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Startling to men, not to women.
Google "woman raped while jogging/running" and see how many stories there are.
It's ALMOST as if this story has been written before because it happens so frequently.

The real dangers of running while female…
In fact--déja vu--the danger of running while female have been written about a LOT because there have been so many women who have been raped and/or murdered while running. #MollieTibbetts is the latest.

For Women Runners, There’s Always One Huge Concern…
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I want #MollieTibbetts 's murderer to rot in hell, however, the undocumented narrative may be a falsehood.
This is a motion for gag order filed by his lawyer asking a judge to issue an order to stop referring to him as undocumented, because he is LEGAL. Reads for yourself
Murder is wrong.
Violence is wrong.
Murder and violence against women is a REAL ISSUE.
Politicizing murder is wrong and takes away from the real issue" VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.
See the tweet above.
I am assuming this lawyer can back up the claims in this motion. I ll stick to my story until the judge makes a decision on this.
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OK! I’m slightly less pissed than I was yesterday.
Let’s talk #MollieTibbetts shall we?
I live in Iowa. It’s wonderful. The people here are genuinely friendly. “Iowa Nice” is a real thing.
You know the story by now of Mollie Tibbetts.
I work in a job that I visit several gas stations and grocery stores every day. For the past 2-3 weeks they all have one thing in common. At the entrance to EVERYWHERE is a missing persons poster for Mollie Tibbetts.
You can’t escape the story. Radio, TV, internet, in person. Molly’s picture has been in my face for weeks. She literally became the “girl next door” even though Brooklyn is 2.5 hours from me.
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OK, rightwingers you want to talk logic? How about this: If keeping out all immigrants will prevent all immigrant crime, then taking away all guns will prevent all school massacres. Want to go with that argument?

Bottom line: stop exploiting #MollieTibbetts
"Most research says crime tends to decrease in areas where immigrants settle, whether they’re in the country legally or illegally."… My issue is with the right's inordinate focus on crimes by undocumented immigrants, while shrugging at school massacres.
If the right's aim is to protect loved ones, then why not take more drastic measures to stop gun violence by white males? Or is violence by undocumented immigrants somehow more egregious? Saying it's "preventable" is meaningless. So are school shootings, if you banned all guns.
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CHALLENGE TO #MikePence, @FoxNews, and every rightwinger exploiting #MollieTibbetts' brutal murder:

Will you say a SINGLE WORD about 16-month-old Ashton Ness, who was savagely beaten and stabbed to death by his white, Christian, American father?

This beautiful soul, just like #MollieTibbetts, deserves our compassion and prayers. His killer deserves justice. By singling one of these two victims out to score political points, you dishonor both of them. Shame on you.
Where are your thoughts and prayers for this boy and his mother? Where is your outrage over his evil killer? Why are you ignoring his suffering? Is it because the male who brutally stabbed him doesn't fit your agenda??
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The murders of #ShannanWatts, Bella,4, Celeste ,3 and the unborn baby boy, Nico, are a devastating reminder that several thousand women are killed each year by #domesticviolence in America and the @WhiteHouse has never once tweeted about it.
According to the CDC and FBI, more than 2k women are killed each year in the U.S. by men. The majority of these killings are #domesticviolence, but there are also murders like that of #MollieTibbetts--women who are murdered by strangers.
Each year the number of women murdered in the US is higher.
#DomesticViolence remains largely unaddressed, under-reported and under-prosecuted, as the current suspension of #UrbanMeyer indicates.…
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1/ Ten years ago this June a recent immigrant was sentenced to life for the vicious, violent, cold-blooded murder of his wife and infant daughter before trying to flee to his home country.

Here's what *didn't* happen:…

--@bostonherald didn't run an angry editorial blaming our imm. vetting processes

--No one used this tragedy to call for an end to all British immigration

--The media never used a booking photo; always images like this one to remind us of his wealth & whiteness
3/ Neil Entwistle shot his wife in the head, and then his infant daughter in the stomach as she lay sleeping in her mother's arms. He then withdrew every dollar they had and fled to London. Mass state troopers grabbed him on a tube platform.
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Attention liberal MSM her name is #MollieTibbetts. She isn't just some girl from Iowa. She had a family and will not be going back home to them. Furthermore, don't compare her murder to ILLEGAL aliens held at the border. Their families had a choice. Her's didn't.
@Dr_CMGreer as a black woman you should know what it is like for someone to be dismissive. Look at the blacks killed in Chicago on a daily basis and nothing is done. Empty promises. Shame on you! Let's hope you and yours never experience this type of loss. #MollieTibbetts
Her family will never be able to see her reach her full potential. They will never be able to see her accomplishments in life. All that could have been & was ended the moment Obama, Democrats, Liberals & #FakeNewsMedia decided to push against border walls. Blood on their hands.
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I promised myself I would stay off of politics while on vacation. I’ll break that promise just once.
Mollie Tibbetts was an Iowan. She was raised not far from me. She went to the University of Iowa, just like me. Rooted for the Hawkeyes. She had hopes, dreams, a good upbringing
& a loving family cheering for her future.
Then, in the most gruesome way possible, it all ended.
Mollie went for a run on one of those sleepy Iowa farm roads I grew up on. She was abducted, murdered & had her body dumped in a ditch by a third-world monster who should have nev
er been within a thousand miles of Mollie. This human garbage had spent six years (!) in our country illegally being shielded, protected & humanized at every turn by the policies of national Democrats. This bastard crossed our borders illegally and even though he does not share
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You are EXPLOITING this tragedy. Her family deserves compassion. Her evil killer deserves justice. By making it about immigration, you're USING a victim. Have you done this with: Makiyah Wilson, 10; Kayden Mancuso, 7; Nia Wilson, 18; Casey Nicole Kizer, 17; Megan L Metzger, 19?
This is exactly right, and it holds for #Pence, #Trump, Fox News, and others who are exploiting this horrific murder.
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As news breaks about Trump being implicated by #MichaelCohen in a crime, Mike Pence, Fox News, and others on the right are cynically exploiting the heinous murder of #MollieTibbetts. An evil monster killed her. An undocumented immigrant. I hope justice is swiftly served.
THREAD (2/4):

#MollieTibbetts' family deserves our respect, thoughts, prayers, and condolences. What they do NOT deserve is to be used as pawns to make a political point about immigration, to stoke xenophobia, to drum up fear and bigotry.
THREAD (3/4):

Has Mike Pence tweeted about the recent murder of:

Makiyah Wilson, 10-years-old

Kayden Mancuso, 7-years-old

Nia Wilson, 18-years-old

Casey Nicole Kizer, 17-years-old

Megan L. Metzger, 19-years-old

Or any of numerous murders of young women across America?
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Trump Rally LIVE 7pm EST, right here. I'll be watching and live tweeting it:

Pre-rally music for all of us that aren't lucky enough to be there in person.

And for before President Trump speaks and after, I'll be checking out @QuiteFrankly live. Starts at the same time. 7pm EST

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Beyond shocked that #FakeNewsCNN isn't devoting hours and hours of coverage on the missing Iowa student #MollieTibbetts. Afterall, this is their forte. They usually cover stories like this until the person is found. I guess Drama Queen #JimAcosta is sucking up the news cycle.
The #MollieTibbetts story is breaking news, not Jim Acosta crying because Sarah Sanders won't take his question.
Simply unbelievable that #FakeNewsCNN is not covering this story. A white female student missing is definitely something they would want to cover, but they are too busy covering Jim "Crybaby" Acosta.
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“Leads still pouring in”
“We do not plan on sharing details with the public at this time.”
“We have not pinpointed the reason for Mollie’s disappearance.”
A reporter asked if the public is in danger.. answer: “Take precautions. We don’t know why Mollie disappeared.”
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