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Some very strange things happening:

1)GOP making lots of trips to Russia:…
2) GOP blocks election security funding, in spite of ongoing interference from Russia. (#PaperBallotsNOW FFS!)…
3) Unexplained power outages (Atlanta in December, DC this week)…
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💥💥Somebody Attacked Opponent (Dr. Hans Keirstead) of ‘Putin’s Favorite Congressman’ DANA ROHRABACHER.

🔥Dr. Keirstead lost by 125 votes!!

💥More evidence to back up @NelsonForSenate's claims about Russians infiltrating #Florida's election system!

⚡️Come on, let's get on this! This is ridiculous.


🇷🇺Rohrabacher might have closer ties to Russia than Trump. He has to go, ASAP!

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Russian hackers penetrated the election systems of 7 states and targeted 21. They could wreak havoc on our election should they choose to. Congress must fully fund the states to protect against these attacks! #ProtectOurVote #PaperBallotsNow #TW
15Congress must work to inform the citizens of the use of "dezinfomatsiya" by Russia in an attempt to sway the views of the American voters. The people must be informed when false information is planted by a bad actor. #ProtectOurVote #PaperBallotsNow #TW
The Deter Act and its severe sanctions against foreign interference in our elections is one line of defense for 2018 midterm elections. Congress must pass it to restore country's faith in elections! #ProtectOurVote #PaperBallotsNow #TW
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BREAKING NEWS! Courtesy of state lawmakers elected via unverifiable electronic voting machines, there’s a 50% chance the Koch-funded #COSProject & Balanced Budget Task Force will have enough states by 2020 to call an Article V Convention of States 2 amend the US Constitution! 1/
3/ Here is a CTA re the 5 states that exclusively use paperless voting machines—tho many more states use paperless machines in at least counties & should be called as well, as should those states that use “paper trails” rather than #paperballots. (
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Dear 44% of South Carolina voters who (per this article) favor the GOP plan to add a Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution, Do u realize this “balance” will be achieved by cutting SS, Medicare, the EPA, & public education?! #BBA #COS 1/…
2/ If you are concerned by the prospect of your legislators eliminating SS, Medicare, the EPA, & public education, plz contact your state House reps and tell them to oppose the three #ConCon bills listed in the post below. (The bills have yet to go to a floor vote in the House).
3/ The 3 pending South Carolina bills calling for a Balanced Budget Amendment (that would result in elimination of SS, Medicare, the EPA, & public education) are S0878, H3233, H4174. Find ur state House reps here & tell them to kill these bills! #NoConCon…
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This is the BEST ARTICLE re how as both a matter of PROCEDURE & PRACTICALITY all states—yes ALL—can move to real #paperballots & manual audits in time for the 2018 midterms! But voters must make it happen bc election officials don’t want the xtra work! #PaperBallotsNow
Thank you @rad_atl and @duncanbuell for this Desperately Needed explanation of WHAT we must do to protect the 2018 midterms, HOW to do it, and WHY it is doable!! #PaperBallotsNow #paperballots #AuditTheVote #ProtectOurVotes
1. “Last year, 22 Virginia localities converted to #paperballots within two months...”!
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1. Why should u care about Georgia’s plan to have voters use hackable $3k electronic pencils? Because GA normalized paperless DREs for the rest of the country by being one of the first to buy them statewide in 2002 & they are about to do the same thing w/ the electronic pencils!
2. Why else? Because there are a lot of great people in Georgia who are rightly concerned that these hackable electronic pencils will mean their votes won’t count, and they need our help!
3. Georgia is about to pave the way for these hackable pencils with the passage of #SB403, a law whose key provision was apparently drafted by ES&S, the vendor of such pencils.
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1. New Jersey (like Georgia) still exclusively uses PAPERLESS (unverifiable) voting machines! "[L]awmakers took ... measures in 2005 and 2007 to require paper ballots and audits of them, but a lack of funding meant neither law has been implemented."…
2. This sort of conundrum (legislation requiring paper ballots, but no funding 2 implement) is why we must call our reps in the U.S. Congress 2 demand they pass the proposed $400 M allocation toward paper ballots & other election security measures!
3. Computer Science Professor Andrew Appel said this about New Jersey's paperless voting machines: "'I'm quite concerned ... If it [hacking] hasn't happened yet, which we DON'T KNOW because we can't audit the results, that doesn't mean it won't happen.'"…
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Ballot marking devices—touchscreen systems that generate bar-coded printouts in lieu of real #paperballots—are poised to become the new “It” item of hackable voting equipment. And our state legislators are letting it happen. We must stop this train wreck! #PaperBallotsNow #GA
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1. Thread. This is bad news. Contra Costa County election supervisors have decided to buy $6M dollars worth of voting equipment from Dominion Voting.
2. Dominion had virtually no presence in the industry until it acquired Diebold Election Systems and Sequoia in 2010. I discuss all three companies- and their disconcerting histories and incestuous relationship with ES&S in my Medium article linked here.…
3. The voting system that Contra Costa County decided to buy is called the "Dominion Democracy Suite." It looks like it may contemplate using Ballot Marking Devices (which generate "computer" marked paper ballots) for all voters, not just those unable to hand mark their ballots.
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1. Thread. Amazingly helpful report by the Center for American Progress re: voting machine security measures in all 50 states! I will go through some of the swing state findings here. #paperballots #PaperBallotsNow #RiskLimitingAudit #ProtectOurVotes…
2. Florida graded "unsatisfactory" re: use of paper: "Depending on the jurisdiction, some voters in Florida cast paper ballots, while others vote using paperless DRE machines."
3. Florida graded "unsatisfactory" re: post-election audits: "While Florida conducts a form of post-election review, its use of paperless DRE machines prevents it from carrying out audits that can confirm the accuracy of election outcomes... "
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1. Georgians: Plz attend the Voting Technology meeting on 2/13/18 at 4 p.m. to demand #handmarked #paperballots & to oppose Kemp's terrible plan to buy insecure Ballot Marking Devices ("electronic pencils") for all voters! #paperballotsnow #ProtectOurVotes…
2. Here is the information re: the Georgia Voting Technology meeting on 2/13/18 at 4 p.m. via @MarilynRMarks1. Thank you.… #Georgia #paperballots #paperballotsnow #ProtectOurVotes
3. Please note that the current Georgia bill would not require paper until 2019. Let the Voting and Technology Subcommittee know that this is unacceptable. Virginia was able to get paper in short order. Georgia must do the same.
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