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They are already back to their #Russiagate conspiracy and back to smearing #GeneralFlynn. 👇

Interesting stuff in this article, though, especially the emails and certain keywords contained within. Sounds awfully familiar to some other emails.

Was #PeterSmith also a dangle?
They are back to #PeterSmith, a GOP Donor, who supposedly committed suicide in May 2017 and left a strange note.
His alleged suicide note said “No foul play whatsoever.”

Here’s another source of this being reported in 2017:…
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1 We’ve seen how low the left goes in an attempt to “win” with the fake rape smear campaign in an attempt to not #ConfirmJudgeKavanaugh Apply this thinking to #NadiaMurad “winning” the #NobelPeacePrize2018 Her Attorney? #AmalClooney
2 First of all, Amal’s husband #georgeclooney covered for #MeToo members #lesmoonves & #HarveyWeinstein put abuser #CaseyAffleck in his Oceans movies, lamented the punishment for child rapist Polanski & was accused of blacklisting assault whistleblowers on ER.That actress is dead
3 Amal says she wants to help Nadia defeat Isis in a legal tribunal. Odd considering her pals created & enabled Isis. After Qaddafi’s death, Libya, the apex of Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State under Obama, basketball buddy George, created a vacuum for Isis to grow.
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It's hysterical to see the blue-check #Russiagate conspiracy theorists/assistant coup plotters suddenly worried about what Papadopoulos says. Nervous much?

Ohhhh, look who else had to chime in 😂
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Let's have a short Brett Kimberlin Film Festival, Shall We? (THREAD)

This directly connects to @POTUS and the #RealRussiagate because Kimberlin worked directly with DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa to try and keep @POTUS from taking office.
Here's the story that outlines the Chalupa / Kimberlin connection in the 2016 election....…
But who is Brett Kimberlin?

Here's a video I made years ago about Brett's past as a convicted serial bomber.

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Dear @nakashimae @washingtonpost can’t seem to find your follow up about how this was completely false as stated by Admiral Mike Rogers himself? You know since “Democracy dies in darkness” and you’re all about the truth...?…
In case you missed it, here it is, directly from the man himself and everybody giggles hehe
See, it's important because the article states these "memos" which if they actually exist, are false information and they were made available to Mueller and Congressional investigations. Furthermore your little story sparked quite the outrage, did you not ask @NSAGov ?
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Anyone familiar w/ propaganda techniques will see right through this article's lies, & figure its true intentions.

We will deconstruct it for you, lie by lie, falsehood by falsehood, by tomorrow (Sunday) - stay tuned! 😉…
Sorry to begin w/ the end of the article, but this is to show how crappy a job @abcnews is doing: they already had to fix a serious 'mistake' where they 'only' made their readers believe Assange is facing charges when he is not.

Way to go @abcnews... but we're not done yet!
Exposing the lies & manipulation in this article is like entering a long sewer: there's poop everywhere you look.
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In 2015 Kaspersky Labs exposed NSA Spyware Installed on Western Digital Seagate Micron Toshiba Samsung& IBM Hard Drives
IC vendetta made a fine coverup for illegal Obama FISA warrants, Clinton/DNC
#ElectionFraud & #Corruption
Extradite Steele
Indict the Clintons
And imprison the killers of #SethRich

Ask Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray about the DNC Leaks
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THREAD on The Enemy Within (UK Edition)

I'm going to show you the FACTS on the UK think tank that is the center of a LOT of anti-@realDonaldTrump activity including connections to the Steele dossier & @Billbrowder.

Time to make you smarter about the Henry Jackson Society.
This shows how the left / right paradigm doesn't reveal about the anti-@POTUS movement,

Let's start with this Guardian article from 2005, when the Henry Jackson society first opened its doors in London.…
I'm going to point out that it's NeoCon think tank and one of the lead never-trumpets, Bill Kristol is a patron and so is James Woolsey, ex-CIA and one of the people on board of Genie Energy that I've discussed before.

Also -- note Richard Dearlove.
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#Obamagate is MUCH bigger than people currently realize

Consider - NO ONE supposedly believed Trump could possibly win, and yet Obama was spying on him before he even had the nomination

So Obama is spying on American citizens that he sees as no pilicital threat

See where I’m going with this?

WHO was Obama actually WORRIED could beat HRC in the general election?


If Obama had no problem weaponizing counter intel assets against someone he didn’t consider a threat...

Is it even plausible that Obama WAS NOT also spying on Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, et al

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Extremely disappointing that you - or anyone - would attempt to tarnish Ray McGovern's character using a comparison with the same WMD lie he exposed and warned against.
In fact, it’s worse than sad, you’ve missed the boat completely.

#Russiagate is the current equivalent of the #WMD myth. It is the war hawk theory based on no evidence. All we have done: dare to report factual, publicly available information that contradicts that narrative.
You, on the other hand, have engaged in scare tactics, doxxing, and attempted character assassination in order to make the dissenting voices and **the evidence** they cite disappear in a fog of cognitive dissonance.
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For the contents of the article, please see the thumbnail.

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Trump appointed what appears to be Hillary Clinton's long-lost sadistic psychopath sister to head the CIA.

Tell me more about how different he is, and how he's going to #Draintheswamp any day now.
These are the things we should be pissed about. Not fictitious red-scare fantasies cooked up in the bowels of GCHQ and the FBI. #Russiagate #NeoMcCarthyism
Again: #Trump is too easy to take pot-shots at, & everyone in the establishment does it anyway. However, they do so for all the wrong reasons, and this type of action - appointing #Haspel to head #CIA - is demonstrable, tangible evidence that he is no more change than #Obama was.
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Time for a DEEP DIVE THREAD...which I'm posing as a legitimate question to @michaeldweiss : who was behind Herzen, Michael? Was it Nina?

Although Michael Weiss understand both of my questions, YOU out there on Twitter have NO idea what I'm talking about..

So follow along…
Who is Michael Weiss aka @michaeldweiss?

He's one of the most important and influential media figures out there.

Not just because he's an editor at @thedailybeast or an analyst at @CNN or a writer for @ForeignPolicy.

Michael Weiss wants to control what YOU see on Facebook.
Michael Weiss is also a fellow at the @AtlanticCouncil.…
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In this THREAD, I'm going to lay out…

1) Why it's clear the REAL target of #Russiagate isn't @realDonaldTrump -- it's Putin.

2) Who the Russian billionaire targeting Putin is.

3) How it all connects to everything from Steele dossier to Trump Tower Meeting…and even Facebook!
Let's jump straight to my 2nd question, because it helps explain everything.

The Russian billionaire who's been a key figure in what we know call #Russiagate for years -- about a decade, it will be shown -- is r Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
Quick bio on Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Became one of Russia's biggest Oligarchs after the fall of the USSR, in part by owning Russia's biggest oil company Yukos.

Was richest man in Russia at one point then arrested by Putin in 2003, charged fraud.

Putin pardoned him in 2013.
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Carter Page has stoutly denied on many occasions that he held “secret talks” in Moscow on his infamous trip there on 7-8 July 2016. But a high ranking Russian official and economist, Mikhail Delyagin, said that he did. #steele #carterpage #russiagate
1/ Here’s the link to the Russian web page, which is dated 11 July 2016, a few days after Page’s trip to Moscow. It is headlined: “Counselor Trump [Carter Page] and Gazprom held secret talks in Moscow - and sat on the podium.”
2/ This is further evidence of the credibility and importance of the Steele dossier, which alleged that Page did have secret talks in Moscow. Steele’s sources, however, told him that the talks were with Sechin, the head of Rosneft, the Russian Federation’s giant oil company.
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"...the bulk of the information that formed the basis for the FISA warrant applications was the “dossier” of allegations about Donald Trump’s activities in Russia. This dossier was provided to the FBI by British spy Christopher Steele. Steele was hired during the 2016
presidential campaign by opposition research firm Fusion GPS, who was paid by HRC's law firm Perkins Coie, who was paid by the Clinton campaign and the DNC. The allegations were scandalous and completely unverified, in violation of federal statutes and FISA court rules.
In other words, the FBI used opposition research paid for by the Democrats as justification for government spying on a political opponent and other Americans."

#russiagate #ChristopherSteele #perkinscoie #Clinton #spygate
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QDrops for Sunday July 29, 2018


20 pages or more to be unredacted this week.

They want us divided but they will FAIL!






Listen VERY carefully.

POTUS legal in review (Huber).

Something BIG is about to drop.

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@RVAwonk @ybbkaren The Root article stretched too far imo. But we shld have been scrutinizing all along-& shld scrutinize now—the many red flags re: our voting machines & tabulators (eg remote access software, cellular modems, an SOS who turned off machine audit functions) to protect us in 2018! 1/
@RVAwonk @ybbkaren By continuing to downplay the risk relating to vote tallies and our largest voting machine vendors--ES&S and Dominion--and by failing to apply the same level of scrutiny that we have applied to Russia collusion (which we also may never be able to prove), we have ensured... 2/
@RVAwonk @ybbkaren …that we will NOT know b4 2018 where ES&S has installed remote access software & cellular modems, that ES&S will continue selling systems w/ cellular modems (the DS200 scanners are used in 25 states, but we don't know which have the cellular modems--WI, FL, RI are a "yes") 3/
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This is horrible. U.S Gymnastics reached out to @FBI about #LarryNassar sexual abuse in 2015, were given video evidence that disgusted them but somehow investigation didn’t start until May 2016. During that gap 40 girls were assaulted. Wonder what @Comey and were distracted with?
Oh that’s right, they were consumed with covering up felonies for the 150 former employees of HRC’s State Department and getting their backup plan ready aka #RussiaGate🙄 Thank you for looking into this @ChuckGrassley…
Mr. @ChuckGrassley please consider looking into why exactly famed lawyer Gloria Allred forced her client into a settlement & gag order, how many more girls were victimized? Why did Gloria not pursue class action? Seems odd for her.…
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1. Now that we’ve turned a Page on the #Russiagate nonsense, I feel easier sharing some of my Q research. That plan to save America video? That sounds like Dan Carlin from @HardcoreHistory and @dccommonsense podcasts.
2. Listen to this story. He met a hacker on the “boards” and ended up in front of General Mattis
3. The podcast is from November 16th? Listen at the 3 minute mark when he defines what Q is.
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Point: #Russiagate is never going to die, in the sense that no evidence will debunk it. There was no starting line based in fact and so there will likewise be no ending based in fact either.

The scandal itself was created to deflect from real scandals that aren't covered by MSM
That doesn't mean that the work of VIPS members like Bill Binney & @raymcgovern, as well as analysts @with_integrity, #theForensicator, @CJBdingo25 and thinkers like #JulianAssange haven't been important - their work is immensely valuable.
They showed us again and again that every face of Russiagate is a lie.

And funnily enough, none of them are Russian, paid by Russia, or associated with Russia in any way.
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Opinion: The Eulogy Of An Immortal #Russiagate Scandal…
Excerpt: "...the entire fabrication of this epic was not intended to convince the public based on evidence, but was instead intended to deflect attention from the reality of the 2016 rigging of the Democratic Primary on the part of the DNC."…
"To deflect from the US war machine in #Yemen and #Syria and around the world. To justify the silencing of journalists and political prisoners like @JulianAssange. To ensure that the multitude of wrongs, crimes, and infinitude of acts committed in darkness never come to light.“
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