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Prepare for more high-handed outrage about the EU today as Britain is back on the back foot.

We could have drafted a first Withdrawal Agreement.

We didn’t.

Because how do you get Agreement when the Foreign Sec wants a hard Irish border to accompany his ambition?
And how do you get Agreement when you don’t actually show up to negotiate?

Britain’s full of #FireAndFury but there’s not enough substance behind the endless speeches.
The devil has always been in the inconvenient Brexit detail.

Shiny rose-tinted pronouncements on the fantastic days ahead don’t cut even the English mustard.

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THREAD: Steve Bannon was subpoenaed *last week* by Mueller “to testify before a grand jury as part of the investigation into possible links between Trump’s associates and #Russia🇷🇺”‼️ 1/…
👆🏼THIS is the first time Mueller is known to have used a grand jury subpoena to seek info from *directly* Trump’s INNER CIRCLE‼️🤗 (Mueller has used subpoenas before to seek info *about* Trump’s associates & their ties to #Russia or other foreign governments.) 2/
Mueller likely is using the subpoena as a negotiating tactic b/c Bannon could likely avoid the grand jury if he agrees to be questioned by investigators in Team🇺🇸Mueller’s offices.🤔 3/
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This break up with Steve roots back to the early days of the admin. Bannon thought he was running the White House for Trump. When overruled Steve lashed out, started leaking & attacking Jared & McMaster. Trump knew he had a problem but had to be careful how he destroyed Bannon.
Steve Bannon actually believed he uniquely represented the #MAGA policy agenda. I tried telling people like @stranahan that #MAGA was a Trump creation. That Jared helped drive Trump to victory and was as much #MAGA as anyone. But these people are ideologues, purists.
At the time the nationalist purist wing was strong. Trump had to be careful but time passed & @realDonaldTrump proved himself so there’s less fear & anxiety that Trump is just another globalist puppet. People have watched Trump drive the agenda without Steve. Then AL happened...
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1. There is a shift in #TheResistance. I felt it last night and see it growing today. The dog and pony show of Bannon and DT, the shockingly not shocking release of #FireAndFury combined with a GOP that isn't even pretending they aren't obstructing justice. It is sickening.
2. What we're feeling is the grim reality that the #GOP won't do anything to stop the assault on our country, our democracy and our people. There is no *BOOM* moment, no worthy impeachable offense. Make no mistake, we will take Congress in 2018, but where will we be in a year?
3. Some damage can be undone with time and effort, some damage will scar us forever. The damage of an electorate without a voice, living at the mercy of 'representation' that flagrantly believes it is above the law is permanent damage to our country.
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#FireAndFury...I’ve been rolling in laughter the last 5 minutes after reading a few excerpts. What a soap opera indeed. How long until the MSM/DNC figure out they've been played? 😂😂😂 ...glorious...well done @realDonaldTrump and team.
@realDonaldTrump 😂😂The publisher's Logo😂😂 Oh my gosh...too dang funny.
@realDonaldTrump Meanwhile
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Besides the obvious, this book #FireAndFury is an indication that most if not all reporters covering the white house have been reporting crap to keep viewers watching without pissing off the WH because access is $ for the networks.
A Hollywood reporter did their job.
The same establishment who covered candidate trump non stop, when walking, when golfing, when ranting... because COVERAGE means dollars for the networks at the expense of a country.
To the new$ network$:
When people are watching real housewives or the voice, they are viewers wanting to be entertained. Have at it.
When they are watching elections coverage they are ELECTORATE wanting to be better informed and political coverage should be considered as such
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You needn't be a fan of Wolff's work to know #FireAndFury depicts a Trump who is dangerously incompetent and utterly lacking in either self-control or control of his own @WhiteHouse.

#GOP leadership can dismiss #SteveBannon, but they cannot ignore the state of the presidency.
What's onerous for #GOP leadership & problematic in recent @nytimes reporting of Trump as merely a guy who's changing things up, is Trump's still the one in charge of the country.

Trump's nearly provoked a nuclear war and threatened a private citizen with jail.

He's dangerous.
Many (inexplicably) believed @GenJohnKelly would pull Trump's @WhiteHouse together as Chief of Staff.But other than several firings--including of #Bannon--and an embarrassing attack on a black Congresswoman, Kelly's been MIA & Trump is worse than ever.

#FireAndFury exposes this.
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(1) Photos thread 9/15/17. Great speech at Joint Base Andrews for USAF 70th birthday. #MAGA
(2) Four reasons to fear American #FireAndFury:

>Our POTUS Trump
>Our service members
>Our weaponry
>Our flag

#LockedAndLoaded #USA
(3) It was great to see @POTUS and @FLOTUS honoring USAF personnel on the #USAF70th, also great to see some of our #FireAndFury aircraft!
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