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YAY! Excited to listen to @angiecthomas talk #TheHateUGive! @ncte
.@angiecthomas encourages readers to see the film and the book as “fraternal twins” - as two different works of art that complement each other, as an opportunity to look at how each shows versus tells. #NCTELearns @ncte
“I wanted each character to break away from stereotypes... to create characters that are 3-dimensional, as full, real people so that young people can say they see themselves”- @angiecthomas on #TheHateUGive and then quotes Dr. Bishop’s mirrors and windows. #NCTELearns @ncte
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Me and JK Rowling; A Thread: I grew up not just with Harry Potter but down the road from JK Rowling, in Edinburgh. A place where it was easy to imagine the world she had created had come to life. Like most children and teens, I was obsessed with the books and couldn't wait for
each new one. Going past her house on the bus I would desperately try and peer over the fence. Reading interviews I felt inspired by her story, her clear love of Scotland and her struggles as a single mum. Like me, she seemed to be a true socialist at heart, and the books
reflected that too; they were full of stories about justice, love and kindness. I was perhaps a bit let down when I found out her kids attended private school, since Edinburgh has so many excellent state schools, mine being one of them. But she was still a hero, an inspiration.
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12pm: fire up #HarryPotter and the #DeathlyHallows pt2 for the potential finale of the #HarryPotterLiveTweet series

While we're watching this, remember that Harry was essentially a foster child, and every child deserves love and shelter:


Man it really sucks that y'all had to WAIT for this movie and I can just binge.

On the other hand, I have had like ZERO time to process my losses.

Man this shit is depressing.

Snape is up to something.
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The #HarryPotterLiveTweet of #HarryPotter and the #DeathlyHallows starts NOW.

Jokes on all of you! I have no soul LEFT to crush! It has evaporated from the Half Blood Prince. There's no way it can get worse.

This is gonna be all sunshine, puppies, and fucking rainbows.

Oh shit Bill Nighe? I have no idea how to spell his name.

But I fucking love him.

Jesus they're all adults now.
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Alcohol? ✅
Tissues? ✅
Stuffed animal? ✅
Will to live? Still there. For the time being.

The #HarryPotterLiveTweet of #HarryPotter and the #HalfBloodPrince starts RIGHT NOW.


Hope Bubbles is okay <3

Weird ass opening.

This shit just keeps getting darker huh
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Alright! #HarryPotter and the #OrderOfThePhoenix #HarryPotterLiveTweet PART FIVE. Hitting play!

Also, lots of people have been asking to send me stuff like a scarf, etc. Someone even drew me as a wizard! If you want to send something, send it to PO Box 17244, Salem, OR 97305

God damn I love the music.

Eyyy he got a haircut.
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Alright! #Livetweet of #HarryPotter #GobletofFire starts now! (1PM PST)

Never seen any of these before. Today is day four.

The kids have long hair now, and there are OTHER WIZARD SCHOOLS?!?! The fuck?

Let's jump right in shall we?

I usually pause a movie about ten times so its gonna be a challenge not doing it at all...

But I know lots of people are watching too. This feels like a movie theater!

Is that?


Holy shit.


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