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Before the #whitepaper we thought amdts from Tory Remainers would be the big story this week on the #Brexit bills

Instead, after number of govt resignations, all eyes are on Brexiteer amdts to #CustomsBill

But what do they mean & what are some of the other amdts? 1/
ERG amdts
-prevent govt from collecting taxes/duties for territory without reciprocity
-NI can't be in separate customs territory to GB
-have to pass Act of Parl to participate in customs union
-remove powers to govern VAT of goods from territory if in a customs union with it 2/
1st is most difficult for govt as it goes against the govts customs proposal which would require the UK to collect tariffs on behalf of the EU

More info here:…

Other 3 are compatible with govt policy but would prevent movement to a softer #Brexit 3/
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Crucially, it means that on 29 March 2019 the 1972 European Communities Act will cease to apply

That Act underpins the entire system of UK membership of the EU, through its provisions that enact EU-level decisions

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THREAD: Today's events in Westminster - which relate to the process and not the substance of Brexit - do not change the fundamental mess and chaos of Brexit. The UK is heading for a bad Brexit deal but its not a done deal - a lot will happen between now and the Autumn. /1
Its disappointing the so called "Grieve 2" amendment did not pass this afternoon (I,of course, voted for it) but significant that Ministers were forced to climb down and issue a statement acknowledging Parliament's vital role at the end of the process. /2
There are still 5 #Brexit related Bills still to make their way through Parliament which are legally binding and amendable: Customs Bill; Trade Bill; Fisheries Bill; Agriculture Bill; and, Immigration Bill. There will also be a huge number of statutory instruments to pass too. /3
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NEW: Dominic Grieve’s ‘meaningful vote’ amendment as tabled in the Lords by Lord Hailsham. Be in no doubt- if the Govt renege on their promise to adopt its principles, this will pass in the Lords on Monday and we’ll have the numbers to pass it in the Commons afterwards #Simples
What is going on is very straightforward: the hard right of the Tory party want the Govt to have a passport to crash out of the EU with no deal if Parliament rejects the Brexit deal - the PM, their hostage, doesn’t have the numbers in the Commons for this #EUWithdrawalBill
A prediction for next week: if he hasn’t already done so, Brexit Secretary @DavidDavisMP will threaten to resign if the PM gives in to the Tory rebels and accepts the UK cannot crash out of the EU with no deal unless Parliament approves it #EUWithdrawalBill
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Key points from yesterday in parliament:


Last-minute horse-trading got No.10 out of a hole, but at a price

The gap between rebels and ERG types might be too big to bridge.

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OK, Today is huge. Today we find out how sensible our MPs are. Whether they'll let Brexit be a disaster, or whether they'll fight to protect British jobs, British Rights, and British Prosperity. #EUWithdrawalBill
Thread of relevant tweets:
Amendment: Keep our place in the Single Market?
Amendment: Should a Sovereign UK Parliament get a meaningful vote on the deal? Or did people vote for ANY deal.
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Here we are at the #LibertyAGM getting ready for a day of camaraderie and civil liberties!
The essence of a great #LibertyAGM: tea and voting.
I resisted the temptation to offer an emergency motion to resolve @libertyhq staff’s conflicting opinions about Amal Clooney’s #RoyalWedding dress. #LibertyAGM
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Sometimes voting can seem far too meaningless. For Remainer Now people, it might seem monumental. But democracy means review, oversight, and the option and processes to change our minds and course as a country if we need and want to. Remainer Now peeps, want to come to the Lords?
We've booked a room in the House of Lords, and have a bunch of peers of the realm eager to hear from you. If you can come to London on Tuesday 24th April, and can get to Westminster between 12 and 2.30pm, we'd love to have you. Get in touch.
To clarify, this event at the Lords is only for #Remainernow people. A number of #bregretter ladies and gents are already attending but the Lords are keen to hear as many stories as possible so please do reach out if you can attend.
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Today will be trumpeted as a decisive next step, as we take another firm step to the EU door.

We have arrived here in a way by stealth. By triggering Article 50 before we had any idea of the future shape. By trying to hide impact assessments or behind banalities. /1
We arrived here by trumpeting red, white & blue, by setting impossible red lines.

We only reached here by quietly caving in on almost all of them.

And by setting a precedent that makes us likely to keep caving as we move to third party status before we know any more. /2
We arrived here by creating a snowstorm of distraction & by preventing an open, detailed & rational debate about what the future would look like, on the multiple levels of our collective lives.

We arrived here by crying betrayal every time someone stepped behind the bunting. /3
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Prepare for more high-handed outrage about the EU today as Britain is back on the back foot.

We could have drafted a first Withdrawal Agreement.

We didn’t.

Because how do you get Agreement when the Foreign Sec wants a hard Irish border to accompany his ambition?
And how do you get Agreement when you don’t actually show up to negotiate?

Britain’s full of #FireAndFury but there’s not enough substance behind the endless speeches.
The devil has always been in the inconvenient Brexit detail.

Shiny rose-tinted pronouncements on the fantastic days ahead don’t cut even the English mustard.

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House of Lords Constitution Committee has harsh words about the parlous state of #EUwithdrawalbill as it reaches the Lords. Lady Taylor, Chair’s comments speak for themselves.

Link to report here.…
Link to @Guardian piece this morning outlining the many fundamental problems with #EUWithdrawalBill…
A key feature of the Lords #EUWithdrawalBill report is the number of places in which it states that the Bill, as drafted, is "constitutionally unacceptable" or "not constitutionally necessary or appropriate". That may be the most important aspect for non-lawyers to understand.
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1. Worst national leadership in my lifetime forcing through the most damaging, misguided & missold policy I can remember. Ideology & vested self interest replace statesmanship, soundbites replace sound judgement & autocracy subverts democracy.
#Brexit harms us irreparably #FBPE
2. A flawed Leave campaign based on lies, deceit, disingenuity & over simplification & a #Remain one fought w/o any positivity from the Govt & no real commitment from Labour, whose leader was virtually AWOL, did no justice to #Brexit complexity & betrayed our democratic process.
3. A mere 37% of voters/26.5% of the Ppl voted leave in a legally Non-Binding test of public opinion which has been corrupted, on the basis of an illegitimate political promise & interpreted as being the irrefutable Will of the Ppl.
The 1st is insufficient to claim the latter!
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