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#FunFact yerkurenin biyosferindeki yekûn karbon çekerine (550 gigaton Karbon) baktigimizda, insanlar olarak agirlikca %0,01 gibi anormal ufak bi kutleye tekabul ediyoruz. virus agirligi 3,5 mislimiz. bakteriler ise 1160 kat daha agir cekiyorlar. peh!…
daha ilginci, dunya uzerinde yasamis/ölmüs/mevcutta yasayan 108 milyar insanin biyokutlesi dahi, bugunku mantar biyokutlesi etmiyor. hatta mantarlar hala 10 kat fazla.
sonuç; homosapiens have never been kalıbının adamı
besiciliğimizle övünmekte haklıyız ama☝️

yetiştirip kokoreç, tandır vesair formunda yediğimiz hayvanların biyokütlesi bizimkinin 1,5 katı. tavuğudur ineğidir kuzusudur derken vay anasını sayın seyirciler.

etçil sana söylüyorum, vegan sen anla..
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Hello, police? I'd like to report a metaphor
Let's see how Betsy DeVos is coping with the attack on her yacht.
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Here's former President Obama having a reporter removed for interrupting him "in his house" the press claps wildly, even starts chanting Obama's name while the reporter is being removed for yelling "NO MORE DEPORTATIONS" #KaitlanCollins cc: @BretBaier
2015 Washington Free Beacon's Adam Kredo ejected from a State Department media briefing in Vienna and senior department officials threatened to call security on him, without him even saying a word. Had to control that #IranDeal narriative #KaitlanCollins…
2012 @politico called interrupting the President a "surprising breach of etiquette" and later the reporter from @DailyCaller was "urged" to and DID apologize to then President Obama #KaitlanCollins…
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tl;dr: Ich suche (mal wieder) 1 Stelle als iOS-Entwickler, 30 Stunden bzw. 4 Tage/Woche in Berlin, remote habe ich (noch) keine Erfahrung. CV:…
Wenn ihr jemanden kennt, der jemanden kennt... Ach, ihr wisst schon: Teilen gibt gutes Karma.

Liebe Leute, manche von euch wissen, dass ich seit 1.6. eine neue Stelle habe. Nach eineinhalb Jahren Teilzeit arbeite ich wieder Vollzeit und mir wird immer mehr klar, dass das etwas ist, was ich weder kann noch möchte.
Eigentlich wollte ich die sechs Monate Probezeit abwarten, aber ich merke jetzt schon: Das halte ich nicht durch. Ich bin gestresst, gereizt ohne Ende und unglücklich. Das wirkt sich auf mein Privatleben aus und das ist mir wichtiger als ein Job.
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🚧 1.Let's take a little trip down memory lane @NancyPelosi @SenSchumer @SenGillibrand because it appears as though you may have a memory problem. In 2014 there were children in cages, 80% of which weren't even receiving adequate food and water #AbolishICE #WomenDisobey
2. 2014 Brian Williams reported on 52k children cramped into small facilities and while "taking children from Mothers" is never said listen closely when they say ADULTS are deported, kids stay? @NBCNews knows this and it was @RepMcCaul (R) that was worried #KeepFamiliesTogether
3. The @ACLU wrote to the Obama Admin in 2014 complaining children, including infants were starved, kept in "freezers" and sexually abused they included 116 confessions from children. #KeepFamiliesTogether…
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We are
So... there goes Roe v. Wade
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UP FIRST TONIGHT: everyone's favorite river horse, the 1-seeded PYGMY HIPPO Hexaprotodon (formally Choeropsis) liberiensis, vs. the scrappy 4-seeded brush wolf, COYOTE Canis latrans! #2018MMM
Many minds came together to bring you tonight's first battle, so a quick hat-tip to @AnneWHilborn, @PKurnath, @TCastanea, & @tinkeringprim8. Seriously, the #teamwork has been amazing #Monstars #2018MMM
To reach the #FinalRoar, Hippo crushed star-nosed mole, intimidated both maned rat & Tasmanian devil, & STOMPED the cheetah out of competition #hangryhippo #2018MMM
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And LAST but not LEAST of the #EliteTrait, we have #1 seeded Doedicurus clavicaudatus vs. #2 Amebelodon fricki!!! #2018MMM
Tonight's battle is a 3-way collaboration by me, @PKurnath & @tinkeringprim8, so hold on to your tush! #TeamAwesome #TeamDiscoveryChannel #2018MMM
Doedicurus a.k.a. #TankMammal has taken out the Jugulator, Thalassocnus catans, and Andrewsarchus mongoliensis, while Amebelodon a.k.a. "shovel-tusker" has defeated Deinogalerix koenigswald, Homo floresensis, and Dimetrodon limbatus #winning #taxonomicmouthful #2018MMM
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💰(1) @realDonaldTrump was being KIND when he called @SenFeinstein #SneakyDianneFeinstein it should’ve been slimy. For 40 yrs everyone’s turned a blind eye while she and hubby rob America blind and that’s no exaggeration. Let’s just start with America, Global will be later ⚖️
(2) If you didn’t know #SneakyDianneFeinstein is married to Richard aka Dick Blum he’s a billionaire however sweet, little, Dianne is a measly millionaire BUT together they just happen to be #slumlords they made a killing during the housing crisis!
(3) #SneakyDianneFeinstein has funny habit of always saying “she has no idea what her husband is doing” or it’s silly anyone could think there’s a conflict of interest. To help cope with all these unpleasant details we’ll use her own financial disclosures #slumlord #seabove
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Je découvre avec bonheur que Maman a acheté des verres de ce type, ce qui m’amène à vous faire un thread sur

Le verre à facettes (гранёный стакан) a été créé pendant le blocus de Leningrad (1943) par Vera Moukhina, la sculptrice qui a aussi fait « Le travailleur et la kolkhozienne ». D’ailleurs, si on empile 476 verres ça fait la même hauteur !!! #coïncidence???
La valeur de ces verres à facettes soviétiques dépendait du nombre de facettes mais ils faisaient toujours la même contenance, une contenance d’ailleurs idéale pour partager une bouteille de vodka à 3 quand Khrouchtchev en eut interdit la vente par quantité libre
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📍(1) “O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive” the story of Google, Perkins Coie, CrowdStrike, Fusion GPS, Clinton, Soros and many other players. To begin, Google has been a client of #PerkinsCoie for quite a long time..
(2) #Google has a very close relationship with Clinton, it goes all the way back to her days as Secretary of State. Not only did they donate heavily to her campaign they also support the Clinton Foundation. In fact the boss even made her campaign plan.
(3) During the campaign Google and Perkins Coie just happened to partner together to release a tool designated to drive voter turnout. “Partnering” seems like a strange term considering they have long worked together.
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It's time to discuss what happens if --IF-- the Virginia House of Delegates ends up split 50-50 between Republicans and Democrats.
Because a tie in the VA House isn't looking insane.
#FunFact: A tie last happened in the Virginia House in 1998
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1 Y tú dirás: ¿y a mí qué carajo me importa #Guatemala? Y yo te digo: #hilo
#En50Tweets #En7minutos
2 ¿Sabías que Guatemala es un frente clave en la batalla anticorrupción en Latam? Tanto (o +) que #LavaJato en Brasil o #PanamaPapers. ¿Por?
3 Pues por este señor...
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