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I'm a thin person who's been thin my entire life. Twice, I've gotten the flu, losing a visible 15-25lbs each time, and after each illness, I received nothing but praise and envy for the unintended weight loss. That's how I know y'all's "concern" for fat folks' health is bullshit.
I'm feeling the need to elaborate on this, so here we go. I want everyone to be healthy. Like, optimum health. That's not always possible, but it should be the goal. Our societies often tell fat folks that we don't hate their fat,just the toll on their health,but that's not true.
The fact that so many people are thin or emaciated BECAUSE of physical or mental illness, and these problems are either ignored, dismissed, or encouraged is proof of that.
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If you cannot stand hearing #notall to sexist or racist criticism, you cannot #notall to organized religion criticism.
You cannot in any form claim that most people who criticize organized religion are not coming from places of validity and shared experiences.
As much as you would like to keep a divine and sacred image of the organized religion you belong to, please keep in mind that humans are in charge of running them, and humans are capable of abusing the advantages they are afforded.
Don't be logical in everything else and then
Be illogical in understanding that people affected negatively by their experiences in an organized religion, are not trying to "spoil it" and "cause trouble", they are not suddenly "evil" and to be hated, because they are telling their stories. You believing that they are, is
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When someone criticizes a privileged group to which I belong, I try to stop and reflect to what extent I perform the harmful behaviors being discussed. That's my first move (aspirationally anyway). /1 #IntentionallyVagueTwitter
2) Of course my first reaction is to say #notall ... whatevers. I am human. I am flawed. But I recognize that and try to shift back to my aspiration of introspection and self-examination ASAP.
3) Then I think about ways in which I might improve. I think about what the critic is seeing that I might not be seeing. I try to shift my perspective.
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I appreciate where this thread is coming from, but speaking as someone who has worked with youth and met hundreds of gen Z in the last few years

It IS a fundamentally different generation. In ways I have found staggering, if largely encouraging
First, consider temporal context

Gen Z is the first generation of universal digital natives. Even kids growing up in the hood almost all have cell phones (and I worked with underserved youth, I saw this with my own eyes)

Not just digital natives, either. Social software natives
Moreover, Gen Z is entering a world of unprecedented wealth inequality. They are approaching adulthood at a time where all the roadmaps they came up following have been shredded.

College is no guarantee of anything. Workforce participation has contracted by 4m since 2008
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1. I and many ex-Evangelicals share @DJSugi’s frustration. 2017 taught us some things about how to be heard.

“I’ve spent much of my adulthood terrified that Christian extremists would take over America, and... many of my peers seemed oblivious to my concerns.”
2. Before laying out my thoughts on this, a couple of caveats. Firstly, it's not the fault of survivors of extremist Christianity that mainstream America has proven largely unwilling to listen.
3. An (untenable, circular) impulse to consider "real" religion benign is baked into American national DNA, although it functions disproportionately in favor of Christianity. Christian privilege is very real.
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Je vais vous montrer un exemple les mecs, suivez bien:
Ici cette personne demande aux féministes de se remettre en question dans leurs rapports aux personnes transgenre.
Je suis feministe.
Je me considÚre comme une alliée.
Je pourrais donc venir gueuler avec un #NotAllFeministes
Seulement voilĂ , je me remets en question: il y a des fĂ©ministes EXTRÊMEMT transphobe.
Du coup peut ĂȘtre que cette personne fait allusions Ă  d'autres personnes de ce groupe auquel je me sens une appartenance, les fĂ©ministes, en tant que groupe donc, pas en visant chaque individu.
A ce stade il serait facile d'etre sympa, de me dire: ça ne me concerne pas, je ne suis pas visée par ce tweet comme tous les hommes ne sont pas visés par les "men a trash".
SAUF QUE c'est pas le moment de s'arrĂȘter dans la remise en question.
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My therapist had a training session with a white doctor who diagnosed a POC with schizophrenia because he told her about a racist micro-aggression he was subjected to.
So I'm gonna come out and say it: BIPOC need BIPOC therapists who understand the complexities of white supremacy & race.
Given how terrible the medical industry is for BIPOC, especially Black & indigenous ppl, it is literally the safest thing to do for our mental health.
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Was explaining to a (white) friend that for all its flaws, Uber is life support. I KNOW the driver will accept my fare (unlike black cabs)
It's something I have been hearing from my WoC (esp black and hijabi) students as well. Uber gives them freedom to move about the city
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1. I can always appreciate a genuine inquiry regarding #NotAllWhitePeople & #NotAllMen; join me as I take a more creative route to explain.
2. Imaging 13 kids (weird number, I know, but it'll make sense soon enough): 10 of them wear white t-shirts; 3 of them, brown tees.
3. Everyday, the "white tee" kids get to leave class early to attend lunch ahead of everyone else; the "brown tee" kids follow afterwards.
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