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This a #thread of badly staged #WhiteHelmets videos

7 November 2015, Douma
Notice how the "dead" man lying next to the ambulance keeps moving and how the White Helmets just dump him on top of the other "dead".
Notice all the photographers

#thread of badly staged #WhiteHelmets videos

Rural Damascus, 8 March 2016,
White Helmets rescue a man wounded by artillery shelling.
#thread of badly staged #WhiteHelmets videos

Douma, 2 October 2016
White Helmets squeeze a man "injured" by cluster bombs into the front of the ambulance

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Muhammed Najem was in Ghouta saying the exact same things before Assad liberated that part of Syria from Jihadist "rebels". This teenager is taking selfies for propaganda purposes and shame on Al Jazeera for participating in this.
#Idlib #IdlibDawn #IdlibOffensive
Seriously the #FUKUS coalition and the allied press are recycling the same children to use to manufacture consent for interventionalist wars to defend terrorists from legitimate Syrian forces.

#Syria #Assad #SyrianArmy #Russia…
What a photogenic teenage boy no wonder why they are sending him around to do selfie videos defending the head choppers. Here is one he did for the terrorists in Ghouta before they sent him to Idlib.
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Starting another thread on the ongoing Russian disinformation campaign surrounding the White Helmets (@SyriaCivilDef) and more broadly, the current state of affairs in #Idlib.

For reference, here's a link to last week's thread on the same topic.
The narrative being pushed today by the Russian govt is that "terrorists" (or "jihadists") met w/ the White Helmets, a humanitarian org, to finalize a plot to stage a chemical weapons attack on...themselves.

Putin/Assad have made similar claims before launching a chem attack. 2/
Per usual, Russian propaganda channels promptly got to work spreading the disinformation peddled by Russian govt officials. (Important to remember that people are more likely to believe false claims when they hear them from multiple sources.) 3/
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With all signs indicating that the Assad regime, backed by Russia, is readying an imminent massacre, the ongoing smear campaign against the White Helmets (@SyriaCivilDef) is ramping back up. Network graph below reflects past 24 hours of activity on Twitter. 1/

Network graphs in this tweet & previous one reflect the most active accounts posting about the White Helmets (@SyriaCivilDef) in the past 24 hours. All are circulating the same few narratives accusing the White Helmets of being terrorists, kidnappers, murderers. 2/
As you can see from the last tweet here, accusations like these made by Beeley (who claims to have some pretty detailed knowledge of a chemical attack that hasn't happened yet...) typically evoke rage against the White Helmets ("destroy these animals"). That's not an accident. 3/
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MOD Russia: #WhiteHelmets terrorists setting up #ChemicalAttack to frame Assad

White Helmets delivered CHEMICALS to AHRAR AL SHAM terrorist group in #Sarakib town & part of the cargo was transported to militant base in southern #Idlib to stage #FalseFlag attack
Dozens of children in #Idlib and #Aleppo kidnapped to be involved in #ChemicalAttack false flag Snuff Movies by US UK sponsored #WhiteHelmets
How many babies will have to be sacrificed again for staging Chemical attacks in order to pin blame on Assad ?
#BreakingNews #SnuffMovie
Dozens of children in #Idlib and #Aleppo kidnapped to be involved in Chemical Attack false flag Snuff Movies by US UK sponsored #WhiteHelmets
Stop White Helmets from sacrificing children again for staged #ChemicalAttack in order to pin blame on Assad #BreakingNews
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1. Staging of chemical attack in #Idlib reportedly prepped by Olive Grp who James Le Mesurier used to work for, founder of #WhiteHelmets, OG merged wth Constellis in 2015 who hve Blackwater in portfolio.…
2. "In May 2015, Olive Group merged with Constellis Holdings, portfolio includes Academi, previously the notorious Blackwater Group. [..]Post 9/11, Bush enabled the CIA to subcontract assassinations allegedly targeting Al Qaeda operatives - Blackwater"…
3. "Founded by former Coldstream Guards and Parachute Regiment officer Chris St George and his brother 13 years ago, Olive is the UK’s largest security providers which specialises in looking after oil companies such as BP and Royal Dutch Shell operating in hostile environments."
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Since there are no Christian left in #Idlib, I wouldn't be surprised if inside and below this Church cleaned by the #Whitehelmets there might be an ideologist jihadist HQ preparing for the next battle. Deja-vu in Maaloula when Nusra kidnapped the nuns.

We might observe a real dilemma for many thinkers sitting in a tank and pretending to think after the liberation of #Syria. What would they do I wonder? It is going to be really difficult time for these.

Indeed, the #Whitehelmets "are more than just rescue workers", they know how to cut the grass: it must be an essential prerequisite and a perfect job for "civil defence" in time of war in #Syria.

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1.#WhiteHelmet leader #RaedSaleh - "WH saved Omran's brother (presume Ali), kept him hospital for months until he recovered" #FakeNews. Ali died 2 days after Orman,s image went viral RIP. Perhaps someone shld update Saleh? @afshinrattansi @Underground_RT
2. #WhiteHelmet leader #RaedSaleh claims Mohammed Daqneesh (Omran father) was forced to criticise WH & terrorists after pressure fm Syrian Govt. #FakeNews WH exploited Omran's story via their PR agencies & media partners to lobby 4 Nobel Peace Prize. @Underground_RT Links below.
3. "The Other Omran" - "23-year-old Ahmad was the first to be placed on the orange seat before smaller and cuter Omran was seen emerging from the debris and the White Helmets seized Omran and evicted Ahmad. "… @Underground_RT
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1. #WhiteHelmets basics! 1. 'NGO' #Fake financed by majority of regime change govts UK/US-led. 2. 'Impartial' #Fake Muslim Brotherhood, sectarian group as admitted by James Le Mesurier himself. 3. 'Paramedics' #Fake procedures hve been severely criticised by experts
2. #WhiteHelmets basics! 4. 'Humanitarians' #Fake participated in & mopped up terrorist executions of #Syrian civilians & #SAA POWs in violation of all Geneva Convention rules of war. 5. 'Unarmed' #Fake see dozens of images of WH carrying arms recently (not in past as claimed)
3. #WhiteHelmets basics! 6. 'No terrorist connections' #Fake over 65 WH identitified having ties to hardcore extremist & terrorist groups, hundreds more to "moderate" extremists. Leadership demonstrate allegiance to Nusra Front etc. WH praised 3 times by Nusra Front #AlQaeda.
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Those who call other as "Assad apologists" are
1/ either trying to silence an alternative narrative,
2/they are takferee-apologists or
3/ They are just idiots asking for attention.

The @NafeezAhmed investigative report lacks keys points:+

OPCW inspectors were never prevented from reaching the site.According to the head of the UN mission in Damascus I spoke to, it was the UN decision to allow or not the inspectors to go in the area. The security clearance waited for UN security team approval, not Damascus or Russia
Ahmad is softening the reality on the #WhiteHelmets, mentioning "coordination" rather than complicity.

In this video the white helmets arte operational in ISIS controlled area. You don't "coordinate" with ISIS and be called "ISIS fire brigade".
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In the near-term prehistory of the #WhiteHelmets controversy, @PiersRobinson1 referred to the UK Conflict Stability & Security Fund's own (CSSF) account of the support it gave to what it misleadingly refers to as the 'Syrian Civil Defence' (SCD):…
The key document @PiersRobinson1 refers to is the draft 'SYRIA RESILIENCE CSSF PROGRAMME SUMMARY' (…), for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (lead partner), Department for International Development, Ministry of Defence, National Crime Agency & Home Office.
The document is clear: the WH are part of a project to replace the internationally recognized & widely vilified government of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) with a preferred regime that is to be created and backed to win a civil war within the armed opposition. Quotes+[notes]:
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Russian-linked accounts are back to pushing the smear campaign against the #WhiteHelmets (@SyriaCivilDef). It's been the top hashtag among accounts linked to Russian influence operations for 36+ hours now, per @SecureDemocracy's Hamilton 68 dashboard.
Here are some of the most influential accounts tweeting about the #WhiteHelmets on Sunday.
Today (Monday), Russian propaganda outlet RT really stood out among the most influential accounts tweeting about the #WhiteHelmets. Naturally, they're calling the rescue workers terrorists and deep state plants.
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Would any anti-Syria Palestinian please justify to me how it is okay to support the al-Qaeda affiliated White Helmets who get evacuated by Israel while Israel bombs Gaza?
Let’s never forget that ISIS once even apologized for attacking Israel…
“In their one full page statement about their evacuation from southern #Syria, the #WhiteHelmets deliberately omit the fact that they were evacuated to #Israel by the Israeli Defense Force before continuing on to Jordan 😂” via @walid970721
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#Russia, #Israel, #US & #Jirdan eventually negotiated departure of 422 #WhiteHelmets & their families out of #Syria (initial number was reportedly 827).#Canada, #Germany, #UK also involved in talks, each agreed to host them. Some 3750 activists remain in SYR.
#Moscow reportedly didnt allow direct passage of #WhiteHelmets to #Jordan (hence evacuation thru #Israel)while #Amman agreed to temporarily accept 'em only after guarantees frm West states they'd host them.#Canada to host 250 (activists+families),#Germany -8 activists +?families
In #Moscow, #WhiteHelmets evacuation said to be a part of #HelsinkiSummit agreements on #Syria, #GolanHeights. The very operation was thoroughly coordinated by #Israel's Lieberman & #Russia's Shoigu as well as discussed by #Putin & @netanyahu in latest phone call.
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Reports of the #WhiteHelmets being evacuated from Syria.

These are the rescuers who've been the target of one of the most concerted smear and trolling campaigns I know.

Not primarily as rescuers, but as witnesses to potential war crimes.…
The White Helmets' basic job is to rescue people from bomb sites in Syria.

They film their rescues.

Sometimes, when verified, those films provide evidence of potential war crimes, such as here (h/t @bellingcat).…
Repeatedly, the White Helmets have been witnesses to what's happening on the ground.

Here, they provided evidence of incendiaries being used in Idlib. The images of spent munitions matched images that RT broadcast, then deleted, then put up again.…
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Al-Qaeda must be trilled knowing 800 #WhiteHelmets are taken under #Israel's protection, following a #USA request to evacuate them, "crossing Israel to #Jordan" as reported by @ronzheimer on the ground.

As predicted, no more "chemical attacks" expected in jihadists stronghold #Idlib when the ops will take off in few months, after ending #ISIS in south #Syria.

#WhiteHelmets (supposedly) turned out to be a valuable intelligence asset gathering info on al-Qaeda, Khorasan, and all the militants as they were praised by every single jihadists and non-jihadists.

If that is the case, it was a successful intel ops.

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#BREAKING Israel evacuates 800 Syria White Helmets to Jordan: army
#UPDATE Israel evacuates volunteer White Helmets rescuers and their families from Syria to Jordan at the request of the US and European countries as they are threatened by advancing forces of the Syrian regime
#UPDATE Jordan says it has taken in 800 Syrian White Helmets rescuers and their families from Israel and plans to transfer them to the UK, Canada and Germany
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U.K Govt bombed #Syria based on "alleged" chemical attack in #Douma - now #OPCW has almost ruled out presence of "chemicals" (except traces of "chlorine" elements) at scene of alleged attack in #EasternGhouta. Does May stand trial for violation of intl law? Media - tumbleweed?
9th April: Statement by Ambassador Karen Pierce, UK Permanent Representative to the UN, at Security Council session on the use of chemical weapons by Syria in Douma. ⬇️⬇️RUSH TO JUDGEMENT.
According to its own "Chemical Weapons in Syria" paper - UK Govt conceded that #Syria had destroyed all declared chemicals, overseen by #OPCW & "UK contributed to the process"
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#ASSAD TO #KATHIMERINI: “How come the supposed chemical weapons used in #Douma kill only women and children and not militants?”
#ASSAD TO #KATHIMERINI: “The chemical weapons story is a farce, a very primitive play”.
#ASSAD TO #KATHIMERINI: “Those who claimed there was a chemical attack have to prove there was one”.
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After 70 years of imperial/neoliberal indoctrination the web of lies is so obviously absurde (9/11, Skripal, WH = ISIS, etc.), that it is dissoluting. The empathetic humanity connects, closes ranks and sends their eternal psychopathic rulers and their lackeys into nowhere land.
The "evil empire" is a lifelong three year old child. I certainly loved my children at that age too, however only because they created not only a surreal mess, but also made steady progress.

A great documentary about psychopathy and society:
The elite invented "democracy" to protect them from the empathetic people. The media are their means for misleading the people sedated by "democracy". This is definitely a bad thing since the people have become educated and the elite almost totally insane.
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1/ Last week the @BBC posted a story about Sarah Abdallah [at]sahouraxo, and Vanessa Beeley [at]vanessabeeley, some of the leading voices casting doubts around the chemical weapons attack in Douma and supporting the pro-Assad narrative.
2/ This thread will look at amplification accounts supporting Sarah and Vanessa, and the false flag narrative. New Media Frontier has identified 4 accounts that illustrate a larger @Twitter network spreading disinformation and shaping the debate around recent events.
3/ When looking at Sarah Abdallah's recent account activity we see a strong push of American false flag content (right and left), with account tagging in an attempt to build stronger connections to the US information space.
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MSM #FakeNews ALERT: We have just received word that the #BBC is about to run a hit-piece on alleged "Twitter Influencers" including @VanessaBeeley and 21WIRE for exposing the White Helmets for the UK gov-backed propaganda outfit that they truly are...
Below are a list of the slanted defamatory questions from #BBC's internet expert @mwendling sent to @VanessaBeeley for Wendling's defamatory hit-piece due out tomorrow on the #BBC...
1 - "Dear Ms Beeley – Do you believe that the alleged chemical attack in Douma was staged, a “false flag” event, or was faked?"
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Here goes Nikki.. time to play my violin slowly and mournfully while she lies through her teeth... #UNSC #Syria
Nikki: "Mumble mumble mumble Russia mumble Russia Russia. Mumble Russia Russia mumble Russia..." #UNSC #Syria
The UK dare lecture Russia and Syria on open and independent investigations... that is laughable... #UNSC #Syria
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Go to the State Dept Reading Room and search "Mouaz" and you will find the operative at the center of #Libya #Syria #Ukraine #QAnon #TheStorm #Assad…
Here he is with someone familiar...
2015 Ukraine Panel Michael Weiss, Mouaz Moustafa and Damian Kolodiy moderated by Andrea Chalupa Part 2
"Everyone on the National Security Team recommended arming ISIS" @BasedBasterd @almostjingo @BabeReflex_8 @Cara_TXZEAL @BabeReflex_8 @2xwide_dreaming @Arazel50 @RedPilledNative

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