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CNN OpEd - Appx 350 newspapers in US had editorials decrying President Trump's description of media as "enemy of the people."…

Why these media sources cry #FreePress where are their articles about crimes against humanity, mfgd wars & so much more.

In 2012 Business Insider Published: 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America…

HiveMind of Bilderberg Group's Connection To Everything In The World… (2012 map)

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Definition of "Journalist" from Merriam-Webster:
1a: a person engaged in journalism; especially : a writer or editor for a news medium
1b: a writer who aims at a mass audience
2: a person who keeps a journal

Everyone on social media meets the qualification.
There's nothing here that tells me that I'm not already a journalist.

In fact, The American Press Institute specifically says that "Asking who is a journalist is the wrong question, because journalism can be produced by anyone."

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THREAD: Media is using Soviet style propaganda

One of the most powerful forms of propaganda is demoralization. Soviet elites were encouraged to flaunt the hypocritical double standard that they lived under - that they were not subject to the same "subjective" laws of the People
The #AwanBrothers scandal, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, Comey, et al., jihadi terrorists compound, even the Kate Stenlie affair - average citizens, even @TuckerCarlson points out the obvious double standard that the politically protected live under as opposed to We The People
all these seemingly unconnected media incidents are used by propagandists like @CNN @brianstelter @ChrisCuomo to flaunt the hypocritical double standard that the politically protected live under

They are used - weaponized - to demoralize We The People
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1/ Someone I know just posted this little video on FB from someone a member of “Patriotic Millionaires”.

I watched the video, and scoffed.
2/ It was full of that double speak I’ve learned to suspect thanks to Thomas Sowell.
3/ It launches with a member, showing his total income from 2016 being north of $1MM.
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@secupp Absolutely right. Except when the press is blatantly biased and has become more of a propaganda machine than a #freepress. Also could you please "out" the journalists and media orgs on Fusion GPS' payroll? And who else is running pay-to-publish "stories?"

Asking for a friend.
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1. While the #FreePress was throwing their tantrum,
President Trump held a Cabinet meeting where some
extremely important issues were addressed. Since you
probably didn't see or hear about it, let's take a look
#MAGA #KAG #BigPharma #PrescriptionDrugs
.@realDonaldTrump .@SecAzar
1st time in history, President Trump is
-importing prescription drugs that do not violate
intellectual property rights & not under patent protections
(competition=lower costs)
-bringing negotiation & discounts to our #Medicare partners
50% of savings go back to the patients
President Trump explains how the "rich middle men"
are angry at him. He can't be bought.
He also explains how the #democrats are extremely happy
about this and have told him so personally (but wont tell you)
#MAGA #KAG #BigPharma
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John Brennan: Trump’s Claims of No Collusion Are HOGWASH!

Adm McRaven dares 45 to revoke his SC.

Yanukovych has been charged with high treason in Ukraine, complicity in a war against UKN

📌Manafort provided image consulting to Yanukovych & members of his party.

William H. McRaven, is a retired Navy admiral, was commander of the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command from 2011 to 2014. He oversaw the 2011 Navy SEAL raid in Pakistan that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Trump’s military parade postponed!

Democrats Question Kavanaugh’s Testimony About Bush Nominee

Manafort jury has four questions, will continue deliberations tomorrow

British banks handled vast sums of laundered Russian money

“Death Spiral”: Omarosa Totally Triggered Trump
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#TheResistance version of #Freepress:*Subject to terms and conditions, some restrictions may apply.

[Publish Hillary's own words, proof of corruption or US war crimes, and we will call for your death].…
That ^ article was written when Assange could at least defend himself on Twitter by compiling said death threats, calling out the lies etc.
Now, the smarmy cowards are getting away with it.

They don't want #freepress, they want freedom from criticism.
Which, surprise, is the utter opposite of freedom of the press and speech.
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Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough are both members of the anti America, Globalist, CFR.

The objectives of the CFR are to destroy America's Middle Class and Sovereignty, and transfer all wealth and power to a cabal of transnational Banking & Corporate Elites.

Mika Brzezinski is the daughter of Globalist Zbig Brzezinski, co-founder of Trilateral Commission in the 1970's.

Zbig famously advocated dumbing Americans down until they could not think for themselves & were only able to parrot what was on the previous night's news.
Zbig Brzezinski was Obama's mentor at Columbia & an official "Foreign Policy Advisor" during Obama's 1st term.

It was Zbig's idea to arm the Islamist Extremist Mujahadin in 1979.

Obama used the same idea to arm al-Qaeda & ISIS terrorists in Libya & Syria from early 2011.
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1/ Today, hundreds of U.S. newsrooms banded together to defend a #FreePress and dispel @realdonaldtrump’s charges that we’re an “enemy of the people.”

We’re the opposite. We help people every day, in ways large and small.

And our work proves it.…
2/ “So much Fake News is being reported,” @realDonaldTrump tweeted on Jan. 13. “They don’t even try to get it right, or correct it when they are wrong.”
3/ 9 days later, @AsburyParkPress launched a series on NJ police accountability. It exposed deaths and millions in taxpayer funds spent to hush allegations of abuse:…

It also prompted swift reforms: random drug testing and early warning systems for cops.
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1) My thoughts on why our #MSM being called a #FreePress is...

Complete bullshit.

2) Our #FreePress never challenges Democrats on their talking points. Only Republicans get this 'privilege'.

@AdamSchiffCA is on TV all day talking about how their is proof of #Collusion, but we've yet to see ANY.

Anchors just sit back and listen to the narrative of the day.
3) Anyone anti-Trump gets to make the rounds everywhere spouting nonsense against @POTUS.

You'd think a #FreePress would of learned after Wolfe's book backfired, but instead...

Here's comes @OMAROSA who gets more insane with each interview.
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On the matter of #FreePress, from me back in December of 2015 on the only subject which Donald Trump and Liberal bloggers have in common.

"Trump understands what we Liberal bloggers have long understood -- that the Beltway media gatekeepers are not guardians of the truth...
...or the integrity of journalism, but are instead the deeply corrupt priesthood of the American political system, who live large off the awesome and terrible power of a Holy Fraud which they themselves have invented.
Extravagantly rewarded, deeply inbred, openly contemptuous of the people it is supposed to serve and as thoroughly rotten as Catholic Church at the time of Martin Luther, the Beltway media has used the one power it actually has...
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Today, nearly 350 newspapers across the country came together to stand up for a #FreePress and defend the First Amendment in editorials. Here’s what Ohioans are reading across our state →
“We are indeed your lens into your community. We are not your enemy. Unlike some posts on Facebook and other social media sites, we verify our facts before publication. We are not anonymous. We stand by the veracity of our work.” – Chagrin Valley Times…
"Power…belongs to the people. The press thus received extraordinary protection because of its capacity to inform readers and check the powerful." – The Akron Beacon Journal / @ohiodotcom…
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Newsday ---- August 16th, 2018 -- Thursday

26 idiots show for up #UniteTheRight2
Literally costs DC 2.6$ Million
It Literally cost 100k per idiot.

Can't wait until #UniteTheRight3 in 2019
Newsday ---- August 16th, 2018 -- Thursday

26 idiots show for up #UniteTheRight2
Literally costs DC 2.6$ Million
It Literally cost 100k per idiot.

Can't wait until #UniteTheRight3 in 2019
Laughter takes down Power.
Every Time.
It exposes the absurd positions, pokes fun of authority, and creates real dialogue.

Laughing at hypocrisy and stupidity make Liberals lose control.

Liberals must kill comedy.

@KurtSchlichter 👇#FreePress…
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Newsday ---- August 16th, 2018 -- Thursday

26 idiots show for up #UniteTheRight2
Literally costs DC 2.6$ Million
It Literally cost 100k per idiot.

Can't wait until #UniteTheRight3 in 2019
Newsday ---- August 16th, 2018 -- Thursday

26 idiots show for up #UniteTheRight2
Literally costs DC 2.6$ Million
It Literally cost 100k per idiot.

Can't wait until #UniteTheRight3 in 2019
Laughter takes down Power.
Every Time.
It exposes the absurd positions, pokes fun of authority, and creates real dialogue.

Laughing at hypocrisy and stupidity make Liberals lose control.

Liberals must kill comedy.

@KurtSchlichter 👇 #FreePress…
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So the media is doing hit jobs on President Trump Thursday advocating “freedom of the press”

When did he take your freedom of the press rights away?

That’s what I thought. 😉👌🏽
300 hundred news sites joining in on this. Hilarious.
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Proud of Tribune media severing ties with Sinclair.
They run KTLA 5 here in L.A.

•1 of the largest TV broadcasting Co
•They own 39 TV stations across US •Operate 3 stations locally
•Own Ntl basic cablechannel/superstation WGN America
•Regional cable news channel Chicagoland
•Chicago radio station WGN
•Investment interests incl Food Network, Co maintains 31% ownership interest
•Print pioneer
•Founded June 10, 1847
•Chicago Daily Tribune published 1st edition in a 1 room plant located at LaSalle & Lake St Downtown Chicago
In other words Sinclair aka @realDonaldTrump brainwashing propaganda machine is losing millions in money & millions of viewers.


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Here's the indictment for Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY). Feds announced insider trading charges against him and his sons this morning. Collins was an early supporter of Trump's presidential campaign and served on Trump’s transition team.…
2/ A few observations: Collins was attending a **congressional picnic at the White House** when he committed many of the criminal acts for which he has been charged.
3/ Collins was already under investigation for insider trading (via OCE) at the time he committed the criminal acts set forth in the indictment.
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And here's WHY I think that only one camera from the AP press pool should be at Trump's rallies from now on....this is what he now deserves & it's absolutely NOT the respect of his Office. #FridayFeeling #FreePress #TrumpRussia
2/"The voice, if I had to guess, belongs to that of a white American male in late middle age. The accent is faintly Southern, the manner taunting but relaxed. It’s also familiar: I’m pretty sure he’s left a message on my office number before. But the last voice mail left almost
3/"no impression. Not this time. “Hey Bret, what do you think? Do you think the pen is mightier than the sword, or that the AR is mightier than the pen?” He continues: “I don’t carry an AR but once we start shooting you f—ers you aren’t going to pop off like you do now. You’re
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@Scottludlam told the panel: “One of the reasons Julian is in the jam that he’s in, is that he is an uncompromising bastard. Compromising the integrity of the work [is not something he would do], because if he [was inclined to do so], he would have cut some kind of deal already.”
@deCespedes said: “It’s up to us to ensure that we have access to this public repository of knowledge.” Like other attendees, Barreto raised the importance of organizing on-the-ground protests and actions.
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Breaking: Possible Hand-Over Of Julian Assange To The UK May Be Imminent…
For any idiot with a blue checkmark who might claim that only Russian media is reporting this story, that is far from the case. In the last few days, award-winning journalist @ChrisLynnHedges wrote:…
.@WSWS_Updates reported in June:
"Ecuador’s foreign minister has indicated moves are underway to force the WikiLeaks editor out of Ecuador’s London embassy, where he was granted political asylum six years ago."
#ReconnectJulian #FreeAssange #Unity4J
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The plethora of crimes committed during the military dictatorship of Augusto #Pinochet in Chile between 1973 and 1990 were exactly the type of abuse of power that Julian Assange would uniquely expose through #WikiLeaks
Both Assange and Pinochet have battled against extradition from the #UK, with vastly different outcomes and contrasting positions taken by the UK govt. The UK supported Pinochet, a human-rights abuser, and persecuted #Assange, a journalist who has exposed crimes of the powerful.
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We will just add these tweets to the "Coincidence Thread"

I'm here to tell you that these are not a coincidence & this is a just warning to repent. Places like Hawaii, California, Florida & NY have all but kicked God out.
I don't say these things out of fear, there is no fear in love
Hurricane Preparedness Week
2018 Hurricane Names that stuck out to me:
HIM = #Harvey #Irma #Maria
Remember Maria & Jose? Both are Spanish derivatives of Mary & Joseph #FujiwaraEffect #Sept23 #HurricanePrep #HurricaneStrong
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