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Blood red FRAUD against the black sky.

Are you feeling it, #Resistance?

Are you ready to Protest?!

Day 85 at the #KremlinAnnex begins NOW

Come to Lafayette Park! The Neverending Protest has been described as Cathartic. Group therapy. Loud!

Live feed from @KremlinAnnex OF #KremlinAnnex Day 85 is here, if you're interested in watching from home.

"Hit the polls!" is the current chant as I type. And ya damn well better, is all I can say.

@KremlinAnnex You have to realize this is the only way to get the country right side up again, don't you?

It's #VoteThemOut.

A beautiful pic, by @ramseyfay, per usual. And the sign of the times.

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You guys I want to tell you the story of a #Resistance wedding.

No pics of the wedding itself bc of reasons that will soon become clear, so lemme paint you a picture.
Bride & groom both heavily involved in Indivisible, and there's an election in a month. So they went with a straightforward courthouse wedding.
Except it turns out courthouse weddings in Fayetteville are actually kind of complicated

1) lots of bureaucratic red tape

2) they're not in the courthouse. The magistrate who handles marriages is INSIDE THE COUNTY JAIL
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FACT: After weathering the #Resistance & #CrossFireHurricane during his tumultuous first year in office, @realDonaldTrump has rebounded. As of Feb 2018, he has enjoyed a higher approval rating than Obama for every period measured since. #MAGA #WINNING…
FACT: Trump's approval rating among black voters increased 50% during the same time period in 2018.
FACT: These gains in Trump's approval are occurring at the same time that Democratic enthusiasm for midterm elections is waning...
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@olgaNYC1211 @MollyMcKew Molly is firmly at the center of #TeamPatriot disinformation. She is deliberately omitting the fact that Louise Mensch was a central player in Gamer Gate.
@olgaNYC1211 @MollyMcKew What Molly McKew also omits in her article about her #TeamPatriot acolyte Louise Mensch is that Mensch via her NewsCorp site Heat Street was the first to pull the Seth Rich conspiracy from the Dark Web and into the mainstream.…
@olgaNYC1211 @MollyMcKew #TeamPatriot are purveyors of disinformation. Here are the blue-checked leaders Louise Mensch, Rick Wilson & Molly McKew validating Guardian Rover. They trotted GR out to the #Resistance as a valuable source when in fact he's a pro Trump gamer. They corrupt truth.
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If you want to live in a nation that is "led" by a man who would mock someone who was the victim of a violent sexual assault then we are very different people.

Trump's behavior today was that of a playground bully. They were the words that a bully utters and then laughs.

The bully imagines, and may even hear, the world laughing with him, but the chuckles are only from his hangers-on and those hoping to impress the bully.

The rest of the world only turns its head to look away. They hope that someone, anyone, will intervene.

They almost always get away with it, though, bullies.

And Trump will likely get away with this, like always.

#ChristineBlaseyFord passed a lie detector test on the day of her grandmother's funeral. No one non-partisan or credible has questioned her credibility.

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More #Resistance dance break ... The one and only Shirley Ellis sings The Nitty Gritty


And here she is: SHIRLEY ELLIS! Gettin down to the real Nitty Gritty in 1963 on American Bandstand w/ Dick Clark

#Resistance Dance Break

Bobby Banas is "the guy" in the dance version.

You might recognize him from West Side Story, The Unsinkable Molly Brown and as one of the chimney sweeps in Mary Poppins, besides being known as the boy who kissed Marilyn Monroe in Let’s Make Love.
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@smilon713 @ananavarro @DonaldJFunk I agree. Do you think that it would be a good thing for me to put my 6-tweet logic onto this thread?
@smilon713 @ananavarro @DonaldJFunk Okay, Roger, I'll take the like as a yes. Six tweets coming. Please no replies until all 6 are done because that breaks them up.
@smilon713 @ananavarro @DonaldJFunk 1) Election fairness advocate @sarahkendzior warned us that the GOP is likely to refuse to give up lost mid-term congressional seats. Given this, Trump’s claim that China is setting up to hack our elections is likely to be a preparation to steal mid-term elections. In …

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Mitch McConnell to reporters today: "We’re going to be moving forward. I’m confident we’re going to win, confident that he’ll be confirmed in the very near future." 1/3
I wouldn’t bet on it Mitch. My bet is that after the hearing on Thursday, Collins will find the allegations believable, and oppose the #Kavanaugh nomination; one or more other Rs will then surely follow suit. 2/3
The Rs should have cut their losses and pulled the nomination last week.

The worst possible outcome for them is to fight an ugly battle and then lose the nomination. That will do the most to demoralize the R base, and the most to energize women and the #resistance. 3/3
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An intellectual Turing test is when a person on the right tries to pass for a person on the left, or vice versa. We have long observed that most rightists can pass an intellectual Turing test, and most leftists can’t
This is not because of any innate tendencies, but because the consequences of failing the test are asymmetrical. My honest views on most topics could make my professional life very difficult
Some leftists hear this and accuse me of whining, but it’s just a sober assessment of the tactical landscape. Adapt or perish. On the left, when you lose to your enemy, it's their fault for being wicked. On the right, it's yours for being careless.
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1/ Let's see if we can sum this whole #KavanaughAccuser issue up:
1. @realDonaldTrump gets to choose a 2nd #SCOTUS justice in his 1st term
2. @TheDemocrats announce they will do anything to stop #Kavanugh
3. On the eve of confirmation, a pink-pussy hat wearing, anti-Trump liberal accuses the nominee of a 36-year old 'assault' at some party that occurred at a time and place that she does not recall.
4. The accusation was withheld by @SenFeinstein for months.
5. The accuser's social media, and even her yearbook, was scrubbed from the internet PRIOR to the accusation being made public.
6. The accuser immediately hires a lawyer who, herself, is a member of the #Resistance
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Hi everyone! Tonight, I'll be bringing you our latest episode of #StolenValor of the #Resistance. Our guest tonight is Rick Alvarado! Or is it? We'll get back to that. But let's meet our new friend:
Rick drew my attention because of his wild claims. I thought the guy was Captain America, so we decided to take a peek behind the curtain. Let's look at some of his claims:
Here is a claim that Rick makes ALOT! 4 COMBAT tours with the Marine Corps. That's pretty hardcore right? That puts him in combat for a minimum 36 months. Wow!
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THREAD: Let's talk about an interesting bot that was set up as part of a larger Russian attack on us, but recently changed its stripes:

It goes by @propornotapp, was created using infrastructure in Belgium, & has recently started following accounts we interact with. /1
It previously went by "CensoredByPropOrNot" & was an obvious attempt to legitimize Russian propaganda, delegitimize our efforts, & delegitimize related efforts broadly.

This is what it looked like before its recent rebrand: /2…
We expect this rebranding of "@propornotapp" will be used to pretext information from resistance members, delegitimize us & the resistance, & spread chaos & confusion amongst the allies generally.

This is what it looks like after its recent rebrand: /3…
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A thought for Yom Kippur: just because I'm a better person than the President doesn't mean I'm a good person. 1/
It's never been easier to feel morally superior to the people running this country -- and to mistake that for evidence that I'm running my own life consistent with the standards I apply to our nation's leaders. 2/
I can't do much to govern the country, but only I can govern myself. The best #Resistance is to resist all that stands in the way of my becoming a better father, husband, son, brother, friend, and neighbor. 3/
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And on and on it goes lol. Unfreaking believable…
"The letter signed by Christine Blasey was also released as a press release on June 14, 2018. “America’s Health Professionals Appeal to Trump Administration: End Family Separation at Border Immediately” it’s headlined."

July 2018: She contacts WAPO and the Dems about Kavanaugh
I'd love to see these. Hope someone finds an archive somewhere. Guarantee it's wall to wall Never Trump #Resistance
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all together now.. a variety of thoughts and wisdom on today's Manafort news #ManafortPleaDeal #TrumpRussiaConspiracy #TrumpRussia #muellerprobe this is a meme thread.
#ManafortPleaDeal in memes #TrumpRussiaConspiracy #MuellerProbe The noose is tightening. There's going to be a lot of snarling ..coming up .. watch the R wing propaganda machine go crazy. #Resistance #Resist
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This is important not just because it illustrates how cheap the political hit against Trump for Puerto Rico was. It illustrates how the media's partisan bias provides cover for incompetent officials and makes reform more difficult.
The media fell hook, line, and sinker for every load of crap thrown to them by Puerto Rican officials during their auditions to become #Resistance superstars. They're ALWAYS prone to letting inept Democrat officials manipulate coverage.
They did the same thing after Parkland. CNN allowed lethally incompetent public officials to stage a town hall where they shifted blame to innocent Americans concerned about their constitutional rights.
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Me, looking at the clock and realizing it’s Woodward time soon

*checks brandy supply*
Ok hello new followers! You picked a great/terrible day to follow me because this is the next installation of my continuing series Linda Gets Drunk And Reads Books So You Don’t Have To!

(Also welcome!)
Previous installments include Hillbilly Elegy
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I dedicate this particular thread to Chuck Schumer, professional Wall Street and AIPAC puppet, and coward in the face of the worst Republican administration since George W. Bush. There is a good reason for that which I will get to momentarily.
There seems to be a pattern with Mr. Schumer in that he doesn't do anything to make sure the Democrats actually oppose Donald Trump like they should at every turn. Take fast tracking 15 lifetime appointment conservative judges so Democrats can go home.…
It could have something to do with how Donald Trump used to donate to Chuck Schumer all the time, along with Trump's family, even holding campaign fundraisers for him at Mar A Lago.…
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When you turn NSA lawyers like this into #Resistance heroes, what you get are attempts to justify severe press freedom attacks. NYT's Pentagon Paper lawyer said: "Obama will surely pass President Richard Nixon as the worst president ever" on press freedom.…
Obama made several valid points yesterday. But allowing him to parade around as a defender of press freedom - when he was in fact a grave threat to it - is a huge fraud. Here's what the Committee to Protect Journalists said in its comprehensive 2013 report…
The Obama DOJ - aside from using the Espionage Act against sources fra more than all prior administrations *combined* - threatened for years to imprison my colleague Jim Risen. In December 2016, Risen wrote this in the NYT…
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1) This so called "opinion piece" has the markings of…p3F6Lb9Iipg
2) Please correct me if I'm wrong.
I feel compelled to say this, because I don't want to make any accusations here.
Let's just walk through the article together, and you tell me what you think.
I'm taking the perspective of a teacher here, checking a document for plagiarism.
3) If my hypothesis is accurate, then the New York Times is lying.
If my hypothesis is inaccurate, then this thread makes no difference whatsoever.
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What I tweeted about earlier. This tweet from Rick Scott keeps appearing in my feed because someone likes it. Look who liked this and their profile. Look at the bio description #TheResistance. I never followed this account. I am now following it.
This is the 5th time that Rick Scott tweet appeared in my feed today. For months I told you guys about these fake #Resistance & #FBR lists. For months I kept warning you guys about how there was something not right about those threads and to be on the lookout for them.
This is why I kept saying to keep me off these lists. Was I following accounts back in the beginning, yes. Until I saw the pattern of bots and trolls many months ago. Then I started calling it out. How many of you guys followed these accounts back as well & kept doing it?
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@StormyDaniels gave a rare, extended interview to a Dutch late-night show:…
Here's the link (free account required):…
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Everyone in Trump's orbit has a Simpsons analog. Thread:
Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross is Mr. Burns
Fmr. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is the Rich Texan
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