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Going through the 438 reps was far more time consuming, but I have a list for you and it will--or should--stun you.

How often do reps vote with Trump…
Among the top 10 most progressive, not a single rep is white.
1.@RepBonnie Watson Coleman
3. @repjohnlewis

The next ten after the top ten include women of all races and men of color. No white men.

White reps need to step left. As do some claiming progressive status like Tulsi Gabbard, who isn't in the top 50.
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In the 70's "Woodstein" went after the Nixon admin with unshakeable perseverance, using all the tools of investigative journalism available. Today, they rail against Trump, pushing narratives that are so shoddy that they've become caricatures of the journalists they once were....
And as if that weren't bad enough, they consciously ignore huge developing stories on the scale of Watergate, or worse, and aggressively attempt to discredit those who are desperately trying to get at the truth...i.e.#DevinNunes
Since the advent of the internet, it has become increasingly clear to thinking people that the media (the establishment media) is simply an armament in the arsenal of the Democrat Party-its propaganda department-and this is why it characterizes alternative media as "fake"...
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1. So, @maddow just released a tape of Devin Nunes speaking at a private fundraiser for Cathy McMorris Rogers saying (among other things) that the GOP intend to impeach Rosenstein, & are waiting until after the Kavanaugh confirmaiton so as not to imperil that. Completely counter
2/ to what the GOP said when the articles were introduced previously by a 'fringe group'. Nunes infers that the GOP have a 'live' impeachment plan ag Rosenstein. Bye Devin..your boss's head just exploded..especially when you said that 'releasing stolen emails would be a crime'!
3/ There's more, but I can't get the tape of Rachel's show yet...wait until you hear these...holy smokes. SO MANY TAPES! #WednesdayWisdom #DevinNunes #ThursdayThoughts #VoteThemOut
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For those who have not followed this closely and are just learning, the very latest post by #Q begins to lay the groundwork for the big reveal, which involves broad, illegal #SPYING by #Obama/#HRC/#DEMs against political enemies, including #Trump.
2/ #Q post in 2 pieces [interpretation in brackets]:
Apr 22 2018 12:58:19 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 195414 1145824 NEW
Not ‘official’ product - 5 Eyes.
Listen carefully.
No evidence to support POTUS targeting.
None. [FBI counterintelligence op was NOT based in official intel]
3/ Part 2 of above #QAnon post #1238:
Do you understand the gravity of what’s unfolding?
She had to win at all costs.
You know why.
How do people support/vote 4 these people?...…

Screenshot of Post #1238:
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🍷🥂🎖⚡️Thread on #DevinNunes's #Russian connection. Today, #Nunes, Bob Goodlatte, Trey Gowdy wrote a letter to #RodRosenstein, demanding that the Justice Department "immediately" released #Comey's memos containing his account of conversations he had with Trump.
1. Devin Nunes had financial interests in a business linked to the Kremlin-licensed company.
2. Nunes had an investment in Alpha Omega Winery.
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Invoking the #GoldToiletDoctrine... the Pentagon responds that the only place vice-president Trump’s parade can be done is in Puerto Rico! #PresidentKelly will lead the parade holding the token lightbulb.
... as Putin's Red Sparrow Brigade 🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦 fromThe Moscow Ritz-Carlton hover the VP's coif, sprinkling the golden shower hair tonic, to keep the wind from exposing his obscene scalp. 🐦…
... Of course Melania will be busy at Mar-A-Lago prepping the the future home of the"Museum of American Democracy South" which will be turned over to the people of Puerto Rico as reparations. Now all solar powered.
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