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Kavanaugh's best buddy from high school, Mark Judge has written extensively about a life of binge drinking, blackouts & assaults on women

Judge Kozinski was Kavanaugh's mentor. He resigned in 2017 after articles in the Washington Post exposed years of sexual harassment

What is this woman's name?

Mark Judge, “I tried to make it with a bridesmaid - please tell me I didn’t hurt her.”

Denny reassured Judge that he didn't hurt her, though he had made a “serious lunge”

Friends pulled him off her & got him out of the bar…
About Kavanaugh's mentor.

"Kozinski exposed us to this sort of material almost every day of the clerkship. The only way that Kavanaugh could not recall any comments about sexual matters would be if he had amnesia about the clerkship in its entirety."…
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Every single time there's a horrifying story about a Border Patrol agent, I feel it: about midline, just below my xiphoid process, I feel a fullness; literal pain.

Always, half of me hopes it's him—the man who raped me. He grew up to be a Marine. A cop. A US Border Patrol agent.
If it's him, the first half thinks, maybe whomever else he's hurt will have justice. Maybe it'll finally end.

It'll never end.

Every time a story like this breaks, the other half of me hopes I was wrong. I'm not.

My story wasn't enough. I came forward too late.

Just me.

When I came forward, I was treated with respect—and belief. Validation.

It still wasn't enough to heal me. And now there's a scar—about midline, just below my xiphoid process.

This Border Patrol agent is not my rapist. He's theirs. They're dead.

How many will it take?

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It’s the 8th day of the school year & I just received a call from my daughters high school informing me they arrested a child with a loaded 9mm gun on campus this morning. I am now standing in my kitchen sobbing.

I should not have to live like this.
My child should not have to live like this.

Children, actual children, should not have access to guns!

This is why I am involved with @MomsDemand. I am sick of this kind of bullshit!
This should not be normal!

I’ll continue to do this work for the safety & well being of my family & children and the safety & well being of everybody else’s family & children.

Even if you’re on the other side of the gun issue, I don’t want you to live like this either! #Enough
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(1) Pedophilia in Hollywood is not new.

In an amazing book, "Selected by Extraterrestrials," by the late Bill Thompkins, shared a story of pedophilia happening in Hollywood in the 1950s.

High school-aged kids were having sex with 1st graders, and older.

Teacher's assistants...
(2)... were also having sex with kids of all school grades.

Teachers, too.

Pedophilia in Hollywood is multi-generational.

Grown ups abused, in turn, abused.

Father ~ son ~ grandson, etc.

Some of today's Hollywood kids are 4th generation in the Hollywood Pedo Culture ("HPC").
(3) The HPC was encouraged by, supported by and cultivated by the culture of #Democrats, #Marxists, #Progressives, #Socialists, #Globalists, etc.

They did unthinkable crimes with #children.

REALLY UNTHINKABLE, but if we are to #STOP this problem you HAVE to think about this.
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I know Silver Lake well & I have been to this Trader Joe's.

It's small & the shopping isles are a bit narrow.

I can only imagine the panic that customers & employees are feeling at this moment.

Sending good thoughts for a safe & peaceful resolution.

It's been 2 hours already.
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On this day two years ago, I joined dozens of my colleagues at a sit in on the House Floor to protest Congress’ failure to address gun violence
Since the House sit in, we’ve introduced bill after bill in Congress to finally address this epidemic—including bills to expand background checks & ban assault weapons—& the American people have spoken loud & clear through protests like #MarchForOurLives
But GOP leaders in Congress have refused to act as more and more mass shootings have taken more and more innocent lives #Enough
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Our country desperately needs #GunReformNow. It’s proven that states with stricter gun laws have far less death by firearm. Read this. We need to discuss what specifically needs to be done to reduce the death toll. #Enough…
For the record, I do not think we need to ban all guns, or repeal 2A. We can pass effective and sensible #GunReform without being extreme.
But it is clear that more firearm laws equals less death by firearms. Those of us that are advocating for #GunReform need to get on the same page, be sending the same message. So let’s come up with some aspects that we can all agree on.…
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.@RepHardy This generation has no room for bigotry, discrimination, or the degradation of human rights. As an openly Gay Black Woman who served in the military, reaching the ranks of Lieutenant Colonel, I am calling you out.#BlueWave2018 #LGBTQRights #EqualityForAll #Enough (1/3)
This is 2018 and we will not retreat from the progress we've made toward FULL EQUALITY! #BlueWave2018 #LGBTQRights #EqualityForAll #RideTheWave (2/3)
As a pastor, I joined social justice advocates who fought to end DADT and we WON! As a member of Congress, I'll keep fighting the homophobic demagoguery seeking to turn back the clock on Human Rights and WE WILL WIN!#BlueWave2018 #LGBTQRights #EqualityForAll #RideTheWave (3/3)
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The deepest story of Easter is "Time's up!" 1/
Time is up for religious hypocrites who are complicit with systems of injustice. 2/
Time is up for men who refuse to believe women when they preach Good News. 3/
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🚨ATTN La! TODAY 3/26 at 1 pm the Senate Judiciary Comm will take up SB 406, to arm TEACHERS, PARENTS, RETIRED MILITARY to "secure schools"! #MarchForOurLives @Indivisible337 @BRindivisible @IndivisibleNO @Indivisible_DR @LaDemos @PSNBatonRouge…
Tell La Senate Judiciary members Vote NO! Don't allow MORE guns at La schools! How do you regulate? When did they last get training? What if parent angry w/kid's classmate? NO NO NO! @DanClaitor @ReginaBarrow @TROYSEE @SenYvonne
See full list of La Senate Committee members here: Tell them Vote NO TODAY .....Not to allow MORE guns at La schools!…
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We've been listening to the right, the NRA, to Fox News angrily scream for decades.
And we let it go.
Or took the high road.
What's great about people like @Emma4Change, @davidhogg111 and the #Parkland students... is they are voicing THEIR anger.
They won't be shouted down by Wayne or Tucker or Rick or internet trolls and they're not going to pretend they're not pissed off.
That was OUR mistake.
WE assumed dead kids would make people step back and be civil.
The generation born after Columbine has had #Enough. /2
Somebody needs to be screaming back, and I'm glad it's students who want a safer future.
Let them lead.
Let them lead LOUDLY.
Let them lead by example.
That's what's freaking the gun lobby out right now.
The usual tactics aren't working.
#MarchForOurLives /3
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Actually, I don't want to diminsh this with a joke.
This is significant.
This is the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS taking a stand against school shootings with both their brand AND their pocket book.
They're going to catch heat for this.

I mean, you know some mutton heads are going to be burning their season tickets and jerseys over this.
Or firing their AR's into autographed helmets, right?
Like anyone who supported #MarchForOurLives there will be blowback.
And yet there it is.
The Patriots plane.
Carrying PATRIOTS and survivors.
To take a stand against school shootings.
And gun violence.
As the NRA and their surrogates do what they can to demean the Parkland survivors and anyone involved in #MarchForOurLives.
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Yesterday, #COTD @BenMcAdams rode your #BlueWave2018🌊 from 7.6k followers to 8430! ❤️ Great job, y'all!

This #SaturdayMorning, we are doing a special #COTD to support #MarchForOurLives

We asked #BWCS endorsed candidates where they stand on #GunReform

.@PiattPatti's son died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

"Watching others lose a child and knowing what they feel brings it all back. I don't have a problem with responsible gun ownership, but there is nothing responsible about owning an AR-15."
"If we want teachers to have to ability to make offensive measures, why not non-lethal weapons? It's terrible that we would have to, but if we do, that route should not be firearms." -@TomPrigg2018
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On 2/26/18, @mayflower_gal & I approached our school administration with a proposal, calling for our school to participate in a walkout; asking students to stand up and help speak out against gun violence. We were not alone; 6 other students also made a plan to walkout.
Admin met with all of us. Our original plans, while in need of further work, accounted for the variety of perspectives and opinions existing in our community while still emphasizing the point of the national movement #Enough.
During a series of meetings with admin, however, the students who were the most passionate were pushed to the side while the representatives of student council took control and twisted the original intent of our plan.
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The @NRA & #gun companies are not evil but they are part of the problem. And the amazing thing is: all the folks clamoring to #BoycottNRA don't even know how bad it really is!
5 things the #NRA & gun manufacturers have successfully lobbied to create...
1) Background chk system overseen by the ATF that is forbidden to digitize records & so must keep all records on paper
2) BG chk system that is enormously hobbled at ATF bec of extreme funding shortages so that it can't do its job well & so that the NRA can claim it doesn't work
3) Passage of the #Dickey Amendment that forbids gov't research from reaching conclusions that might be construed as advocating for gun control, thus allowing the #NRA to say, "No studies show..." and leaving legislators with no data to back up laws that might work
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1-Exclusive: Soros-Linked Organizers of “Women’s March” Selected Anti-Trump Kids to Be Face of Parkland Tragedy – And Excluded Pro-Trump Kids

#tcot #MAGA…
2-This afternoon, the Gateway Pundit received a tip from a father of one of the Parkland school shooter survivors. Concerned and enraged, he confirmed what Gateway Pundit previously reported: these children are being used as political tools by the far left
3- Buzzfeed reported on, but left unexplored, the fact that these students are theater-trained. This explains these students’ comfort on camera
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The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry has a lot of influence in Washington. At the same time, prices for four of the nation's top 10 drugs have increased more than 100 percent. #enough
Enough. 92% of Americans support allowing the federal government to negotiate prescription drug prices for seniors on Medicare Part D. We need to act on my bill (33 cosponsors so far!) to make it happen.
Enough. 72% of Americans support the purchase of prescription drugs – with the same dosages & safety standards – imported from Canada. It’s time for Congress to act on my bill with @SenJohnMcCain to allow safe, affordable prescription drugs from Canada.
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New data suggest GOP 2016 nominee will need to win nearly half of Latino vote #lol…
Given voter demographics, campaign coverage feels like a fraud perpetuated by a media, flush with CitizensUnited $ & drunk on T-rump clicks
No matter who wins this election (or even if it never fucking ends), the media is lost.
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