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So the key @WhiteHouse access reporter from the @nytimes doesn't see today's events as #BREAKING.

That is hard to fathom.

.@maggieNYT stood with @PressSec against @Acosta during the #TrumpUKVisit.

Haberman also supported SHS after the #WHCD and the #RedHen incident. In 2017, Haberman said the cast of #Hamilton was rude to @VP Pence and that it was unseemly, as he was VP.
.@maggieNYT was primary reporter on the Hillary Clinton email beat. MH was personally bylined on 53 stories related to Clinton's emails.

No newspaper or reporter had more detailed coverage--incl the front page after the #ComeyLetter which NYT's own Upshot said cost the election.
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A) It's story time....let's talk about my encounter at the White House Correspondents Dinner with Mercedes & Matt Schlapp..DC's most spineless power couple. I thought I was done talking about the dinner but learning that @mercedesschlapp stands w/ Kelly Sadler, we go
B) So I went to the #WHCD for the first time this year...I ran into a lot of friends and also ran into complicit and criminal Trump apologists, supporters, and administration officials. Now here's something you need to know about me..
C) I make fun of a lot of people in my act. Most of the time, it's harmless fun and the celebrities I make jokes about usually get it. When I run into people I make fun of in my act, things are normally cordial. But that's not the case with Trump people I make fun of in my act
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My essay on the importance of profanity is out! (Read the editors note and know that I spell f**k without **)… #WhyISayFuck
Isn’t interesting that in response to my essay on the importance of profanity for women, the dogs of patriarchy bark extra loudly
It is instructive that in the era of Trump — a man who has torpedoed the notion of civility — women are still expected to be polite and demure. “She did not cater to the room” was an actual criticism of Michelle Wolf’s performance at #WHCD
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1. I'm going to leave most of the @michelleisawolf controversy to others. Meanwhile, I want to make a few points about the reaction to the comedian's #WHCD roasting. Reactions were many. I want to focus on the one represented by Chris Cillizza:
2. "Bullying," "mean," "insulting"—yes, elite journalists really did use these and other words to describe Wolf's punch lines. If you did not watch the event, as most Americans did not, you can be forgiven for agreeing with Cillizza. Who's going to say, "Bullying. I'm for it"?
3. But let's remember who we are talking about:

A) high-ranking official of the United States government, who also happens to speak for the planet's most powerful human being.

B) comedian.
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Two days later, everyone is sick of the @michelleisawolf #WHCD takes. So I thought I'd drive right into the abyss, go long, and look at how the routine is structured. I've been a fan for a long time; that will be obvious. This will take 3 days.
I want to highlight 3 things: voice, pacing, contempt. Even this insanely long thread doesn't get at everything going on in the routine—the eye work is great—but if this was the last #WHCD, the even deserves an epic sendoff, S/Z style.
1. The first remark draws attention to the room, and immediately conveys her sense that the event is BAD. It's in what I'll call normal voice—the voice she uses to seemingly step out of the performance. That voice speaks in monosyllables and simple syntax.
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A gentle suggestion for our August Journalism Elders. Pretend the roided-up MAGA-monkeys tripping on uncut #WHCD outrage today are anti-war protesters from 2003, and pretend they don't exist.
I mean good God, you disappeared 65 million Hillary voters after the election. Surely you can ignore the Breitbart comments section. There are only 12 of them and four of them are the same guy.
Treat the ex-functionaries of President Puss-Grab (looking at you, Scaramucci and you, Spicer) like they're a diverse neighborhood that voted against Trump by 18 points.
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#WHCD #MichelleWolf #SarahSanders #WhiteHouseCorrespondentsDinner

Fuck this whole conversation about "what happened" to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I'm tired of reading and hearing about the "outrage" over what was "done to her" at the White House Correspondence Dinner.
At this time, when there is so much violence, psychological and emotional, being perpetrated against the black, queer, and female body by the Trump administration, I really don't have time for people worried about a few jokes told at a dinner.
When I think of those travesties that Sanders calls "press conferences", this administration doesn't need a dinner, it needs a tribunal.
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Let's start here: Dan Rather does a good job summarizing the Sinclair propaganda facet of Trump's authoritarian regime.
Rump's authoritarian behavior includes subverting democracy, failure to be transparent, failure to be accountable, nepotism, cronyism, and many dimensions of financial corruption.
Trump's authoritarianism includes thwarting the will of congress, obstructing the protection of the environment, and putting property & people & planet at unprecedented risk.

#EPA #BootPruitt #DumpPruit #FirePruitt #PruittMustGo #PruittMustResign
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Semana 66 de Donald Trump en la Casa Blanca. Diplomacia, besos, abrazos, una jornada histórica para las dos Coreas y un sombrero blanco en Washington. Con amor, mucho amor...
23 abril. Lunes. Tuits matinales para arrancar la semana. Trump amenaza con condicionar la renegociación del NAFTA a un endurecimiento de la política migratoria de México
Tras muchas complicaciones, por fin Mike Pompeo obtiene votos suficientes para recibir luz verde del comité de exteriores para ser confirmado en el Senado como próximo secretario de Estado…
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A) Ok I have some thoughts on @michelleisawolf's act and the reaction to it from members of the press and other DC insiders. For the record, I was in the room last night. @michelleisawolf's set was great. She was hilarious and confident.
B) First, @michelleisawolf took no prisoners last night. She roasted Trump, Pence, White House staffers, the media, media personalities. Everyone is focused on Sanders but that was only 1 1/2 minutes of Michelle's act. She went after it should be.
C) @michelleisawolf was hired to do a roast. That was her job. She wasn't hired to offer media analysis or be fair and balanced. She was hired to poke fun at powerful people. Not once did she punch down. She focused on the people/institutions that are powerful beyond measure
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If you're offended by #MichelleWolf's #WHCD remarks, but you're not offended at the genitalia-grabbing, serial liar and his cadre of predators in the White House who are making America a global punchline—it may be a case of terminal hypocrisy.
And as harsh as her comments might have been, let's not make a false equivalency here. This is the point.

Wolf saying rude things—isn't her "becoming the other side." It isn't the same as being the people in power who actually create legislation that damages people.
I wouldn't have gone there, but it's astounding that people who support this Administration can feign offense, while it does such offensive things to the people of this country. This should merit outrage.
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If by “destroys” you mean “reminds people why they utterly loathe the media and vote Trump,” you are correct.
From a reader: "I would say Michelle Wolf was raising GOP turnout in the fall but most normal Americans aren't even watching this [expletive]. We should have a #WHCD every Sat. nite until the mid-terms."
From another: "I do so truly LOVE [DJT]. When I was in the Bush administration, we thought we had to play along. To pretend they didn't hate us, misreport us, and actively work against us. DJT has the courage and skill to fight back. To call out their hypocrisy, ...
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Trump to skip White House Correspondents' Dinner for Michigan rally
Translation: Trump has no sense of humor and his fragile ego can’t tolerate being the butt of jokes.
Trump administration officials walk out as comedian Michelle Wolf’s routine stuns White House Correspondents' Dinner via @politico
Suckabee Goes Down in Flames as a Proxy for Donald Trump at WH Correspondents’ Dinner, Snowflakes Liquefy… via @TheRoot
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