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So with all this appalling #KavanaghHearing stuff, I figured I'd lull myself to sleep by tweeting a thread on the inherent virtue jurisprudence of Islamic law in it's appointment and regulation of judicial appointees.
So first, what does a judge do? A Qāḍī’s (Arabic word for judge) basic function is to resolve disputes and allocate rights to litigants.
The Qāḍī retains not only the power to interpret and express what the law is, but the authority to order it be applied by the executive.
In order to be appointed, the candidate for a judicial position had to possess be a free Muslim of legal capacity, be of sound mind, and possess high moral probity (ʿAdāla).
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1) Well obviously this afternoon was a total shit show for the Democrats. #KavanaughConfirmationHearings #KavanaghHearing
2) #BrettKavanaugh isn’t having it.
3) And I have to say, I do believe that this time the feminazis have gone a bridge too far.
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All the Republican rage during the #KavanaghHearing is telling: Brett's rage, Lindsey's rage, the indignation, the belief that this is somehow the worst thing to ever happen to the American political process. The lack of self-awareness is damning
There's no rescuing these men from their perceptions. They have never been told no. They don't understand it. The word violates their sense of meaning, and so it incenses them
To those inured to failure, there is no learning from a defeat, even when it is deserved. The only cure is to send them out into the wilderness. Maybe they will find themselves. Maybe their children will be better. But for the love of god, they should never hold power
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Special ThanQ to @TheSpeaker2018 for memes, @punkassaudrey @NG54003898 @LouisMcFadden8 for group dig.

#KavanaughHearings #Kavanaugh #Avenatti #CreepyPornLawyer #Qanon #MAGA #trump #ThursdayThoughts
1. Michael Avenatti aka Creepy Porn Lawyer, simply won't go back in the closet.

The latest in his long history of antics is, of course the display of another sexual assault accuser, Julie Swetnick. This time aimed at derailing Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.
2. Why does Avenatti so loudly protest Trump & his agenda?

In a tweet on Sept 26, Trump explained, "He is just looking for attention and doesn't want people to look at his past record and relationships-a total low-life!"

#KavanaghHearing #kavanaugh #Avenatti @realDonaldTrump
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I’m only posting breaking news/ hot takes/pithy rhetorical analysis/puns/selfies from #TribFest18 for the next few days.

Starting now.
At registration I’ve already run into two people I know—a former student who wants to go into publishing marketing (and working the @BookPeople table) & a former Aggie Agora speaker. Also bought @TheRickWilson’s book and hoping to find him irl so he can sign it for me!
Y’all! So excited to see @DLind @cjane87 & @mattyglesias talk about the weeds of Trump’s boarder wall. #TribFest18
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not a single penny
Hadron Collider was a mistake
Carl.exe has crashed
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THREAD. "Perjury" claims against Judge Brett Kavanaugh re: NSA surveillance.

1. I've done long threads on claims that Kavanaugh "perjured" himself re: Pryor & #Memogate. This thread will be shorter. #SCOTUS #KavanaghHearing #KavanaughConfirmationHearings
2. Those two prior threads were long not because the claims have any merit, but just because I tried to go through all the evidence in methodical fashion.

Thread #1 (Pryor):

Thread #2 (Memogate):
3. The shortest refutation of the NSA claim: read the last ten (10) paragraphs of this article by @Charlie_Savage of @NYTimes - which is a news article, not an opinion piece, from a publication that's far from pro-Kavanaugh. The End.
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Congrats To #Lgbt India

-Don’t forget the United States decriminalized Gay sex ONLY 15 years ago in 2003.

-Lawrence v. Texas

-#KavanaghHearing thinks Justice Rehnquist who dissented in this case (wanted to keep gay sex illegal) is a hero.
Lawrence explicitly overruled Bowers, holding that it had viewed the LIBERTY interest too narrowly. Court held that intimate consensual sexual conduct was part of the LIBERTY protected by substantive due process under the 14th Amendment.
Think about these cases every time #Kavanagh and Republicans say LIBERTY.

They want to overturn ALL #lgbt rights cases.
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BREAKING .@CoryBooker: “I am going to release the email about racial profiling and I understand that the penalty comes with potential ousting from the Senate.”
The Brett #Kavanaugh documents on racial profiling released by Sen Cory Booker in contravention of Senate rules. #KavanaughConfirmation #KavanaghHearing…
“Count me in, too”: Sen. Hirono at #Kavanaugh hearing says she’s also releasing committee confidential document
#KavanaughConfirmation #KavanaughHearings
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The creepiest huddle.#KavanaughConfirmationHearings
This farmer @ChuckGrassley just defied relativity. #30hourday
I never trust people who write notes with a sharpie.
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