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If you want a thread to pull on, consider why the same entity would be behind these listed sites:
[… ]
Why would someone be interested in the data generated by the public interacting with those sites?
And, yeah, the "neverhillary" section is in reference to a previously active site "" (a domain which I have since taken over ownership of after they let it lapse).
Here's a hint, "LoudDoor" is a bigger player than people realize.
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For those that are new & want to make sense of what’s going on &/or
For Trump’s #MAGA base this thread is why the left is screaming Russia Russia Russia… 1/
'04 Manafort remade a pro-Putin thug politician image in Ukraine in2 someone electable using dirty tricks & mob $.
“I can tell you he’s a real specialist,” says Manafort’s friend Dmitry Firtash, the Ukrainian billionaire and former partner to the Kremlin”…
Manafort’s partners in Ukraine were Russian GRU agent Kilimnik, Kremlin tied Oligarch Deripaska, Firtash (known mob ties) & partner Gates. Manafort is now looking at 305 yrs of prison. Gates flipped.

Deripaska was previously biz partners with Ivanka & Jareds friend Abramovich
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Meet Sam Patten, former #CambridgeAnalytica operative who teamed up with accused Russian intel asset, Konstantin Kilimnik. In 2014, #AggregateIQ built RIPON for SCL Elections Ltd. AIQ is now suspended by Facebook.… via @dcpoll
Of course @carolecadwalla covered Patton’s role in Nigeria election black ops, with (now suspended) #AggregateIQ it turns out. The Oregon office of #CambridgeAnalytica would be conveniently close to Victoria, B.C., just saying.
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Meet Kristen Fotenrose, who until a month ago worked at SCL Group Ltd, but now works in the White House for the NSC. This is insanity. #CambridgeAnalytica
Evidence suggests that all of SCL’s data, including that sourced from #AggregateIQ and #CambridgeAnalytica appears to flow toward SCL Group’s data warehouse. Unsettling to say the least.
Listen to this profile on BBC radio of Nigel Oakes, founder of SCL. It is both engrossing and distressing. #CambridgeAnalytica #SCL…
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Remember when Nix told @CommonsCMS that “certain” #CambridgeAnalytica data in the US can flow to SCL Group? From @chrisinsilico docs, note #RIPON system architecture sends data to SCL warehouse. Unreal.
That, my friends, is what digital colonialism looks like.
From the #Ripon brochure. Did Nix give this to Lukoil (Putin)?#CambridgeAnalytica #SCL #AggregateIQ…
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#Probablemente ([#EO]#probable🍀/[#EN]#Probably🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)
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Thread: The #CambridgeAnalytica #SCL scandal roils the world. Here are some stories from nations realizing SCL operated in their elections, and the ensuing distancing and denials.
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Just browsing thru the SCL Elections (#AggregateIQ #Ripon pre-#CambridgeAnalytica) @chrisinsilico docs, contracts and emails published by Parliament and it is unbelievable. A few random pages as I scroll thru for the first time.…
🇰🇪 🇳🇬 🇨🇴 🇹🇹 🇷🇴 🇮🇹 🇱🇻 🇰🇳
#CambridgeAnalytica #SCL
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Notice our AGs can’t go to #CambridgeAnalytica directly. Is it because it’s a British company? America’s voter dossiers are sitting in London and even by threat of legal action, SCL are weirdly refusing to fully disclose them to us. Now its servers seized by British authorities.
Good thing the UK Information Commissioner told @DamianCollins in House of Commons that the UK Data Protection Act applies regardless of citizenship if we perform a Subject Access Request and prove #CambridgeAnalytica processed our data. I did, last year.
We can’t assess the potential effects of psychographics if haven’t even seen a single complete, example of a #CambridgeAnalytica voter dossier. Let’s wait until we get mine back before we decide one way or another.
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BREAKING: Whistleblower claims #VoteLeave team violated campaign finance laws leading up to the #Brexit EU Referendum.

He alleges that electoral spending rules were manipulated by using a shell campaign & that VoteLeave “tried to delete key evidence.”…
UK-CH4: “We’re going on a path of #Brexit based on lies, based on cheating, based on essentially a scam”. VoteLeave allegedly controlled a shell campaign “BeLeave” to fund Aggregate IQ,(AIQ) a firm linked with #CambridgeAnalytica’s parent company #SCL. /2
UK-CH4: #VoteLeave said they couldn't have won the #Brexit EU Referendum without Canadian firm Aggregate IQ.(AIQ)

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, Chris Wylie says that data firm, AIQ, was effectively “CA’s Canadian branch”. /3
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I’m hearing Bannon lied at the FT conference. I have many reciepts that show Cambridge Analytica and SCL Group are tightly intertwined down to our data. Plus Nix told Parliament data is shareable between the entities.
Note Bannon’s Kremlin-style “whattaboutism” deflection but he’s wrong: Facebook’s Custom Audiences and Lookalikes features were not available during Obama campaigns. Bannon’s Project Alamo was all about uploading voter files into Facebook.…
Trying to get my hands on the transcript of Bannon at #FTFutureNews conference so I can scrutinize his comments about #CambridgeAnalytica and #SCL
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I'm a "Hollywood Liberal" Ted. I like to put my hard earned $$ behind candidates who unlike you, do not take 11 MILLION $$ into your Super PAC from the Mercers or use Cambridge Analytica's stolen data to influence the outcome of your campaign #BetoForTexas
@Rosie @chelseahandler
When the Mercers were backing #NeverTrump candidate @tedcruz--
"the Cruz camp dropped $5.8 million with the Cambridge Analytica -- spending $3 million with the company as early as February. " 5.8 Million for Stolen Data...
3. As a "Hollywood Liberal" @tedcruz I prefer to give my $$ and support to candidates who do not foment hate and virulent Islamophobia like you and associate with hate groups like Pamela Geller's who is banned from entering the UK. #BetoForTexas
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Remember this from January?
The Data That Turned the World Upside Down

#psychometrics #OCEAN #Psychographics…
The "Big Five" (OCEAN) has become the standard technique of psychometrics. But for a long time, the problem was data collection, because it involved filling out a complicated, highly personal questionnaire. Then came the Internet. And Facebook. And Kosinski
Kosinski and his team could now ascribe Big Five values based on how many profile pictures/contacts a person has on Fb, but we also reveal something about ourselves even offline.

Phone motion sensors reveals how quickly we move/how far we travel (emotional instability)
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Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach
Whistleblower describes how firm linked to former Trump adviser Steve Bannon compiled user data to target American voters…
Cambridge Analytica who worked with Trump’s team and the winning Brexit campaign harvested millions of FB profiles of US voters, in the tech giant’s biggest ever data breach, and used them to build a powerful software program to predict and influence choices at the ballot box.
They used personal information taken without authorization in early 2014 to build a system that could profile individual US voters, in order to target them with personalised political advertisements.
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Oh the geezers are hard at it grafting media, it's always great to have easy scapegoats "North Korean cyber gangs.."…
2/"Mr Murphy’s firm was the first in the world to liaise with computer giant IBM over the use of the super-computer ‘Watson’ for real-time--
3/artificial intelligence-based defence against cyber criminals." Bear with me, I'm about to post a few more links in #THREAD #CyberSecurity
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