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Seeing lots of PhD students starting out on their journey, as well as plenty in the middle, and some towards the end. Twitter was a wonderful tool for moral support, so I thought I'd put together a few thoughts about the process, for the @phdforum, #phdchat and #phdweekend folk.
1. The most important one right at the start. Look after yourselves. You are doing a PhD, but it shouldn't define who you are. I made the mistake of becoming consumed by it, and it took its toll on my health. Be engaged and committed, but remember to live your life too.
2. Forge a good relationship with your supervisors early on, and make sure you know what they expect from you, and what you should expect from them. Will your meetings be weekly/monthly? Will they read your work regularly? Agree on the working relationship early on.
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How to write a PhD in six months, a twitter thread from remarks by @MeganhMackenzie @Usyd_ssps at our writing sprints #phdchat #academicwriting
You must be openminded, optimistic and realistic. @MeganhMackenzie @Usyd_ssps #phdchat #academicwriting
If I want this to be done, let's have a "come to Jesus" moment. @MeganhMackenzie @Usyd_ssps #phdchat #academicwriting
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Let's talk #academiclife relocation as a #postdoc #phdchat

I just moved across the country (Louisiana to California) for a great govt postdoc. Big pay raise, benefits, a real job, etc.

I don't know if I can pay my rent next month. Here's why.
I had to pay $3,000 to move my family and me. We shipped whatever we couldn't sell and drove. We stayed with family to avoid lodging, made our lunches, and had our spending on lock down.

I won't be reimbursed for a penny because my job isn't a permanent position.
Because we couldn't afford to visit first to find housing, we had to go in blind (I interviewed in person at a conference).

To get into a duplex, we had to front another $4,000. Just to sign the lease!!
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1/n Tips for scientific writing: eliminate distractions (internet, phone notifications, people around you, chores). However, get up and walk around every half hour- helps with inspiration!
2/n Tips for scientific writing: when you get stuck on an idea, write yourself a note in the text and come back later. If necessary move on to another section of the paper- keep your flow!
3/n Tips for scientific writing: write in simple, clear, or even colloquial language first, to get the idea clearly from your mind to the page. Get most of the paper written this way. Polish later!
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Thread: some high level tips & general advice for phd students (based on my experience) #phdchat
1. Understand the incentive & motivation behind your choice to make this enormous commitment. Be fully transparent & honest w/ yourself. This is the big picture — the macro perspective. It will help you navigate the process w/ impeccable clarity, efficiency, & resilience.
2. Build a reliable network of kind and compassionate mentors characterised by a diversity of career backgrounds, levels of seniority/expertise, life experiences. Consult them often, build trust, and give them access to your dreams and fears. Nourish these relationships.
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Hey Twitter, remember the Young Post-Doc Precarious?
You can now buy The Young Post-Doc Precarious on a mug, or as a sticker, or on a t-shirt. (Heck, if you want it on a duvet cover, give me a shout and I'll make you a higher-res version! 😂)…

#phdchat #acwri
Are you a post-doc precarious? Cheer yourself up with a cushion or a travel mug or a postcard!

Are you a PhD supervisor whose student is about to graduate? Give them a glimpse at their future!

There's even a white version to go on black t-shirts!
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1. I'm creating this thread to discuss how epistemicide is common in critical qual research, and why we must be vigilant of it.
#critqual #educolor #acaemictwitter #phdchat #phdadvice #qualitativeresearch #highered #phd
2. First - what is epistemicide? It is the erasure, dismissal of culturally-situated ways of learning and knowing that would otherwise be critical to creating knowledge (in qualitative research). This occurs to center dominant discourses. #academictwitter #highered #phdadvice
3. At a conference, I met an emerging scholar of color, who is working on race and identity from his sociolcultural position, but he was working with theories that had nothing to do with his work (Read: Dead, white French guys). #AcademicTwitter #phdforum #educolor #highered #phd
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#AcWri #PhDchat Fancy some lunch break fun?

I am the very model of a young post-doc precarious:
I have a PhD and my accomplishments are various.
I've publications numerous, a contract for a monograph;
Today's writing output has been a single tortured paragraph.
I fill out applications for jobs temp'rary and permanent:
Will your first-rate department be my unemployment's terminant?
I do impact, outreach, I am a public intellectual,
My tweets and rants and diatribes are passionate, effectual.
In lack of tenure-track professorships like in days halcyon,
I'll get my research funded - yay! - on ko-fi and on patreon!
In short I'm unemployed but my accomplishments are various:
I am the very model of a young post-doc precarious.
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1. I was asked for some sources one could follow if one wanted to disrupt dominant methodologies while doing critical social science/educational research. This thread is my response. I hope you'll read & share. #AcademicTwitter #PhD #phdchat
2. First, my conceptualization of critical: anything that interrogates power relations, such as race, class, gender, intersectionality work, culture work, disability work, sexual orientation work, etc. #AcademicTwitter #PhD #phdchat #qualitaitvresearch #quallove
3. It's important to explore/document why you're drawn to this work/topic. Not through sterile academic reasoning but through sensory, embodied, experiences, inner calling. What were your critical milestones that brought you to this work, aspirations, fear, etc. #AcademicTwitter
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Sitting in a grant application writing session and just been told we are going to learn to make "the white sauce" of grant proposals; a 2-3 page simple set-up that can be used in all manner of proposals 👌👨‍🍳
#phdchat #ecrchat
First of all never submit a grant that you haven't asked colleagues to comment on. Plus be a mate and give them at least a week to do so and if you need letters of support tell people a month in advance. 🤗📨
Now to the meat of the proposal: 🥩🥓
Title - sounds straightforward but this is not a paper, so no long convoluted stuff! Best with a short direct question
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Thread: “How to WriteUp Your PhD and not get Overwhelmed” I’m spending a week with one of my (co-supervised) PhD students here in India. We are discussing general principles for getting it all done, so I will share some thoughts, in case it helps others at this stage #phdchat
First #protip : Start thinking in Paragraphs. All you will do next, really, is write a few paragraphs, that’s not too bad, is it? Live and breathe your science thoughts as paragraphs, or tidy bundles of thoughts that go well together
Don’t forget that a paragraph is really only 5-6 sentences. All these sentences should support and develop your topic sentence.
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So, my top do's and don'ts for applying for a job in the UK, particularly an academic job, which will help you get an interview. Or: things that have leapt out at me having shortlisted for two jobs recently #ECRchat #phdchat
There's no dark art of shortlisting in the UK. Thanks to a mix of law and HR practice in the UK it has to be a tick-box exercise for transparency and legal accountability down the line. This can be bad, but it is designed to reduce bias in the system and make it rigorous.
So, as a shortlister, you get a set of essential and desirable criteria. You look at the application and judge whether the candidate has these criteria. Usually it's
0 = not met criteria
1= partially met
2 = met
3 = exceeded
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It's #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek so I thought I'd lay out some personal truths based on my experience of nearly a decade as a PhD student, part-time worker, and academic early career researcher (ECR). Let's talk stress, anxiety and depression. #phdchat #ecrchat #phdlife (thread)
First off the disclaimer: I'm playing life on its easy setting, I'm white, male, a British citizen, cisgendered, roughly middle class. I make no claims to authority on the topics I'm about the talk about, nor that my experiences are exceptional. I am privileged in many ways.
(second disclaimer: I haven't really given this much thought beyond the decision to do it, so there's no guarantee anything here is going to be worth reading, but I think - I hope - it might be useful for someone to get a sense of "it's not just me", which might help)
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#PhDChat PhD students: you're in luck, because for the next couple of weeks, my Reading Notes and book live-tweets will be on books on how to write a doctoral dissertation. I am doing this because I have PhD students at all 3 stages of the process.
I'll be discussing Sternberg… and Bolker… as well as @PJDunleavy 's Authoring a PhD (which I actually already have read, and do recommend, but have never live-tweeted)…
I feel like at some point I read Kate Turabian's book, but I may or may not have done it… (I do know I have several books on how to survive a doctoral dissertation back home in Vancouver in one of my many boxes, but I don't have them here in Mexico).
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Academic job applications can be up to fifty pages long - huge! #BeyondProf
With academic jobs, you find the postings in the same places, the applications are long, and the process is cyclical - the exact opposite of the non-ac market! @drmarenw #BeyondProf
The transition can be hard - we become steeped in academic culture, even though we might not dream of professorship #BeyondProf
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10-20% of pregnant women experience depression and/or anxiety during the perinatal period. (peri=around, natal=birth). #MaternalMHMatters #PerinatalMentalHealth
Maternal prenatal stress has been associated with a range of negative outcomes in the baby.. such as obstetric outcomes (e.g. preterm birth, low birth weight), emotional outcomes, behavioural outcomes and cognitive outcomes. Review:…
The biological basis for this is still poorly understood. More research is needed in this area to help identify early markers (as well as protective factors) and to help inform early interventions to ensure the best possible outcome for the mother and the baby.
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I thanked my favourite band in my PhD dissertation acknowledgements. Who, or what, did you thank that is perhaps surprising? #phdlife #phdchat
What a fun thread this is!
This thread! ❤❤❤❤❤
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Wellbeing preservation in healthcare (within your control)

1. Stable & trusting connections to others
2. Connection to self - meditation, self-reflection, self-examination ie. quiet time
3. Connection to your environment/Nature

#medtwitter #phdchat #MH4Docs #womeninmedicine
4. Connection to your purpose (your Why) & desire to serve wellbeing of others
5. Peer support & group reflective practice w/ agreements to preserve confidentiality, respect, non-judgement & openness
6. Mentoring by someone who has qualities you want/admire & skills you need

7. Therapy with someone who can see in you what you can’t ie. your strengths, growing edges & blind spots)
8. Have a life & interests outside of your profession
9. Trust your intuition by listening to it and following through. If something feels ‘off’ it is.

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Afternoon twitterverse! Let’s talk about AI in Radiology, which is the main focus in my research.
Any talk of AI begs for a definition of AI, and there are as many definitions as there startups that are “AI-enabled”.
For our purposes we'll just call anything that performs one of the higher level behaviours associated with animals e.g. learning, planning, problem-solving, creating etc.
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