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#StateCaptureInquiry Remember when @TreasuryRSA Minister of Treasury Nhlanhla Nene answered eNCA’s @samkelemaseko asking if he would testify? Nene said, “Watch this space.” And later, after some pressing from Maseko, “Watch the space, meaning a lot of us might be appearing soon.”
#StateCaptureInquiry Nene will be the first sitting minister to testify at the inquiry. Previously Minister of Public Enterprises Pravin Gordhan attended hearings, when his former right hand man Mcebisi Jonas testified, saying a Gupta brother offered him the Finance Minister job.
#StateCaptureInquiry Nene will testify on events around then President Jacob Zuma firing him at night on 9 December 2015. Zuma said at the time, “I wish Mr Van Rooyen all the best in this new appointment. The new deployment of Mr Nene will be announced in due course.”
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Here's the truth about Brexit, the "punishment" that some people claim the EU is trying to inflict on the UK, and the real consequences of "no deal". Buckle in, it's quite long. Better to be thorough than to leave stuff out! 1/19

#marr #bbcsp #ridge #pienaar #newsnight #bbcqt
The EU isn't punishing the UK for Brexit. We are punishing ourselves. Losing all the benefits of EU membership IS punishment. Just like no longer being able to use the fitness equipment or the weights is punishment for quitting the local gym. 2/19
You might well put on weight because you cancelled your gym membership. But you wouldn't turn around and say "Hey, the gym's punishing me for leaving by making me fat!" That's the consequence of losing your gym membership, not the fault of the gym. 3/19
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THREAD: We've been looking at populism in Europe over the past few months. If you've missed any of our reports you can see them here. Let's start with this one examining if Switzerland is the birthplace of populism

@ggatehouse | @maya_rstw | #newsnight
@ggatehouse @maya_rstw Sweden is usually recognised as being innovative, transparent and progressive, with good healthcare, welfare and gender equality.

More recently, however, a growing chorus of Sweden sceptics have emerged #newsnight
@ggatehouse @maya_rstw Earlier this month we travelled to Cottbus in Germany where the nationalist AfD party are leading in the polls

@johnsweeneyroar | #newsnight
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@rjbarfield1 Interview with Martin Donnelly from last night's #newsnight. 1/4
2/4 @rjbarfield1
3/4 @rjbarfield1
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My cousin is very observant. She wears a full head covering and lives in a women only secluded, walled society right in the middle of West London. If I wish to visit her it is extremely complex. Most of the times I've seen her she was behind a grill. My cousin is a Carmelite nun
Carmelites almost never leave the walls of their convent. They take vows of chastity and silence and don't show their faces to the outside world. Is it religious extremism? Clearly? Do these women pose a threat to our society? Clearly not. Do I agree with it? No.
And yet women like @LPerrins who no doubt are deeply respectful of Catholic Carmelite nuns hold completely different attitudes to women who live considerably freer lives and choose to wear the burqa/niqab. It's grotesquely hypocritical #Newsnight
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This is the extraordinary @MarcusFysh on #Newsnight. This is how a Conservative MP treats business nowadays, even trade associations, trying to explain the potential risks of hard Brexit - with arrogance, smugness, and impenetrable stupidity, calling them silly and unpatriotic.
NB The food industry representative @MarcusFysh is responding to never mentioned tariffs and never mentioned a “blockade”. He merely said that when it comes to fresh produce like lettuce, tomatoes, avocados or dairy, even small border delays would disrupt supply critically.
I vacillate between wanting people like @MarcusFysh to disappear from public life and wanting him to be on the news every day. I mean there MUST be a small but significant proportion of Brexiters (and constituents who voted for him) who look at this and think “What have I done?”
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@MarcusFysh seems to be under the impression that the UK can pick and choose which countries face import checks and tariffs. You can't. At least not without getting sued to buggery at the WTO. #Newsnight ➡️
No tariffs or border checks for trucks bearing food from EU at Dover means no tariffs or border checks for food coming in globally. No food safety checks. No phytosanitary checks. ➡️
And if the UK doesn't impose food safety and phytosanitary checks then the EU will have to block UK products because they do impose high standards in those areas. ⏹️
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“Theresa May is on her last legs...”

Oh, sorry: I misheard Kirsty Wark’s introduction “Theresa May is on the last leg of her charm offensive before she hikes off on holiday to Italy.” #newsnight #BrexitShambles
“Michel Barnier has been keeping a tight grip on the EU27,” opines Kirsty. Er, no- he’s following the mandate *they* have given him. Barnier is the servant of the EU27, he’s not pulling their strings. #newsnight #BBCfail #BrexitShambles
“Barnier does not have universal support,” says the report, proceeding to wheel out irrelevant fringe figure Hans-Olof Henkel MEP who gets disproportionate airtime on BBC cos he speaks excellent English, says the EU should cut a trade deal & they have his number on speed-dial.
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So here’s my response to @AyoCaesar on #newsnight:

- I respect this position but it’s very difficult to see a scenario that the far right can’t profit from.
- So if we break these scenarios down then they all look beneficial to the far right: /1
—— (a) Soft Brexit gives them the betrayal narrative they crave. We’ve already seen an electoral bounce for UKIP over the govt’s new soft Brexit policy (at a time when Ukip is obviously making a turn to the fascist street movement). /2
—— (b) Hard Brexit offers a clear route to “no brexit” but we’d all be playing with fire if we saw it in these terms. The economic dislocation and political crisis it would ignite would be huge gift to far right.
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Fuck me Gerard Batten is thick isn't he. I mean there's no other words for it. He's got the eloquence of a turnip and the charisma of a fucking sponge. #NewsNight
Gerard Batten literally tried to compare Tommy Robinson to Nelson Mandela and Robin Hood... you know Robin Hood.... the fictional character Robin Hood
Apologies to sponges.... and turnips
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We didn’t have time to discuss it in depth on #Newsnight - but I wanted to add - @realDonaldTrump is tearing up the Transatlantic Alliance in a big way: next item on his take-down list, NATO. Watch at the upcoming NATO Summit .
Germany, with Angela Merkel - the antithesis to Trump - as its chancellor will be number one on the take down list. Trump smells blood around Merkel and is happy to play a role in trying to take her down. (See his interventions on crime stats in Germany & migrants.)
Of course - all of this bodes very badly for the rest of Europe and the West - Britain included - as @realDonaldTrump will not only be waging trade wars with his closest allies, but taking a sledgehammer to our collective defense.
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Please #newsnight, don’t let Hannan lie to the nation. Turkey & EU have hard border because a) it’s only a partial customs union b) Turkey is not in single market and is therefore subject to regulatory checks, as every other non-member of SM. This is not hard. Make him answer.
Now Hannan talking about ‘clobbering third world’. Another outright lie. The EU lets poorest countries export all their goods except arms tariff-free. Majority of other countries have preferential access. One suspects owning up to this BS would be like discarding his identity.
Hannan is a fraud. His only answer to every question is cartoon EU evil and rose-tinted British exceptionalism. The fact he is the intellectual godfather and moral custodian of the entire movement tells us what we need to know about it. #newsnight
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THREAD: Interesting piece on #newsnight last night about how to respond to Trump & other altshite provocateurs peddling hate & polarisation. But... 1/20
2/ I disagree with Evan’s editorialising that the main choices are either a) to ignore Trump & co (thus normalising), or b) to react with “outrage or derision” (thus fuelling the very polarisation they seek) & that...
the only alternative is supposedly c) to follow Dalai Lama’s advice & “respond with kindness & love”. This is incorrect. I’m going to explain why. Here goes...
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Ridiculous narrative on #Newsnight that the Remain/Brexit schism is to blame for UK government's sclerosis and continuing failure to progress either domestic or foreign policy (i.e. A50).

Go back to first principles. ▶️
Reason government not making progress on domestic agenda is because domestic agenda completely constrained by foreign agenda (Brexit). And Brexit has no structure, no coherent strategic direction and no competent actors. ▶️
Brexit leaders trying to create narrative that the reason Brexit not conforming to pre-referendum script is because of unseen dark forces trying to subvert the (democratic will of the people with the implication that Remain constituency less patriotic. ▶️
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