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🚧 1.Let's take a little trip down memory lane @NancyPelosi @SenSchumer @SenGillibrand because it appears as though you may have a memory problem. In 2014 there were children in cages, 80% of which weren't even receiving adequate food and water #AbolishICE #WomenDisobey
2. 2014 Brian Williams reported on 52k children cramped into small facilities and while "taking children from Mothers" is never said listen closely when they say ADULTS are deported, kids stay? @NBCNews knows this and it was @RepMcCaul (R) that was worried #KeepFamiliesTogether
3. The @ACLU wrote to the Obama Admin in 2014 complaining children, including infants were starved, kept in "freezers" and sexually abused they included 116 confessions from children. #KeepFamiliesTogether…
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New #QAnon 1569-1570.

Their FF attempt was thwarted. To shift narrative off the damning #IGReport & successful #TrumpKimSummit, they're focusing on immigration/child separation- a projection of their own involvement in child separation/child trafficking. #FreeIran2018 is next.
New #QAnon 1571.

Jackson Lee made headlines yesterday, when she leaked plans to fire RR on Friday at the #SenateHearing. How'd she know? Who told her? Who is she protecting?

Interesting ring, Sheila. Part of the club?


#Pizzagate #ChildTrafficking #IGReport @POTUS
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This is Sister Norma Pimentel. She runs the Catholic Charities Humanitarian Respite Center in McAllen, Texas for immigrants #immigration #WhereAreTheChidren
.@SisterNormaCCRG helps immigrants arriving from @ICEgov detention centers and @CBP processing centers #immigration
Families walk over to Sister Norma’s shelter from the nearby bus station (3 blocks) where @ICEgov drops them off with their documents and belongings - we do not know why some families are released and why others remain detained - Norma calls them “the lucky ones”
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The DEMS & @joseiswriting @PaulMayATL is Circulating this Photo on Twitter and FB!! #WhereAreTheChildren @KamalaHarris @Alyssa_Milano

Please check Thread to find out more about this kids!! 👇👇👇
#WhereAreTheChildren #WhatHappened
KIDS IN CAGES in 2018 but It's not what you think!

The KIDS were USE for Protest against @POTUS immigration Policies Inherited fr OBAMA Admin but no one dared to speak during the "KING"s REIGN"

Libtards 💕Spreading LIES!
The little boy in the Cage is the same boy walking in front of the cage! 😂😂😂 #WhereAreTheChildren
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1) I'm sure most of you have been following the situation in AZ, but I want to put this here and connect some other threads as well. This first one is by @ScottAnthonyUSA that details the situation practically in real time:

2) Neon Revolt did a great breakdown as well and included some info on Cemex.…
3) I did some digs into Cemex as well, with the help of a few others dishing stuff to me as fast as I was finding stuff so I could upload it all and get it out there fast.

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💥‼️BREAKING NEWS 911💥‼️😳Are immigrant kids separated from their families being held at a closed Walmart⁉️This detention center that Senator @JeffMerkley is at looks similar to the closed Walmart Super Center at 7480 Padre Island Hwy, Brownsville TX 78521 😳 THREAD👇
😳Remember the weird ‘conspiracy stories about closed Walmart’s being used as detention centers⁉️Look closely at the architecture of these buildings. The top pic is the detention center @JeffMerkley visited. He was NOT allowed inside. The bottom pic is a closed Walmart in TX 😳
See the sign on the old Walmart⁉️“Southwest Key Programs” is a Juvenile Detention Center company. They’re having a Golf Gala fundraiser Sept 28 2018 and Satellite Tracking of People, LLC (Securus Technologies) is a sponsor- THEY HAVE SOFTWARE THAT CAN BE USED TO TRACK📱 PHONES
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Please, everyone, the is soooo much confusion over #WhereAreTheChildren - several different stories were published in a short time, and it's hard to figure out exactly what's happening - who is responsible and what agencies/officials we need to target.
First - understand that our government is abusing children and their families. There are different ways this is happening, but most recent and egregious is the new trump policy (not law) is that all ASYLUM SEEKERS will be separated from their children, no exceptions.
Note that those who enter the US seeking asylum are FOLLOWING the law, not breaking it. See @allanbrauer's thread:
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#WhereAreTheChildren great question, even better question why did Obama admin ignore Whistleblower who asked in 2015?
What everyone is refusing to report is we know about them BECAUSE current admin finally investigated.
@girlsreallyrule @therealroseanne…
The IG demanded that the case be re-examined late in 2016. #WhereAreTheChidren…
Last we heard from Whistleblower they’d waited 440 days for an answer even after they’d offered proof unaccompanied minors had been released to CRIMINALS where were you then @PreetBharara ? #WhereAreTheChidren…
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There’s lots of Obama blame in response to #WhereAreTheChidren

Let’s be really clear.

Obama took UNACCOMPANIED minors at the border & put them with sponsors.

Trump is taking kids from their parents & placing them in detention centers.

Here’s the difference.
(2)The Obama administration placed unaccompanied minors with sponsors, preferably family if they could find them, because kids needed to stay somewhere until their case went through immigration court.

It’s certainly preferable to juvenile detention.
But it was problematic.
(3) Because HHS didn’t have a appropriate resources or processes set up to vet and follow up on these sponsors, some of them ended up in the hands of human traffickers.

We knew it was a problem as long ago as 2013.
HHS said they’d handle it better.
They haven’t.
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So children are taken away from their parents because our sick gov't believes they are worthless & then they are given away to be abused because our sick gov't thinks they are worthless.
1500 kids
This is a humanitarian crisis.
This is critically emergent!
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