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Trump: Day 568
-144th Day at Trump Golf Club
-187th Day at Trump Property
-Sz Sessions is Scared Stiff & MIA
-Calls Omarosa Manigault "Low-Life"
-Trying 2 Deport Adopted Toddler
-Has 0 Nominees for 166 Positions
-Carrier Factory at Risk of Closing
-Charlottesville 1 Year Later
Day 673 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 525 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #fakenews #TrumpLies
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Let’s talk about the new #russianbot/#russianshill/#russiantroll/#altright darling, #walkaway for a bit, shall we, since clearly they’re pushing this as their new marketing campaign.

Now, it’s…#walkaway

(Christ, that’s a lot! They’re super gullible, enh? Heh)
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Democrats are really bad at this game.
We run from one catastrophe to the next with our hair on fire, and our rhetoric becomes increasingly desperate in the process. We fail to understand regional politics and how our rhetoric is used against us in purple districts.
There are plenty of things about #ICE that need to be changed. But the only way to change that is by being in power. How can we not see that the idea to #AbolishICE can be used as a broad message of @TheDemocrats being anit-law enforcement and for #OpenBorders???
Just today, I was listening to the @MSignorile show, and he promoted #AbolishICE as a good slogan for Dems to run on. I would ask Mr Signorile to look at the political calculus for #RedState Dems who'll be forced to defend that rhetoric and oppose #Trump's #SCOTUS pick
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While we're waiting for the polls to close (and doing last-minute GOTV!), we're going to tell our story of the past year and a half. Win or lose tonight, we think it's a story worth telling
We got started in November 2016 (before @IndivisibleTeam existed!), with help from the amazing organizers at Syracuse Peace Council, @WorkersCNY, Black Lives Matter Syracuse, and others
By Dec 2016, we were writing and calling @repjohnkatko to request a meeting. After weeks of frustration, #WheresKatko? was born
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Trump: Day 475
-Calls DPRK Labor Camp "Excellent'
-Berated DHS Secretary Nielsen
-Pence Uses Nixon's Talking Points
-Holds Campaign Rally in Indiana
-Official Mocks Health of McCain
-AT&T Paid Cohen 2 Help w/Merger
-Merkel Sz Europe Can't Rely on US
Day 580 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 448 since Donald Trump held a news conference.

Trump’s first and only solo news conference was on February 16, 2017.

What is he afraid of?
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THREAD: The new tax law is a raw deal for the middle class. 83% of the benefits go to the 1%, and it blows a $1.5 trillion hole in the deficit. But don't just take my word for it, here's 42 examples of how the #TaxScam hurts working families as well as a vision for #ABetterDeal:
A plurality—42%–think the tax cuts favor the wealthy most of all. Only 29.6% say they favor the working and middle class.…
The Great Snake Oil Slump…
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Today, March 1st, a minimum-wage worker catches up to what she made in 2009--the last time Congress raised the poverty-level minimum wage (as my colleague @rwest817 shows in new @amprog analysis)…
In 2018, a worker earning $7.25/hr must work an extra 41 days—more than 2 additional months!—just to earn the same amount as she did in a single year when the federal minimum wage was last increased. 2/x
As a result, a full-time minimum-wage worker will lose a staggering $2,370 in purchasing power this year.

That's more than ***47 times*** the average tax cut she gets under the #TrumpTaxScam. 3/x
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Know how Social Security and Medicare are referred to as the “third rail” – because cutting them is understood to be political suicide?

Well, it turns out it’s not just Social Security & Medicare.

Follow along for details on a new poll the GOP should pay close attention to. 1/x
Trump and Congressional Republicans learned the hard way last year how immensely popular Medicaid is, when in many ways it saved the ACA.

New polling shows a whopping **80% of Americans** oppose cutting Medicaid.

And it’s not just Medicaid folks don’t want to see cut.

Americans overwhelmingly—and across party lines—oppose President Trump and Speaker Ryan’s proposals to slash nutrition assistance, affordable housing, disability benefits, energy assistance, and more.

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If you want to play along, here is the actual Full Text of Tax Plan aka #GOPTaxScam I am going to start reading and commenting follow if you want thread 1/?…
If you acquire a new home, you can only deduct $750,000 in interest, compared to $1,000,000.00 before. This could impact many homes in California, NY, and in a lot of urban areas that vote Democrat. #TrumpTax Plan 2/?
The #StudentLoan interest deduction will remain. Because they did not repeal all of the #EstateTax they just raised the exemption from 5 million to 10 million. #GOPTaxPlan 3/?
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I feel like this is an episode of #RickandMorty, but we have to do a sequel to first #TwitterStorm now with 280 characters. I will be going through this #GOPRiot where they loot middle-America. So the thread begins here. 1/?
Not that the #GOP cares about #DACA or #undocumented families. But they use #SEC11022 to not allow undocumented parents to receive a tax credit for their children. These is cruel unjust and unAmerican. 2/?
#Sec11023 With the language to repeal the #JohnsonAmendment contained in the house amendment they have allowed an increase of cash contributions to #Charity as a means to funnel the money to #GOP candidates in a tax free fashion. This is not what Jesus would do or want. 3/\?
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Stay tuned for more on #Trumprussia and the CNP tonight!
#BREAKING I have - in my possession - a document - entitled The "CNP Vision for America" It sounds like the #TrumpRussia administrtion in a nutshell. #TrumpTaxScam #TaxReform #Resist
2. This is from 1988: The First Point: Balance Budget and Pay off debt - AND SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT IF NECESSARY. Sounds familiar?…
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⚡️ RT for the 99%!

A thread of on-the-nose cartoons that illustrate how the #TrumpTaxScam is going to screw YOU.

Senators tagged.👇🏽 /1
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11/27 ☎️ #CallToAction:

*45 & friends took off for TG ⛳️🦃 but they are set to return to push the #TrumpTaxScam.

Tell senators to stop this bill that'd devastate ACA, Medicare & Social Security, all so that a tiny sliver of wealthy allies make bank. 💰

#LoyalO THREAD⬇️
What to say & how to say it: ⬇️


Leave a ☎️VM➡️

Write an 📧➡️!/
House Republicans have passed tax legislation and the Senate now is considering a bill which a bipartisan analysis projects would immediately raise taxes for almost 14 million middle income Americans.…
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Thanksgiving is just two days away. Are you ready to talk to your family about the #TrumpTaxScam?

Whether you plan to bring it up or just want to be ready when someone else does, I hope these tweets might help. 1/
Your uncle says: "My taxes are high enough! It's about damn time Trump gives us a break!"

You: "Actually, 94 million families will get a tax increase under this plan. Non-partisan analysis shows the cuts are heavily tilted to the top."… 2/
Then your uncle says: "Those analyses are fake news. They show what happens AFTER tax cuts expire. Congress won't let that happen."

You say: "Actually they're done by non-partisan experts, and, Congress just let health insurance for 9 million uninsured kids expire so..." 3/
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Yesterday, I spoke on the phone with a top elected official in Congress.

We talked strategy for stopping the #GOPTaxScam bill. This bill is moving fast. Here is what the person said. 1/x

#NotOnePenny #TrumpTaxScam
(I repped for @MoveOn. Was joined on the call with leaders from allied orgs. Here's what the elected official shared (with their permission)): 2/x
Now that the House has passed their #taxscam bill, we have no time to lose.

Senate is next, but we need to go all out on both Senate and House, can't pick one first. No time. 3/x
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So. Lots of people have been talking about how bad this #TrumpTaxScam is for so many Americans. They are right. It is terrible.

But not enough people are talking about how bad this tax bill is for women in particular.

Commence tweet thread. 1/

The #sneakyrepeal of a key ACA provision in the tax bill would lead to 13 million more Americans uninsured within the next decade. The ACA as a whole would be weakened – threatening critical benefits for women like access to contraception and cancer screenings. 2/

Women, who make up 55 percent of Medicare beneficiaries, would be hurt disproportionately when, $25 BILLION gets cut from Medicare NEXT YEAR under the GOP tax bill. 3/
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These are the faces of the Republicans that just voted (after 0 hearings) to give massive tax cuts to the rich and corporations, paid for by the rest of us👇👇👇#TrumpTaxScam
.@RepKevinBrady: He's a driving force and key salesman behind the #TrumpTaxScam. The top 1% of Texans get a tax cut 3x as big as folks in the middle, as % of income.
.@SamsPressShop (Rep. Sam Johnson): He voted for #TrumpTaxScam even though it will RAISE taxes on nearly a quarter of middle-class Texans.
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I'm not thinking about #oneyearundertrump today.

I'm thinking about #oneyearofTheResistance and what we've done. Thread.
@CapRogers2017 @2HawkEye2018 @WarMachine2018 @Thor_ofMight @AgentHillResist @ScarletAvengers @ItHasBegun2016 @AgentCarter_SSR We've learned how to call out Members of Congress daily and effectively.

It makes a difference.

We've killed the ACA repeal THREE TIMES and calls to Congress were cited as the biggest reason for the success.

Calls to Congress are vital!
@CapRogers2017 @2HawkEye2018 @WarMachine2018 @Thor_ofMight @AgentHillResist @ScarletAvengers @ItHasBegun2016 @AgentCarter_SSR We show up!

#TheResistance has shown we will be there to fight the discrimination of racially motivated bans, executive orders, and demonstrations for hate.

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Good morning! It's #TrumpTaxScam day. Here's what to expect. 1/
At 9am, W&M Chair Kevin Brady will walk the rest of the House Rs thru the #TrumpTaxScam via PowerPoint. We'll know more shortly after. 2/
Rs (and the rest of the world) went to bed last night w conflicting info, unsettled details as to what's in. 3/
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🚨 There is a small fissure in the House Republican caucus RIGHT NOW that is holding up the #TrumpTaxScam. Let's blow it open. 🚨 1/
The House is supposed to vote *tomorrow* on the Senate budget resolution, which sets up the #TrumpTaxScam. 2/
But 1st Rs from NY & NJ want assurances the state & local tax deduction (SALT) will be preserved in #TrumpTaxScam. Leadership won't do it 3/
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Let the fact-checking begin #TrumpTaxScam
Fact-check: it is the biggest tax cut for the *wealthy* #TrumpTaxScam
Health care fact-check: There are NOT the votes for #GrahamCassidy
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