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(1) Highlights thread of #POTUSinEurope.

#TeamTrump #PhotoThread: Visit to Europe July 2018 - Part VII.

There will be a link at the end to the series of threads.

#MAGA #PeaceThroughStrength #Diplomacy #History #Winning

(2) Departing the White House for the trip to Europe.
(3) Planning the day ahead in Brussels.
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(1) #TeamTrump #PhotoThread: Visit to Europe July 2018 - Part V.

Scotland: Glasgow, the Trump Turnberrry Club, then on to the #HelsinkiSummit with Russia.
(2) As usual, the photos of the couple looking relaxed and happy are tucked away and harder to find, while the negative ones are front and center. They've been travelling and carrying out events nonstop all week, but they still look energized. Positive attitude.
(3) POTUS and team pointing and laughing at something, possibly the asinine Greenpeace stunt, because "below par" is a good thing in golf. LOL

Very very stupid idea to risk getting shot... a POTUS is one of the most well protected persons in the world.
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Next up, we’re taking a look at what went down at the #NATOSummit this week and what it all means. #OnAssignment
.@realDonaldTrump promised an “interesting time” and he certainly delivered. Check out this exclusive report by our @NBCNews colleagues
#NATO Sec Gen @jensstoltenberg said the talks between @realDonaldTrump and other leaders had “made NATO stronger.” But some are still fearful about the President’s gravitation towards Putin’s #Russia.
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I'm going to make a point about the civ-mil gap and the AVF, but bear with me for a few tweets.

In grad school I learned that 1 of the most durable findings in behavioral political science is that when people don't know the answer to a survey question, they just make one up. 1/
Comedians like Jimmy Kimmel & shows like The Daily Show exploit this all the time for laughs. See, for example, this clip on #SpaceForce: 2/
That’s why it was so surpring when Peter Feaver @lindsaypcohn & I found in “Warriors and Citizens” that a large/growing portion of the public refused to answer survey questions when asked about service members or the military. cc: @KoriSchake 3/…
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200,000 protesters will also do their utmost to make Trump feel unwelcome.
Even Conservative Party members want no part of the #TrumpUKVisit:

"The divisive, dog-whistle rhetoric in his @TheSun interview is repulsive . If signing up to the #Trump world view is the price of a deal, it’s not worth paying"
Bravo to May for refusing to indulge #Trump's racism.

"The UK has a proud history of welcoming people who are fleeing persecution .. people who want to come to our country to contribute .. Immigration has been good for the UK" (^ @ddale8) #TrumpUKVisit
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Trump: Day 537
-Barrage of Acidic Rhetoric at NATO
-Spouts Lies About German Energy
-Asked NATO 2 Spend 4% on Defense
-Sz Kelly Was Unhappy w/"Breakfast"
-Ivanka Products Spared From Tariffs
-Manafort Receiving "VIP" Treatment
-Mueller Asks 4 100 More Subpoenas
Day 642 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 494 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama. #fakenews #TrumpLies
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Then is inadvertently hoisted into the air by balloons

They call her #FLOTUS
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#NATO summit: NATO leaders united in approving plans to bolster defenses against #Russia. (Earlier Trump slammed allies, called Germany "captive of Russia" b/c of energy deal. Actually, Russia needs that energy deal more than Germany) - The Washington Post…
FACT CHECK: Russia accounts for less than 20% of Germany’s energy needs

Trump falsely claimed Germany gets up to 70% of its energy from and is therefore “captive to Russia.” Nowhere near the truth, even w/ NordStream2 pipeline.… #NATO #NATOsummit
#Russia's pipeline to #Germany that Trump seems to be so mad about, explained - The Washington Post… #NATO #NATOsummit #NordStream2
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Macron imitates how Trump sits at #NATOSummit. Usually he sits like a Frenchman...
with Trump, Macron sits like this:
then there's the hand holiding. and knowing looks. so weird.
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I spoke with @PoppyHarlowCNN @CNN @GovRichardson about the @realDonaldTrump bark vs. bite at #NATOSummit 1) @POTUS actions on @NATO don't match his rhetoric (in a good way) @DeptofDefense is making LT commitments to @NATO i.e. new command center in VA, more $$ in Europe and more
2) On the "Russian Captive" comment/ pot calling the Trumpian kettle black moment: Germany is dependent on Russian energy and is giving Russia $ for energy imports. We've seen how easily Russia turned off the heat and lights in Ukraine - Germany probably wont push the envelope
too far w/ Russia when they're getting this much energy from them. Our credibility on energy security is dicey tho, we are effectively giving Russia more $$ by taking Iranian energy offline if prices rise because of tighter supply
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Trump is absolutely right to call out @NATO allies for not meeting their 2% of GDP defence $ commitment


Here is what Germany/Merkel signed up to at the 2014 NATO summit in Wales:…

* Halt any decline in defence $
* Increase $ with GDP growth
* Get to 2% by 2024 at the latest

Virtually all lefty think tank and talking heads obfuscate these 3 key commitments
What have Germany and MERKEL done since then?

If you answered: *literally nothing*, congratulations

Since 2014 German defence spending is static at 1.2%:…

And without rounding up, it's actually DECLINED in the last year to 1.12%:…
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A quiet day on the Brexit front, so let's think about the coming days:

Today, assuming no resignations, it's about May getting some +ve support from EU leaders at #NATOSummit

(I assume no resignations, as #WorldCup will drown any other story for next 24hrs, plus we seem to have moved from Cabinet to P'y posts)

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Fascinating word cloud around the #NATOSummit right now, based on social media, news sites and blogs, scanned since yesterday morning.
No surprises as to the main driver. This was the traffic since yesterday morning.
Main themes from the word cloud as of 9:30 CET:

Vladimir Putin

I'll be updating during the day from #NATOEngages at the #NATOSummit.
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Delighted to attend #NATOengages, a high-level civil society event hosted by @AtlanticCouncil @gmfus @MunSecConf & @WIISBrussels at new @NATO Headquarters, happening simultaneously with the official #NATOsummit.

Watch LIVE:

Germany Defence Minister @vdleyen:

"Trump is a business man. He will understand that spending is not just about input, but also about output. You can spend 2% on your national defence budget, but not do anything for NATO. Focus must be on capabilities."

#NATOengages #NATOsummit
"A more peaceful, more resilient, more democratic world is good for @Canada.

We deeply believe in @NATO's values:

Peace, security & #DefendingDemocracy are as relevant today as ever." -

PM @JustinTrudeau at #NATOengages #NATOsummit
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 3949: Donald Trump Shoves Montenegro's PM Dusko Markovic at NATO Meeting • #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageAnalysis #NATOSummit #DonaldTrump #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence
1/ In the light of the upcoming NATO meeting (11 - 12 July 2018), it's very much worth revisiting last years' meeting - and one of Donald Trump's infamous displays. What follows is a reposting of an analysis from 25 May 2017.
2/ While at NATO Headquarters, Donald Trump shoved his way through a crowd of other heads-of-state. What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of this incident.
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(1) #TeamTrump #PhotoThread: Visit to Europe July 2018 - Part I.

First stop, Brussels, then on to London, Scotland and the #HelsinkiSummit with Russia.
(2) Leaving for and arriving in Brussels.
(3) A VERY strong start to the day in Brussels, when POTUS ate Germany for breakfast ,with Jens Stoltenberg (NATO head) sitting across the table. Good times!
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THREAD: 6 months ago today I released the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's #RussiaReport documenting the strategies Vladimir Putin has used to undermine democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Russia and Europe for the past 20 years.
Because to prevent what he did in our 2016 election from happening again, we need to understand Putin's patterns and methods. The Kremlin uses an arsenal of tools to destabilize democracies and sow chaos: cyber attacks, propaganda, coups, corruption, assassinations and more.
Putin has increasingly crossed the line of acceptable behavior – and we need a @POTUS who is resolute on American values, our transatlantic alliances and international norms to stand up to him. #RussiaReport
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As he heads to the #NATOSummit, Trump should remember that @NATO members host 28 U.S. military bases around the world, covering $2.5 billion in basing costs. Our allies make us stronger, safer, and more secure.
Trump says NATO is "much too costly for the US"—but without the contributions of our allies, our military bases and missions would be much costlier.

Plus, the costs of fighting a new war today could be at least $2.5 trillion per year. Our alliances deter that war from happening.
Our military and defense leaders understand the vital importance—and success—of the transatlantic alliance.

Why doesn't our Commander-in-Chief?

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It appears that not only the US president is unclear about what the NATO 2% GDP guideline actually means. So let me spell this out: (thread)
In 2002, NATO agreed it would be a good idea if all NATO members spent about 2% of their national GDPs on their defence capabilities. Why 2%? No particular reason other that it sounded about right, and wasn't too far from actual spending while lower than Cold War spending.
By 2014, the security situation in Europe had deteriorated quite a lot, as Russia annexed Crimea.
When NATO members met in Wales that year, they decided to reaffirm the goal of having all members spend 2% on their national defences.
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NATO uses unanimously agreed formula based on GDP to determine how much each contributes to NATO’s common defense spending. In 2017, US share was 22.15%, followed by Germany (14.65%), France (10.63%), & UK (9.84%). All members have met their common funding obligation requirement.
US forces are not in Europe to protect Europeans at expense of US taxpayer. Instead, US troops are there to protect US national interests. The huge garrisons of US troops in Europe are no longer the fortresses of the Cold War, but the forward operating bases of the 21st century.
It is true that defense spending in Europe is not where it needs to be. Europeans must spend MORE. But US allies DO NOT “owe vast sums of money” to the US as a consequence. There is no central pool of defense funding controlled by the US that member states pay into annually.
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The #NATOSummit is next week. This is an opportunity to present some recent academic scholarship on alliances/coalitions, which has drastically evolved in the last 15 years from the classic "origins of alliances/alliances as causes of war" debates. THREAD
Self-promotion first: my own research has dealt with junior partners in coalition warfare(…), diplomatic practices in #NATO (…)&the "selective emulation" of allies that comes with fighting alongside them (…) 1/
On top of that, @AlicePannier and I have looked at the role of institutions in fostering the convergence of defence policies (…). @FCoticchia et al. have also studied "learning from others" in coalition warfare (…) 2/
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