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Thread on #Saudi meddling in #Yemen's internal affairs. Listed and in chronological order. Keep this in mind, next time some nutjob on the news rants about supposed "Iranian meddling" in regards to Yemen.
- Saudi-Yemeni War of 1934, dispute over regional ownership ends with #Saudi Arabia annexing the Yemeni provinces of Najran, Jizan and Asir. Saudi Arabia held Hodeidah city occupied and threatened to cut off food supplies as blackmail.
- Saudi support for the Kingdom of Yemen during the 1962 Republican revolution. Imam Ahmad bin Yahya was dethroned because of corruption and for transforming the legitimate imamate into a monarchy. What followed was 5 years of brutal civil war.
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Let’s talk about Caleb T. Maupin (@calebmaupin), another #Iran regime apologist/lobbyist, who introduces himself as a “journalist.”
Why am I discussing Maupin?
#Iran’s state-run “Youth Journalists Club,” affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) ran this story today:
“Young American bravely confronts members of the terrorist grouplet monafeqin outside the UN”…
At a first glance, one may think wow! A brave American reporter coincidentally runs into a demonstration of “terrorists” in the middle of New York!

To be completely fair, here’s the video he posted of his encounter.
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1. The #Iran Action Group created by @SecPompeo last month released its report. Iran's role in the region, which other administrations overlooked, appears to be under intense scrutiny. #Houthis in #Yemen have been identified alongside groups responsible for attacks against the US
2. The report stated that consequences of #Iran's meddling include its lethal ballistic missiles, which advanced its proxies military capabilities: "Yemen’s #Houthi militants have fired numerous ballistic missiles into #Saudi Arabia, including two directed at Riyadh in May 2018."
3. The report also indicated that since 2012: "#Iran has spent over $16 billion propping up the #Assad regime and supporting its other partners and proxies in #Syria, #Iraq, and #Yemen."
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Let’s talk about a recently published statement:

“Assessing the Trump Administration’s Iran Strategy”…
This entire document calls for diplomacy, engagement, talks & so forth with #Iran’s regime.
-This serves completely in the mullahs’ interests & they will take full advantage, as they have in the past 40 years.
-Reminds me of Obama’s failed approach.
The U.S. is not seeking maximum “military pressure” as claimed in this document.…
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This obscure story about #mercenaries training for the #Yemen #Hodeidah push may sound far fetched, but remember Palestinian Mohammed Dahlan was at the January Seychelles meeting with Erik Prince and we know how the whole UAE mercs for Yemen plan started.…
You might also remember that the day before Prince arrived at the Four Seasons, on January11, 2017, that the #UAE was offering 5000 men to fight in Afghanistan via bagman George Nader in an email to money hustler Elliott Broidy to impress President Trump.…
Erik Prince was fingered by the NYTimes as the man behind UAE mercenary company Reflex Response. R2 allegedly hired Olly North sidekick, Robert W. Owen, of Jupiter Fl to provide Colombian mercenaries via BVI-based, Thor Global Enterprises. #1585788.
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The dysfunction of US #Yemen policy all rolled up into one staggering piece of journalism. Some key additional points for context:
1. The winning argument- that failure to certify endangers arms sales- is not only depraved, it's also leg affairs malpractice. Congress now doubts Sec Pompeo's good faith and any administration efforts to improve things in Yemen. That makes them MORE likely to block sales
2. Without naming names, some of the bureaus that advised against certification have consistently supported the US policy of mid-air refueling. That's as recently as a few months ago and throughout the Obama administration. HUGE shift.
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Let’s talk about a recent post in the European Council on Foreign Relations (@ecfr) website regarding sanctions on #Iran.
And the complete lie the European Council has resorted to.…
At a first glance, the article seems to care about #Iran’s people “reporting shortages in life-saving medicine.”

Of course, the article fails to provide any source to show how they put forward such an argument.
“The UN special rapporteur for human rights warned that the sanctions will undermine human rights in the country, drive people into poverty, and make imported goods unaffordable.”

This is a complete lie & I’ll explain why.
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The amount of crap and baseless claims that #AssociatedPress #AP is filling in into the mainstream media is unbelievable, especially regarding #Yemen !
#UAE’s heroic #counterterrorism operations in #Yemen against #AlQaeda are well spoken and praised by the #US Forces; but our friends at #AP are so happy to debunk those live operations and efforts easily !
US Forces and defense sec. didn’t call us the #LittleSparta for no reason; we fought like warriors in the face of #Iran’s terror, presented sacrifices of our men, saved poor #Yemeni children, and rebuilt the south of #Yemen !
#AP needs to learn ...
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After seeing @tparsi RTing this from @AliVaez, I became suspicious & started doing some research.

(Parsi only tweets or RTs in favor of #Iran's regime.)
The report, written by "United Nations Special Rapporteur Idriss Jazairy," argues that U.S. sanctions against are unjust & criticizes President @realDonaldTrump's nixing of the #IranDeal.…
“International sanctions must have a lawful purpose, must be proportional, and must not harm the human rights of ordinary citizens, and none of these criteria is met in this case,” Jazairy stressed.
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Let's talk about #FakeNews @CNN & @npwcnn succumbing to the low of becoming the mouthpiece of #Iran's regime & @JZarif.…
CNN shows its hatred towards U.S. President Donald Trump by beginning its "interview" with Zarif with this line:

"The United States is addicted to applying sanctions on Iran..."

For me, this says it all about the actual intention of this entire piece.
CNN goes the distance to describe Zarif as the "key architect" of the flawed #IranDeal & using terms such "US-educated" & giving the "interview in fluent English..."
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Saudi Arabia to behead Israa Al-Ghomgham- a well known female human rights defender from Qatif- for taking part in peaceful protests.
Israa has been imprisoned for 32 months with no access to legal representation.
Israa's father is trying to get her a lawyer since the notorious specialized criminal "court" (SCC) is anything but a court
Disturbing news for all female human rights activists in and outside Saudi Arabia. Such actions will have dangerous consequences on all Arab women activists in neighboring countries as well, mainly Bahrain.
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We all saw this coming when Trump bragged about his multi-hundred billion dollar arms deal with the Saudis, shortly after taking office.

I hate to say it, but the U.S. has sadly been complicit in what has been described as the world's worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen.
In May, Trump signs a "tremendous" $110B arms deal with Saudi Arabia. #YEMEN…
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“CNN has established that the weapon that left dozens of children dead on August 9 was a 500-pound (227 kilogram) laser-guided MK 82 bomb made by Lockheed Martin, one of the top US defense contractors.” #Yemen…
Who takes the statements from coalition spokesman Turki al-Maliki seriously anymore? Rest assured that if he says one thing, the opposite is actually the case. On Yemen, Saudi officials have lost their credibility long ago (2).
Also puzzling why @johnfkirby63 won’t admit Washington’s moral culpability. The U.S. can’t run away from this war & the devastation it’s causing when it sells the GBU’s, the combat aircraft, & fills up the tanks of Saudi aircraft. Cop out to defer to lawyers on the question (3).
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Let's talk about #FakeNews @CNN's latest manipulative piece about #Iran.…
This is enough for me to realize the entire piece is full of lies.
If Iranian President @HassanRouhani is a "moderate" as @CNN claims, why did the world witness the enormous crackdown of the Dec/Jan uprising spread across over 140 cities throughout #Iran?

If he is a "moderate," how would CNN explain this?…
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Twelveth anniversary of the divine victory. #Lebanon #Hezbollah #Israel
Here he is. #Nasrallah
The crowd is chanting 'Abu Hadi'.
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This is why you don't see me comment on Trump much. It's pointless and buys into the establishment charade. It's not because I secretly like him or his policies. It's because I am fully aware that he doesn't ultimately matter. The people actually running policy are not Trump.
I learned this while watching Obama turn into dronebomber-in-chief.

Followed by the seamless transition between #Obama working with the #Saudis to commit #genocide in #Yemen, and #Trump selling billions in arms to #SaudiArabia & helping to continue said genocide.
More on this vein of thought, here:…
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Another reminder that the US is supporting another ongoing war in Yemen that has created a massive humanitarian crisis.
"Civilians continue to pay the highest price after 3 years of war in #Yemen, thousands of them have been killed, injured or maimed. Civilian casualties remain unacceptable," MSF says after latest deadly Yemen strike.
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DEVELOPING: Air strike on Thursday has killed and injured children traveling on a bus in Yemen’s Saada province, minister of information in Houthi-governed Sanaa tells @NBCNewsWorld.
@NBCNewsWorld Red Cross in Yemen says hospitals received dozens of dead and wounded after the attack that hit "a bus driving children in Dahyan Market."
@NBCNewsWorld Save the Children says it "condemns this horrific attack and is calling for a full, immediate and independent investigation into this and other recent attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure, including schools and hospitals."
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Fascinating, in-depth reporting by @AP on the #Saudi-#UAE coalition’s complex dealing with #AQAP in #Yemen.

- Key thought: this is the challenge #AQAP (& Nusra/#HTS in #Syria) poses, by embedding into & reflecting broader local dynamics.…
@AP #pt: Just like #HTS in #Syria, #AQAP in #Yemen is not a wholly contiguous organization of committed global jihadis - it's strengthened itself by embracing local drivers & structures.

=> That provides opportunities for counter-actors, but they require [some] engagement to do so.
@AP #pts: Another parallel to #Syria is seen in how the extent of localism embraced by #AQAP may in fact have weakened its long-term durability; by leaving large swathes of fighters vulnerable to cooptation by adversaries/rivals.

For more, see @Dr_E_Kendall:

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1. The attack on the Hospital and Fishmarket yesterday, which initially was attributed to an airstrike, was denied by Coalition & revealed to be a result of a series of mortar shelling conducted by members of the #Iran-backed #Houthi militia.

Residents in #Hodeidah CONFIRMED.
2. Although we were all skeptical when the coalition denied the airstrikes, all visual images revealed a consistent pattern of mortar shelling. Residents immediately noted that there was no crater or airstrike damage, instead, they uncovered mortar shells. #Yemen
3. I spoke to journalists, residents, and several US military experts who have confirmed to me that this is NOT the type of damage caused by an airstrike. Yemeni military experts noted the same. Below is a picture from #Houthi TV channel inadvertently indicting themselves.
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Journalist on the ground in #Syria confirm all busses (121) that evacuated 6900 civilians and militants from Fua and Kfarya arrived safely to gov controlled area.

Many busses, according to eye witness, have been stoned (broken glasses).
In exchange pop Fuas and Kfarya, Jihadists and prisoners (1500) crossed in direction of #Idlib, the biggest concentration of Jihadists and militants evacuated from all over #Syria and under Turkish controlled zone.
#Russia managed to satisfy #Damascus and #Tehran will to free Fua and Kfarya without a fight.

Assad wanted to push #SAA in direction of Fua and Kfarya (sieged since April 2015) at the beginning of this year but #Moscow asked him to be patience.

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Opinion: The Eulogy Of An Immortal #Russiagate Scandal…
Excerpt: "...the entire fabrication of this epic was not intended to convince the public based on evidence, but was instead intended to deflect attention from the reality of the 2016 rigging of the Democratic Primary on the part of the DNC."…
"To deflect from the US war machine in #Yemen and #Syria and around the world. To justify the silencing of journalists and political prisoners like @JulianAssange. To ensure that the multitude of wrongs, crimes, and infinitude of acts committed in darkness never come to light.“
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Hundreds of Yemeni-Americans denied visas and stranded under the travel ban now have to choose: wait with little hope for a visa or return to a warzone. Many have already returned to war in Yemen. My report from Djibouti:
#travelban #yemen
I interviewed 14 Yemeni-American families - more than 50 people including children - and spoke to immigration lawyers, advocates, and community leaders who know hundreds more. The same feelings of shock, betrayal, and despair were echoed in every story.
Sixteen-year-old Hazem Al-Shawbi, who journeyed alone 15 days through four countries for a visa interview and the chance to join his father in North Carolina, wondered why Trump wouldn’t allow a young kid looking for a brighter future into the United States.
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Farnborough International #FIA18 is a major arms fair, with the UK government pushing international arms sales. Here are the military delegations they invited:… #StopArmigSaudi #warStartsHere
The UK government has, of course, invited Saudi Arabia to shop for weapons at Farnborough. The Saudi-led bombing of #Yemen is utilising many of the weapons exhibited at #FIA18, from BAE's Eurofighter Typhoon, and Raytheon and MBDA missiles. #StopArmingSaudi
Shown here at Farnborough 2014 - some of the weaponry since used in the Saudi-led war on Yemen. Thousands of deaths and a humanitarian catastrophe later, the UK government is still pushing for *more* sales. #StopArmingSaudi #WarStartsHere #FIA18
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