this may have helped the of rise of agribusiness.
Anyone have any thoughts on primary or secondary sources that may touch on this?
ack my feed disappeared this thread & I thought it hadn't posted, sorry for the late replies guys
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So. It says in the 'Life in the UK' test book that 1066 was the last successful foreign conquest of England. Which neglects or fully anglicizes Matilda and 1139 and the regency invasion of Isabella in 1326. Oh also the very successful invasion of 1688-9.

testing is going well...
wow their account of the first settlement of the Irish Pale is just offensive.
I am going to livetweet my experience of this 'history' book I am required to read.
#twitterstorians #badhistory #isthisjingoism #ihavelostallmydignity…
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1. Putin calls the conversion of Rus’ “the starting point for the formation and development of Russian statehood, the true spiritual birth of our ancestors, the determination of their identity. Identity, the flowering of national culture and education."

Let’s unpack this quote.
2. Like many official pronouncements of the Russian president (and general secretaries of the Communist Party of the USSR before him), this one is for both domestic and international consumption.

But it might not be for international consumption primarily in the way you think.
3. Yes, Putin uses this rhetoric to signal that Russia is a "Christian country." Of course, the Russian Federation is multiethnic, and the leaders of various faith traditions get trotted out to support the Putinist "traditional values" agenda. But there's more going on here.
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I visited 16 archives on 3 continents, took digital photos of 100K+ pgs of archival material, + gathered thousands more pgs in other formats to write #ForgottenPeace. As a result, I have a comprehensive system of archival methodologies + best practices #twitterstorians
I’ve given yearly workshops on these methods to colleagues, grad students, + undergrads @Princeton, as well as @UConnHistory. I’ve long thought of recording the presentations, both to share these ideas w/ a larger audience + to get feedback to improve my own practices
So here are my two videos on research methods for historians
1) (13:19)
2) (26:03)
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Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga (1925-2018) discovered a copy of "Final Report" produced by the Civil Affairs Division of the Western Defense Command in April 1943. Every copy of the report, drafts and notes, was directed to be destroyed.

#JapaneseAmerican #AAPI #history #twitterstorians
The Final Report stated it was "impossible to establish the identity of the loyal and the disloyal with any degree of safety." Meaning all Japanese Americans, the majority of whom were US citizens, were to be judged solely on their ethnicity/ancestry.

#history #twitterstorians
Final Report stated: It wasnt' that there was insufficient time in which to make such a determination; it was simply a matter of facing the realities that a positive determination could not be made, that an exact separation of the 'sheep from the goats' was unfeasible. #history
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Not the first time an American political party sanctions treason in pursuit of white nationalist goals.
Remember how many people were dunking on those national security "experts" last year when they estimated there's a "35% chance" of a civil war in the next 10-15 years?
It was stupid because of the silly attempt to quantify the probability.
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Hey #twitterstorians Inspired by @KevinMKruse @HC_Richardson @rauchway and @TheTattooedProf thought I'd say a little about GOP government giveaway bonanzas in the 1860s, especially helpful to "rugged individuals" who conquered the West.
Why, in 1862 alone, the Republican Congress passed 1) the Homestead Act, giving away millions of acres of public land to (mostly white) men willing to settle in remote places (and UNsettle indigenous inhabitants). Huge entitlement!
2) the Morrill Act, establishing land grant colleges that would anchor education and agricultural development in territories not yet fully under U.S. control. Western universities have always been agents of colonization, folks.
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#Twitterstorians: tell me about biographies of Black Americans that are written by Black American scholars.
It’s so sad that our entire understanding of Frederick Douglass right now seems to be through the eyes of white men
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Before evangelicals had their own versions of “secular” music and movies, they had their own fictional schoolboy athlete. My look at Tom Huntner, an obscure relic of the fundamentalist/neo-evangelical subculture…
From 1946, an ad and review in The Evangelical Beacon for the second Huntner book
Other ads for the books aimed at the coveted “red-blooded boys” demographic
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so bear with me as I work something out. a thought about how best to understand the modern GOP via the French Revolution and the Terror (through the historian Francois Furet and the linguistic turn). a thread, I think. #twitterstorians 1/
so for those unfamiliar, Furet's INTERPRETING THE FRENCH REVOLUTION was published in French in 1978, translated into English in 1981. #twitterstorians 2/…
it's one of the foundational texts in the so-called "linguistic turn" in the discipline of history.

(and the "linguistic turn," very simplified, is the idea that we should texts/ language constructs realities for both us as historians & our subjects)

#twitterstorians 3/
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Welcome to #twitterstorians101

This online workshop for #ozha2018 will be running throughout the day, if it doesn't interest you feel free to mute the hashtag. 😃
If it does, fit yourself into that lecture seat with the wobbly table thing that is just a bit too small, pull out your notebooks and let's begin.

I'll begin by introducing myself; I'm one half of this workshop's facilitation after all.

My name is Will Scates Frances and I joined twitter in 2011. I am a PhD candidate at ANU, in my last year. I've written the equivalent of 62+ history theses on here.

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Some thoughts about Trump policy, based on an admittedly dire but increasingly obvious precedent: Nazism, before it had fully committed to what we now understand as the Holocaust. A few examples by way of illustration:
Concentration camps are frequently associated with the imprisonment of Jews. That's not fully accurate before Kristallnacht in Nov '38. The camps were built for political prisoners and the "asocial,"
or the ever-widening, usefully flexible category of Germans who weren't on board with Nazi values. They were also a response to street violence between political factions in the early months of Nazism.
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