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Add to that another problem. The DNC has raised very little money. Campaigns like #WalkAway are educating a segment of their base. Conservatives are taking them out on social media with logic and factual rebuttals. The MSM has lost all credibility with voters, Approval...
...ratings for Trump with minorities the DNC thought were in their pocket are at an all time high - and that's just the data that the #FakeNews skewed polling samples let us know about. Trump's approval rating has hovered at/near 50% for months (so you know it's higher)...
Zero wasn't trotted out because muh blue wave. He was trotted out because all those little divided up groups they thought they had in their pocket are finding their way out, and the government is FINALLY starting to stem the flood of illegals who come across the border...
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@secupp Absolutely right. Except when the press is blatantly biased and has become more of a propaganda machine than a #freepress. Also could you please "out" the journalists and media orgs on Fusion GPS' payroll? And who else is running pay-to-publish "stories?"

Asking for a friend.
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#Obama administration reportedly dispensed #TAXPAYER money to the Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA) — a Sundanese al-Qaeda affiliate — after U.S. officials were informed the group was a designated terror group


.@BreitbartNews @TheJusticeDept…
Obama approved grant of $200,000 of #taxpayer money to an al-Qaeda affiliate... 😡
Talk about treason, money laundering, corruption, trafficking.. all while hiding Hillary #RICO #Malfeasance #PoliticalCorruption
They stole, murdered & sold us out…
Hello 🎯
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#QAnon #QArmy #POTUS @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Winning #Q
Q !
Jul 27 2018 10:20:30 (EST)
Twitter near 20% slide?
FB near 20% slide?
All because of missed earnings?
What does the Street know?
Insiders dumping?
[DC moves slow]
Your hands are dirty.
#QAnon #QArmy #POTUS @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Winning #Q
Down they go.
Goodbye @Jack
Look those robots up!
It's fun watching them lose all their money.
They are all spying …Will be shutdown and lose all their funding...
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#HisNameWasSethRich and I said in July of 2016 that

this whole thing was a setup in disinformation by the

MSM and the DNC. I also stated that this murder would

not go unsolved and just go away. The following are from

the Anons on the Board.
HOLY SH#T is right @mflynnJR! This is YUGE news

coming out the day before the 2nd anniversary of

#SethRich’s murder.

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@TheLastRefuge2 #ClintonRICOsuit

#ClintonCrimeFamily accused of money laundering which in turn was used to bribe journalists to undermine President Trump. #faketrumpdossier

#ClintonFoundationCrimes #FakeNews
@TheLastRefuge2 Per RICO complaint filed against the Clinton Foundation, #ClintonCartel #CrookedHillary led Donna Brazile and others to “fear for their life”

#ClintonBodyCount #ClintonFoundationCrimes
@TheLastRefuge2 #ClintonRICOsuit

Per RICO Complaint, FBI relied “nearly entirely” on research paid for by @HillaryClinton to justify FISA apps to mislead district courts on Russian activity and obstruct “slam dunk” espionage case against @HillaryClinton

#ClintonCrimeFamily #ClintonCartel
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!!NEW Q DROP!! 06/14/18 12:28 POTUS Birthday Edition!! [[RR]] approved/signed FISA-warrant app to extend surveillance on POTUS/others.
What evidence to support?
Snowball!! [[RR]] @ WH.
Why was Rachel Brand removed? So POTUS could choose replacement? #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
!!NEW Q DROP!! 14:55 Q posted @realDonaldTrump tweet from June 5th re. why the IG Report on Crooked Hillary & Slippery James Comey was taking so long!! #QAnon #CrookedHillary #SlipperyComey @realDonaldTrump
Some Anon Comments/Research/News!! From the board!! #QAnon #IGReport @realDonaldTrump
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Those who don't know Trump and his methods, especially his means of conveying vital messages, are doomed to foolishly misinterpret those messages. Again and again, the legacy media, liberals, #NeverTrumpers, etc., completely misconstrue what is really being conveyed.
The quick and easy and abysmally lazy explanation for today's Trump tweet re Sessions: Trump, attacking his AG again! Trying to undermine our precious Mueller probe!
The media take the bait. Every time. Trump's deadly skills at branding, honed to a science, are the stuff of legend. Once he affixes a nick name on you, it sticks. Permanently.
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1. #QAnon:


"Come and take it" ("Molon labe") - President Donald J Trump, May 4th, 2018

2. #QAnon has a new secure board, anons:
3. #QAnon's "Pre_staging" for his new secure board.

President Trump in Dallas today "Come and take it!" 1835. NEVER surrender! Born free! #Q
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Doing some early morning research on the push to regulate private home-schools in California. Who are the players? I'll leave some interesting findings in this thread as I have time. I'll tell you one thing: Mandatory vaccination is on the agenda. #noAB2756 #noAB2926 #Turpin13
Following news on the #Turpin13 case, one of the names that kept coming up was "The Coalition for Responsible Home Education." Homeschoolers know how much that case received national coverage and with each headline having "Homeschool" stuffed into the title. So who are they?
Let's start with this interview with the Co-Founder on "how common the California case is, as well as policy reforms #CRHE is pushing for."… #Turpin13 #NoAB2926 #NoAB2756
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1. Last night #Q was intimating that they knew thart @Snowden is in China. #Qanon (ICMI). "Eyes in the sky."
2. Today's #QAnon drop seems to suggest that AG Sessions DOJ action against California's criminal subversion of federal law is the second Boom. The North Korea denuclearization and potential reunification being the first Boom. The last boom will be "magical" -#Q
3. #QAnon #BOOM #Sessions: "I've appointed a person outside of Washington, many yrs in #DOJ to look at all the allegations that House members sent to us; & we’re conducting that investigation..we have a responsibility to insure the integrity of #FISA."…
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1. Todays Q posts are here threaded: #QAnon drop exhorts us all to stay together and FIGHT the censorship, reminding us that they are with us! - #Q
2. South Africa‘s parliament has passed a motion to seize land from farmers without compensation based on their race
3. #QAnon asks when is there efficacy of a "class action lawsuit" in context of a "censorship algorithm" embedded the "SAME across multiple platforms", reminding us, "Why did Eric Schmidt leave Google?" the day @POTUS signed executive order to confiscate corruption $$.
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THREAD: Timeline proves #TrumpColluded
April 26, 2016: George Papadopoulos, whom Trump named as one of his “top five” foreign policy advisers, learns that the Russians had possession of the DNC emails. He passes word of this to others in the campaign. No one calls the FBI.
Mid-May: PapaD tells an Australian diplomat in London that the Russians have compromising emails on Clinton. The diplomat properly informs his superiors, who--unlike Trump campaign officials--recognizes his legal responsibilities under American law to notify U.S. authorities.
June 9: At a meeting at Trump Tower previewed for the campaign as “part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump,” Donald Trump Jr. listens as well-connected Russians offer damaging information about Clinton.
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Donald J. Trump is the quintessential disruptor. He was a determined disruptive force in real estate. In the hotel business. In deal making. In economics. In business, large and small. In the courts. The one common thread in all of the above: he wins.
He wins by innovating. It's what disrupters do. He has an uncanny knack of seeing around corners, as all disrupters do.
Once Trump entered the world of politics, applying his life experiences and innovative energies, he was destined to win.
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All you need to know about "Bill Kristol":
-he supported Obama
-he voted for #CrookedHillary
-he fears Donald Trump
-his favorite president was George W. Bush

If you think ANY of those things make him a hero, you might be a Communist.

Don't believe me? Read on.
"Between Obama’s mother, grandfather, Kenyan father, and Frank Marshall Davis, those are some pretty extreme political influences."…
"He came to me to make sure I was supporting his sound policies. Of course, since his sound policies are more like the policies people like me have been advocating for quite a while, I’m happy to support them. He’s a born-again neo-con."…
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"#ChuckAndNancy" #LimousineLiberals #Politics -- #DemExit #EPluribusUnum

Genevieve Wood: Schumer Shutdown Makes Clear Democrats’ Real Priorities…

#SchumerShutdown | #tcot #PJNET
#LimousineLiberals #Soros #SJW #Antifa #LiberalFascism -- #DemExit #EPluribusUnum

Antifa Member in Custody After Hospitalizing 56 Year Old Outside ‘Night For Freedom’ Event…
| #tcot #PJNET
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